15 Useful Tips to Bring Real Visitors on Your Blog Site with WordPress

Sometime back, I was reading an article in a local newspaper. It was referring the success of some iconic blogging websites such as Mashable, SEOMoz (Now Moz), SearchEngineLand and techCrunch. The conviction and farsightedness of these blog owners was impressive and zero investment business success tended me to write about the beautiful business of blogging.

Now, anyone with sound understanding of a particular subject can become a new Pete Cashmore. Considerably, Mr. Pete Cashmore is the proud founder of Mashable.com. Though, the passion to provide solutions is an integral substance.

Well, I am writing this post for my readers to provide practical insights for bringing organic traffic on their blog sites. So, why don’t we stop making a stage for this article and get to work. Here are fifteen different tips to create an iconic blogging brand without investing almost anything. The initial seven tips will talk about the theoretical aspects of blogging business and the latter eight tips will elaborate practical activities and can be executed while reading. So, let us make a blog that will last for 50, 100 years and so on.

1. Make Appointments with Present Not Future

instantShift - Make Appointments with Present

Blogging is a business, which demands patience and hold on the subject of the blog. But, this business do not turn into a money making machine in a couple of months or years. So, bloggers mistakenly make appointments with their future and expect referential success with their blogs in a short time after inception. But, it is a wrong approach. As a blogger, you should be in present and commence activities your blogging activities with respective of present. It will establish an active and lively image of your blog. Your readers will be able to depend on you in case of any requirement. So, flow with the wind, experience things and write about them. As a thumb rule, you should enjoy blogging.

2. Fly with Open Source CMS tools

I have read multiple blog posts, scholar articles and case studies on iconic blogs and research papers with regard to open source technologies. There is one noticeable occurrence in all these research papers, which indicates the necessity of flexibility & uniqueness in blogging brands. Blogging is not like any traditional business, which gets the customers in a regular manner. On the other hand, a blog required to be unique and carrier resourceful insights. So, you should think about using a PHP based blogging tool like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress. These all are innovative content management systems. You can easily update your blog on your own and even with your SmartPhone. So, it will be a simple stuff for you.

3. Go With WordPress

instantShift - Go With WordPress

Trust me, I do not hold any biased feelings for WordPress but this system deserves a reference. It is flexible for managing all kinds of blogs and websites. You can quickly set up a blog with WordPress. It is free. It is apt for quick management. The dashboard of WordPress is easy to use and a blogger with little understanding with web technology can use this dashboard. The customization is easy and time-efficient. So, it is perfect for you.

4. Keep Your Blog Design Crispy

Well, it is not a compulsion. You can design your blog as per your own idea. But, the crispy blog design attracts online readers to visit a blog more often. So, it is advisable to create a crispy blog site.

5. Customization Is Required

instantShift - Customization Is Required

Many bloggers begin writing notes in the monotonous themes of their blog but that is useless. The posts go unnoticed because of monotonous blog theme. So, you must contrive a great design for your blog, which can grab the attention of your potential readers with crystal clear fonts as well as beautifully used pictures. As WordPress sports easy customization, so it will be simple for you to add a life in your blog. In this way, your readers will be able to read your post in a simple manner. Apart from this, your blog will also be seen for your beautiful picture galleries.

6. Add Symbols in Your Design

You must add symbols in your blog design. For example, you can see the logos of some top blogs like Tech Crunch. The brains behind Tech Crunch used the some blocks as the logo of their blog that represent the mechanics and technical aspects. Further, you can notice the logo & UI of ‘engadget’, which uses the image of waves. Moreover, it uses left panel side bar that increases the readability of a blog. In other case, you will see a spectacle black & white design trend on looking at Wired.com, which is a reputed tech magazine since 1993. As Wired.com was formerly in print edition so it depicts the black & white layout with tiny sized fonts similar of its print magazine layout. Considerably, this design trend has become a phenomenon as of now. So, you need to adopt some symbols, which will represent your blog for lifetime.

7. Stay Away With Rants For Keeping Your Blog Relevant

Let me remind you that you are not making your blog for giving rants on random topics and online readers are not going to take your rants. So, you should only publish relevant posts on your blogs. The relevancy in your post will cause the readers to associate your knowledge with their virtual persona and turn into heavy social media sharing. So, you must keep your blog full of relevant and interesting posts.


Well, we have discussed a lot on how a blog should be designed and operated in last seven paragraphs. Now, we can talk about the practical process of blog development and traffic generation.

8. Find Your Target Audience

instantShift - Find Your Target Audience

Initially, you are required to find out the primary and secondary audience of your blog. You can do this by analyzing the traffic of giant blogs of your category. In case, you are competing with blogs like Mashable.com and other blogs of this category then you will be attracting young and tech savvy customers. On the other hand, if you are competing with Huffington Post then you will surely be trying to socially active online readers.

9. Rearrange Your Blog Contents

After find the primary and secondary readers of your blog site, you should move on to rearrange your blog posts. In this way, you should be a brutal editor. You should not leave a single irrelevant post live on your blog site. It will increase the relevancy of your blog.

10. Contents are not Just Text

Hopefully, you will be aware with the fact the word ‘contents’ includes text as well as graphical contents of your blog site. So, you should also trim the graphical contents of your blog. In this way, the image size of your blog should be light for fast loading purpose but they should not look obscure.

11. Keep A Watch over Your Business Domain

For writing relevant web posts, you should have the knowledge and insights of concurrent events of your business domain. And, you should be ready to publish a post on that topics. It will eventually help you in developing attention-seeking contents. In short, you should not leave a single chance to increase the traffic on your website. A single mistake can cause the decline in your search ranking.

12. Connect Your Site With Social Media

instantShift - Connect Your Site With Social Media

As WordPress provides options for creating a bridge between your social media profiles and your blog site. Therefore, you should make use of social media integration feature of this CMS. It will help you in circulating web posts among your social media followers.

13. Take Social Media Posting Seriously

You might have read that social media is the most important weapon in digital marketing but it can also work contradictorily. You can face the decline in your social media followers. So, you should try to post wisely on your social media platforms. Your posts should be relevant to your blog site and should be shareable in nature.

14. Strengthen the On-Page of Your Blog Site

You should take the help of an experienced SEO person to fixing the on-page search engine optimization of your website. It will pave the path for organic visitors to your blog site.

15. Listen, Understand, and Communicate With Your Readers

instantShift - Communicate With Your Readers

See, you should never forget a fact that blogging is a business, which is interactive, challenging and demands patience. Therefore, you should hear your readers and respond accordingly.


Despite willingness of writing more and elaborating other tricks to increase the momentum of your blog site, I would have to stop writing because long posts lose the reader’s attention quickly, especially in case of web contents. Therefore, I like to summarize my post with a last tip that in blogging you need to be active and gain control on your subject with every passing blog post. Your knowledge and interest in writing is the only secret of success in this world of blogging.

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