Clever and Creative Shopping Bag Designs

We are providing a collection of some extremely creative and clever shopping bag designs that will surely inspire you. This lovely, divine and beautiful clever and creative shopping bag designs collection is carefully selected from artistic designers around the world. With these shopping bag designs, you can choose which shopping bag design suits your style or personality.

Here, we have put together this interesting collection of unique shopping bag designs. Some of them are designed purely to bring a smile on your face while some create awareness of global issues. These shopping bag designs will definitely grab the attention of the by passers. Here is the complete list. Enjoy!


1. Kong: Shoe Bag

Kong: Shoe Bag
With this creative shopping bag design, you can see how the handle of the bag makes the lace of the trainer’s shoe.


2. Bag

With this creative shopping bag, the agency tries to create awareness for the volunteers needed campaign.


3. Creative Bag Advertisements

Creative Bag Advertisements
This is quite amusing and comical design for a shopping bag but yet it looks interesting and worth watching.


4. San Li Tun Village: Dinosaurian Egg

San Li Tun Village: Dinosaurian Egg
This shopping bag design showcases a cracking Dinosaurian egg that looks quite amusing.


5. Pantene Shampoo Bag

Pantene Shampoo Bag
This shopping bag of Pantene shampoo is designed with great thoughts and shows that hair with Pantene shampoo usage become so much stronger that you can hang a girl with her hair.


6. Aspe – “Crime Bag” – Duval Guillaume

Aspe -
You will get this bag when you buy a book from the most famous crime writer in Belgium.


7. Karl Lagerfeld Shopping Bag

Karl Lagerfeld Shopping Bag
This is truly genius, the creativity and simplicity is above the par.


8. Gaia animal rights

Gaia animal rights
Hey, wait; don’t scream for animal rights; it is just a shopping bag. Amused? Isn’t it?


9. Hurriyetoto Sack 2

Hurriyetoto Sack 2
This shopping bag idea and design was presented for which is a major automobile sales website of Turkey.


10. Bag Design

Bag Design
Another fresh and nice idea to be used in shopping bag design. truly inspiring.


11. Fitness Company: Shopping Bag

Fitness Company: Shopping Bag
This shopping bag gives the illusion of lifting a dumbbell, and is given away to customers who purchased fitness accessories or supplements at any of the Fitness Company fitness centers and supplement stores.


12. Shumensko Beer: Beer Crate

Shumensko Beer: Beer Crate
Great idea with an excellent execution that gives the illusion as if this beer crate is real one.


13. Moo Shoes

This idea of shopping bag proves that the Idea lies within and that it still can be surprising and fresh!


14. Get The Hang Of It

Get The Hang Of It
It’s an upside-down hanger shopping bag and the interesting thing is that it is detachable so you can use these hangers to hang your clothes up.


15. Dragonet Diving – ‘Plastic Bag’

Dragonet Diving – ‘Plastic Bag’
In this shopping bag, an image of a turtle is strategically printed to create an illusion as someone is choking the animal.


16. Greenpeace: Bag

Greenpeace: Bag
This shopping bag also uses the clever interaction between the bag and the consumer holding it.


17. Meralco: Unplug to save bags

Meralco: Unplug to save bags
These special shopping bags are designed by combining Electricitips or information on how to save electricity and ways to practice smart electrical consumption, and were given to show goodwill to its customers by educating them on how electric consumption works.


18. Lipton Clear Green Tea bag: Carry Bag

Lipton Clear Green Tea bag: Carry Bag
Lipton Clear Green Tea bag was designed in a form of an actual teabag. It looks appealing and interesting as well.


19. Kiwi

This is extremely creative shopping bag designed created for Kiwi that produces very unusual and colorful gift talismans. This bag design clearly shows the company’s individual approach to each piece.


20. Coffee Concepts

Coffee Concepts
Very creative and artistically designed shopping bag showcasing coffee concepts. This is very eye catching and interesting to look at.


21. Canon EOS 500D Brochure

Canon EOS 500D Brochure
This shopping bag was designed for the adventurous and intrepid people defining in-depth information about the product.


22. Total Nutrition Corporation: Burn Bag

Total Nutrition Corporation: Burn Bag
Here again a very artistic and creative approach is used to design this shopping bag that sublimely conveys the message.


23. LG Steam Direct Drive Washing Machine: Laundry Bag Takeover

LG Steam Direct Drive Washing Machine: Laundry Bag Takeover
This is not a washing machine rather it is a shopping bag design that is designed so creatively that it looks like a laundry bag takeover.


24. Görtz: Görtz 17 Shoelace Box

Görtz: Görtz 17 Shoelace Box
The minimalist design of this shopping bag draws attention to the handles, which can be removed and used as an extra pair of shoelaces.


25. Christian Child & Youth Aid – “Bag For More”

Christian Child & Youth Aid –
This creative bag was designed to support 120.000 children in Berlin who are suffering from hunger. Donate food.


26. Volkswagen Golf GTI: Bag

Volkswagen Golf GTI: Bag
Another excellent example of creative and clever shopping bag designs. This was created for Volkswagen Golf GTI.


27. Stop’n Grow – Nail Biter Bag

Stop’n Grow – Nail Biter Bag
You will be amazed to see the creativity of this shopping bag design. it is simple and straight to the point.


28. Clothes in Closets: Knucle bag

Clothes in Closets: Knucle bag
Here is another creative example of clever bag designs. A very nice approach, the concept has been done before, but the execution is nice!


29. Shopping bag

Shopping bag
This creative shopping bag was designed for Gourmet products which is a food company.


30. ReVital

This creative bag design was done by Antje Gerwien for a company named ReVital, who focuses on putting the demographic curve back to normal.


31. Max Factor Eye Bag

Max Factor Eye Bag
Very effective and creative shopping bag design for Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara.


32. “Carbon Neutral Challenge” – Reusable Bag

This is a print ad created by Christine Mae Enterprise presenting a very valuable idea of reusable bag.


33. Craftsman Tools: Drill Bag

Craftsman Tools: Drill Bag
This is very nice presentation that can fool you into thinking it is a real drill.


34. Paper Bag with Dog Ear Handles

Paper Bag with Dog Ear Handles
This is another simply creative idea for a paper bag where paper bag is created with dog ear handles.


35. Children with Autism: Bag

Children with Autism: Bag
This is truly unique concept with smart execution. It is good to see some awareness campaigns doing their best to shed some light on a disorder that has been grossly overlooked by the medical and psychiatric community.


36. Six-pack Abs Bag

Six-pack Abs Bag
This idea of a shopping bag will either inspire you to get in shape, or inspire you to carry a bag in front of you wherever you go.


37. Lee “Never Wasted” bag

This is the most creative idea for a paper shopping bag you would have ever seen. The ‘Never Wasted’ shopping bag can be reused in one way or another making the idea long-lasting and interactive and also conveying the message in a fascinating manner.


38. Macys Shopping Bag

Macys Shopping Bag
This shopping bag features a sky diver on one side and a runner on the other. Simply amazing.

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