50 Incredible Magazine Style WordPress Themes

If you would like your website to have a lot of posts on one page, magazine style theme is very handy. Over last few years magazine style WordPress themes have grown in popularity and seems to be the new website trend now.

These themes stand out from others because they allow you to display excerpts or headlines of your articles on the front page so if you have a lot of material to show, this is the way to go. It doesn’t matter if your website is a news website, portfolio or a private blog, magazine style themes can make your website look very organized.

Magazine style themes come in different good looking designs and they offer a multitude of features. Feel free to take a look at our collection of 50 new and incredible magazine style WordPress themes. We have gathered only the bests themes that you can use to make your website. Go ahead, choose the one you like the most!

1. Sahifa

Sahifa Magazine
Sahifa Magazine is a clean and flexible WordPress theme.


2. LondonPress


Londonpress is a responsive and great looking magazine theme.


3. Canvas

Canvas is highly customizable through the options panel, so you can make the design, layout and typography exactly like you want.


4. Panda

Panda is a creative and customizable WordPress theme.


5. Shift

Shift is a colorful magazine style theme where you can make each post to appear in different color.


6. Sportimo


Sportimo is a theme created for sport magazines. It has a great multitude of features to try out.


7. Compasso

Compasso is a premium magazine WordPress theme that has a responsive layout and a lot of customizable features.


8. Piccione


Piccione offers 3 columns, unlimited new sections and a lot of banner spaces.


9. Skoll

Skoll is a responsive, reliable and elegant WordPress theme.


10. Magzimize


Magzimize is a bold magazine WordPress theme that provides with great user experience.


11. Bulteno


Bulteno offers a unique and beautiful layout that is photo and video friendly.


12. BreakingNews


BreakingNews is fully customizable and allow to display your videos and galleries in posts


13. Popster

Popster is a minimalistic WordPress theme. It is neat designed, well coded and more importantly easy to use.


14. Great News

Great News
Great News Magazine is a responsive wordpress magazine theme with unlimited color options.


15. LitePress


LitePress is a very simple, yet powerful theme with a responsive layout.


16. Dardania


Dardania is a premium WordPress theme for review, blog, magazine and news websites with fresh and clean design.


17. Apollo

Apollo is a modern magazine themes with responsive design.


18. Megamag

Megamag is a flexible theme. You can tweak it until your heart is content. It has many customizable features and widgets.


19. Coloris


Coloris as the name suggest is a colorful magazine theme with a unique design.


20. Inspiration

Inspiration has a clean and minimalistic design that is very responsive.


21. Newsroom


Newsroom is a clean and sharp theme that offers many ways how your posts are going to be displayed.


22. Brennuis

Brennuis is a responsive, clean and modern theme with many built in features.


23. MagazinePress

MagazinePress is an advanced WordPress theme that comes bundled with a built-in review system and is fully widgetized.


24. HotNews


HotNews is a premium WordPress theme with fresh, clean and responsive design.


25. ExtraNews


ExtraNews is a uniquely responive news theme with a dynamic headline loader.


26. World Taveler

World Taveler

World Traveler has rich graphics to make your website stand out among others.


27. Yamidoo

This magazine style theme has a simple layout and can be easily styled to create the perfect look for your blog.

28. Accord

Accord comes with 9 widgets, post rating system and 7 different post formats.


29. WP Journal

WP Journal
WP Journal is a powerful, super flexible and responsive magazine style theme for WordPress.


30. Unique

The Unique theme is a translation-ready, magazine-style WordPress theme.


31. Magman

MagMan is very clean, minimal with modern responsive design.


32. Magazine Explorer

Magazine Explorer
Magazine Explorer is a spacious theme packed full of various features.


33. Local News

Local News
Local News is a premium WordPress theme. It is very flexible and has an advanced option panel.


34. Bolid

Bolid is new responsive theme for magazines with modular and flexible homepage.


35. Doppio

Doppio has a multitude of features such as homepage layout changer, a special control panel and sidebar generator.


36. Kahlam


Kahlam is a stunning magazine WordPress theme that is clean, flexible and is fully ready to be translated to any language.


37. Glisseo

Glisseo is a clean and very well designed responsive magazine style theme.


38. Paula

Paula is a flexible WordPress theme that is well suited for both beginners and advanced developers.


39. Estesso

Estesso includes various powerful and editable functions.


40. RevoStar

RevoStar offers a very clean grid-based layout and a lot of custom widgets.


41. WP Magazine

WP Magazine
WP Magazine is a clean, minimalistic and powerful responsive WordPress theme.


42. Sportica

Sportica is a sports magazine theme that is simplistic, neat and clean.


43. Lightly

Lightly is a neat designed, well coded and easy to use magazine style WordPress theme.


44. Intent

Intent is a responsive and unique theme.


45. Adapt


Adapt is responsive theme designed to show off your articles and showcase your work in style. The theme has a powerful full-width featured homepage slider and an adaptable 3-column masonry layout with some cool hover animations.


46. Triangle Magazine

Triangle Magazine
Triangle Magazine is a responsive, modern and clean WorPress theme with may features that allow you to customize your website.


47. Compassion

Compassion is a premium WordPress theme with a crisp, positive design.


48. RetyX

RetyX stands out with its retro design. Its vintage design gives a special grunge kind of feeling to visitors.


49. Forward

Forward is a fresh and bold looking theme with a responsive layout. There are multiple advanced features and functions.


50. Fashy


Fashy is a magazine style theme intended to be used to show fashion news.

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