Fresh Collection of Valuable Flat GUI Sets

Minimalistic approach of creating essential elements for website design and application interfaces is excessively popular nowadays. Elegant in elaborate flat style, which took the designers’ world by storm 2 years ago, still dominates the minds ofcommunity design.

Rectangular-shaped components that are usually made in muted tones with relatively small font add a note of sophistication and neatness to any project, making it look really roomy. It can also bring such qualities to a design as simplicity, purity, readability and usability. Moreover, generally designers prefer to recreate flat style colored, therefore the latter looks great both upon the dark and light background, adding to a flat design flexibility and versatility.

The ground rule of recreating flat design is entirely getting rid of accustomed and widely-used effects such as shadows, gradients, lighting, bevel and emboss, 3-dimensional elements and others. In one word, simply forget about skeuomorphism and all that it involves.

In order to more closely familiarize you with this concept we have put together comprehensive collection of fresh absolutely free professional Flat GUI sets that can not only inspire you, but also will be able to serve as a good base for your next online project.

UI Kit by Jamie Syke

instantShift - UI Kit


Square UI (Free)

instantShift - Square UI


Colorful Flat GUI Set

instantShift - Colorful Flat GUI Set


Flat UI

instantShift - Flat UI


UI Kit PSD by AndreeaNicolaescu

instantShift - UI Kit PSD


Flat UI kit by

instantShift - Flat UI kit


Super Clean UI Kit by WeCreate

instantShift - Super Clean UI Kit


UI Kit by HüseyinYilmaz

instantShift - UI Kit


Beautiful Metro Style Dashboard UI Kit PSD

instantShift - Beautiful Metro Style Dashboard UI Kit PSD


Flat Dashboard UI

instantShift - Flat Dashboard UI


Free UI by BoyanaCakic

instantShift - Free UI


UI/UX Flat design by Julie Champourlier

instantShift - UI/UX Flat design


Web and App UI Kit PSD by AleksandarNikcevic

instantShift - Web and App UI Kit PSD


Metro Ui Kit by Tomas Korosi

instantShift - Metro Ui Kit


Flat UI by Andy Law

instantShift - Flat UI


UI Kit (PSD) by Piotr Kwiatkowski

instantShift - UI Kit (PSD)


Ui Kit by Abhimanyu Rana

instantShift - Ui Kit


Ultimate UI Kit

instantShift - Ultimate UI Kit


Flat UI Kit by RikiTanone

instantShift - Flat UI Kit


Behance Flat by 3magine

instantShift - Behance Flat


Flat UI Blog

instantShift - Flat UI Blog

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