Top 10 iPad Educational Apps for Kids

Technology has changed our lives. There is no denying the fact that technology has pretty much taken control of each and every aspect of our life, be it emails, social networking, instant messaging, online utilities payment, or video chatting. No one has remained untouched from this revolution, not even kids. In fact, our young turks are born gadget savvy. My two-year old daughter prefers to play with Talking Tom on my tablet more than her dolls. But this revolution is not just limited to games. Educational apps are gaining momentum at a phenomenal pace. Parents need to realize that while technology does have its pitfalls, it has a number of advantages.

While there is no denying that traditional teaching methods are irreplaceable, it’s equally important that you stay in tune with time. With hundreds and thousands of educational apps aimed at overall development of your child flooding the app stores, Smartphones and tablets are no longer just a source of distraction. If used correctly under parental guidance, apps could not only do wonders for your child development.

Here are few advantages of educational apps:

Learning is no longer a drudgery: This idea is central to every educational app. With app at your fingertips, learning is no longer a boring or mundane exercise. It is fun filled, interactive, and engaging. Your little ones learn difficult subjects without even realizing they are learning. Be it Math, puzzle solving, playing around with words, identifying new objects, or experimenting with music theory, there is an app for virtually any area that you can possibly think.

Apps help develop important skills: Many apps not only hone your kid’s memory and make them smart, but also develop their motor skills as they make a move from one object to another. You kids learns the importance of sequence of movements to produce a smooth action.

No boundaries: Apps defy the conventional concept of learning within the confines of a room. Whether you are stuck in traffic, waiting in a long queue at a grocery store, or traveling, your kid can have a quick lesson with your tablet. Sheer portability and convenience of app, makes learning activity a complete joyride for both parents and kids.

Not just a game, you need to perform well to excel: Educational apps are not just mindless games. In order to perform well, your kid has to progress from several difficult levels ranging from beginner to advance level. At the end of the day, educational apps are report cards of your kids. You can be rest assured that your child has mastered a particular area if he/she has progressed to the most difficult level.

This list not ends here. There are many more advantages of educational apps. For example, a child can play grammar games that keep her attention rather than boring her like school does or shapes the kid mind the way it need to.

Top 10 iPad Educational Apps for Kids

01. I Spy With Lola: A Fun Word Game for Kids!

I Spy With Lola
Kids love Lola Panda games. Lola Panda goes globe trotting in I Spy adventure app. Kids need to find dozens of hidden objects associated with letters which will help them to unlock new locations. The interface is extremely engaging and intuitive with loads of opportunities for vocabulary building. I Spy with Lola app is extremely easy to use and available in six languages.


02. Music Theory for Beginners

Music Theory for Beginners
Kids love it, and I fully recommend Music Theory for Beginners app. This is one of the most comprehensive music tools designed and tested by musicians and theorists that makes learning music a sheer joy. It covers a diverse music theory topics such as reading note and basic harmony. Music Theory for Beginners app offers excellent format, content, instant positive feedback. If you are struggling, this app will directs toward help to review lesson. A must have for all music loving kids.


03. Word Mover

Word Mover
While the concept of magnet words to build poems is not pretty ancient, Word Mover adds creativity and fun to the learning process. This easy to use app allows children and teens to create poetry. I like that there are both word banks and famous works that users can simply combine. You could type in a sentence beginning and have your kid select an appropriate word from the word bank to finish it. The most enjoyable part of this app is changing the backgrounds and customizing the text to match with the tone of poems. There are 6 poem categories and 12 backgrounds for stylizing poems. Go on and make a magnetic poetry in less than a minute. Yeah. It is that simple!


04. Lola’s Math Train Lite – Fun with Counting, Subtraction, Addition and more!

Lola's Math Train Lite
Math could be a very intimidating subject for your child. Not anymore. With Lola’s Math Train, learning Math will be a spontaneous. This app takes you on a fun filled ride of colors and interactive characters aimed at improving your creative problem solving skills. Lola’s Math Train helps children learn key skills like addition, subtraction, and solving puzzles all while having fun! There are various levels and kids could progress through difficulty levels.


05. Kodable

Kodable is a free educational iPad game introducing your kids to basic concepts of programming. Kodable comes free with 30 levels of programmable fun. There is a lot more to learn, you can include conditional statements and add loops. The app present students with a series of mazes through which they have to guide the “Fuzz” character.


06. Best Books for Tweens

Best Books for Tweens
Parents who are seeking innovative ways to inculcate the habit of reading in their child couldn’t have asked for a better solution. Best books for Tweens app allows you to find new books and build a custom reading list. You can select from popular categories such as action/adventure, mystery, sports, animal characters, fiction and non-fiction. This app allows you to categorize and tag a book as “I want this” or “I’ve read this” to add it to your list.


07. Mibblio

Mibblio is one-of-its-kind interactive musical storybook app with a selection of stories, each with own song. Mibblio app allows children to play around and discover new instruments by muting and soloing individual audio tracks. You can use Mibblio’s keyboards and explore the entire library of mibblets.


08. Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur
Daisy the Dinosaur aims to introduce kids to computer programming. By solving this app’s various challenge modes kids will learn the basics of objects, sequencing, events, and loops. Kids can unleash their programming skills by creating commands which Daisy the Dinosaur will follow and implement. With this app you definitely have a computer whiz in the making.


09. Maily: Your Kids’ First Email

Maily: Your Kids' First Email
Maily allows kids to send personal emails to parents and other close family members. With extensive buit-in parent control features, you decide who your child communicates with. You have the power to approve or reject messages both before sending or receiving. This app allows your kids to unleash his/her imagination by using several elements like digital pencils, personalized background, stickers, and brushes.


10. See.Touch.Learn

See.Touch.Learn app combines the power of picture cards with the interactivity of the iPad and automatically tracks your child’s responses. This power-packed app includes a starter’s set comprising of high-quality and mind blowing images and 60 exercises. And the best part is that these exercises are conceptualized and created by a certified assistant behavior analyst! It is extremely intuitive enabling children to exactly use the app without following any lengthy instructions.


In the mobile revolution, it is important to understand that technology is changing us. Educational apps are here to stay. Apps are interactive and totally different compared to passive activities like watching TV. They are making learning a fun activity for your child, removing the boredom. So stop being paranoid about tablets and smartphone.

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