45+ Unusual and Strange Houses With Human Faces

Here we have come up with yet another interesting and inspirational collection where we are showcasing 40 the most unusual houses with human faces. As a child, we all drew houses with a door and two windows and somehow our hand- drawn houses look like as if they have got face on it.

Inspired by this, we have compiled this post of 40 houses with human like faces that have incredibly ludicrous potential to amaze and amuse you.

So, without any further ado, here we present the complete list for you. With this collection, we aim to share with you cool and inspirational stocks for the world of creativeness and design for free! Enjoy!

1. Ooh.

This house has a human like face of ‘Ooh’ as if something unexpected has happened.


2. Kyoto Face

Kyoto Face
Another interesting house with a human like face structure. It seems like the house is angry.


3. I Will Kill You

I Will Kill You
A somewhat dangerous house saying it will kill you.


4. Haired House

Haired House
This is a picture of an old farm house on the island Gotland in Sweden, which seems to have a kind of personality.


5. Innisfil Blue House

Innisfil Blue House
This picture was taken with a great observation to present a sad looking wall.


6. Cute House

Cute House
This is the cutest house with human face that I have ever seen. Simple amazing.


7. Dog House

Dog House
This house looks like a dog and therefore, it is named as Dog House.


8. Funky House

Funky House
Isn’t it looking like that the house is getting funky? This is the most interesting human face like houses that I have seen so far.


9. Oo… WAa…

Oo... WAa...
Another bewildered house. It is interesting to see how houses appears having different and cute human expressions and faces.


10. Abraham Hasbrouck House Face

Abraham Hasbrouck House Face
With a long nose and two widely opened eyes, the house face looks interesting.


11. Happy house

Happy house
Another happy house with human face is presented here. What you have to say for this picture?


12. Happy songster

Happy songster
On approaching the magical village of Portmeirion, scene of the filming of ‘The Prisoner’ you meet this cheery chap singing away.


13. Happy House

Happy House
Anyone can see a human face in this house because it looks so apparent that anyone can hardly ignore it.


14. Barbu

This picture is taken in murs-erigne, Anjou, France; and it has got a face.


15. Carita de pez

Carita de pez
This building has got a very weird face that is somewhat scary. Isn’t it?


16. House Face

House Face
The ice on the windows has created the illusion of a real human face.


17. :-O.

Just like a human face, isn’t it? It looks like a very surprised building.


18. The Walls Have Ears

The Walls Have Ears
This house has a freaking weird face, isn’t it?


19. Lion Face

Lion Face
This is a small traditional house with a lion face on a wall. Isn’t it amazing?


20. I’m Watching You

I’m Watching You
This is truly amazing to see that houses not only have faces they also have feelings as well, like this one.


21. Hehe

Another interesting and creative house with a human like face. This image is named as hehe as it resemble to a person when he is laughing.


22. Hausgesicht

This is a real house near Graz Austria and it has got a face.


23. House/Face

This house with human face is different from other houses with human face. Share your opinions about this.


24. Ah!

It looks like that the wall has hurt and is now screaming with the pain.


25. Angry House

Angry House
Ohh… Here is the picture of another angry house. Isn’t it?


26. Restaurant L’Arcadie

Restaurant L'Arcadie
The entrance of this restaurant creates the illusion of human face. What you have to say?


27. Ghost Face

Ghost Face
Scary… Isn’t it? The house looks haunted.


28. House face

House face
Another house with a human face but this time the house looks somewhat puzzled.


29. Ultrahouse

That really is awesome. It looks like it’s wearing a thong


30. This happy fun house has seen better days

This happy fun house has seen better days
This house looks in great enjoyment and seems that it has seen better days and is a happy house.


31. Smileyface House

Smileyface House
This is a picture of a happy and smiling house. It looks cute as well.


32. I see faces

I see faces
Beware! The house is watching you! It has got eyes.


33. OMG!

Now, this is another astonished and bewildered house with a human face. Interesting?


34. Kenwood Way and Keystone Way

Facefest 5 (Kenwood Way and Keystone Way)
The picture is taken upside down and looks like that the house is laughing at you.


35. The house that winked on me

The house that winked on me
This is a picture of an old watermill restored with EU funds @ Syrako village, and it looks as the house is winking on you.


36. Talking heads

Talking heads
If you notice, you will see that the pale grey house on the left has a grey beard and the one on the right is laughing.


37. Aarggh!

This is a poor old Cabot house that is letting out a silent scream!


38. House uprised

House uprised
It looks like the house is surprised. This house with human face is so amusing.


39. Hus_igen

Another cute looking house with human face with some sublime expressions on it.


40. House face

House face
Another cool looking house with a human face. It appears as the house wants to talk to you.


41. The Face of Tokyo

The Face of Tokyo
This is awesome, it looks like a face, and the graffiti is the icing on the cake


42. Blipfoto

Although, this house looks weird but if you notice you can see that the house is watching you.


43. The Scream

The Scream
This house is In Bredasdorp. And it looks like the Casper – the ghost!



Here we are presenting another weird picture of a house with human face on it.


45. Las Brisas Hotel

Las Brisas Hotel
This is a real house in Palm Springs, CA. It is a happy and smiling house. Cheers!


46. Presumida

This house has also got a very funky face and therefore, we have included this in our collection.


47. Sad Face in Anjos

Sad Face in Anjos
This is a sad looking house and it is in Anjos.


48. 1 a face

1 a face
Heading towards the end of this collection, we present this house with a very weird face on it.

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  1. #7 is in fact, Darth Vader.

  2. The article would have been better served to just say faces. Where you got human faces out of all but a couple of these makes me wonder what planet you are from?

  3. Lion faces is awesome and best one…

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