45 Absolutely Breathtaking 3D Chalk Art

For this round up, we are presenting a collection of some breathtaking 3D chalk art for you. Sidewalk chalk art is also known as 3D graffiti and it is one of the most popular and very well accepted forms of art these days. Millions of people admire and appreciate sidewalk chalk art as it looks extremely marvelous and eye catching. One can see and understand the creative approach of the artist. Such pieces of 3d chalk art demonstrate the creative skills of the artists.

We are very much sure that you all have seen plenty of 3D sidewalk chalk art but for this round up, we have sort the wheat from the chaff and present you 45 amazing and excellent sidewalk chalk art for you. All these pieces of 3D chalk art are carefully selected and we hope that they will inspire you surely.

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1. Costa – Covent Garden

This is not a real cup of COSTA cappuccino or coffee. Actually it is a wonderful 3D street painting which is beautifully created and it looks real.

2. Escape of the Mummy

3D Street Painting - Escape of the Mummy
As you all see this 3D street painting shows escape of the mummy from underground. This amazing photo was taken from the California in 2008 Youth Arts where Italian Street Painting Festival was held.

3. Ford Mexico

Ford Mexico
For the Ford lover this spectacular Ford 3D street art photo was taken in Mexico. Ford has two more wonderful 3D street art photos.

4. Zhuhai – China

Zhuhai - China - 09
This outstanding and fantastic 3D street painting photo was taken in year 2009 at Zhuhai in chain.

5. HDI

HDI is the insurance company which helps you in your all financial cases.

6. Aerial View

Aerial View
With these breathtaking and awesome 3D street paintings enhance your Aerial View experience. Have a look.

7. Jinro – Seoul

Jinro-Seoul is the South Korean drink. This wonderful 3D art shows that this Jinro- Seoul bottle was found below the ocean. And it has another version which also look superb.

8. Valley

Now, it’s time to showcase some shot of nature scene like in these wonderful and eye-catching 3D street paintings you will see different type of beautiful valley.

9. SMART – Project

SMART - Project
Another incredible and outstanding 3D street painting photo that looks awesome and impressive. What you think about this?

10. Asian Paints – Mumbai

Asian Paints have a massive range of colors that’s why it is very famous and one of the largest paint companies in India. And you can see how beautifully this 3D art painting was made.

11. Hell in London

Hell in London
We all hear the stories based on Hell but this wonderful 3D art photo shows the scene of Hell in London.

12. Chess with the Dalai Lama

3D Street Painting - Chess with the Dalai Lama
Do you want to play chess with Dalai Lama, if yes then your wish will be fulfilled. See this remarkable 3D street painting.

13. Nativity at Xanadu

Nativity at Xanadu
This amazing 3D street art painting shows church Nativity but not in Bethlehem – Palestine but in Xanadu which is the 13th-century Chinese capital city.

14. A fair in Cologne

A fair in Cologne

A fair in Cologne
A fair in Cologne has two versions of 3D street paintings and both versions are superb and wonderful. Have a look.

15. Amazing 3D Sidewalk Chalk Art

Amazing 3D Sidewalk Chalk Art 15
This is another breathtaking 3D street painting. In this art piece you will see how beautifully the artist has created the water from pipe that it looks so real. What do you think about this?

16. Harry Potter in 3D

Harry Potter in 3D
Harry Potter is a very popular and famous character and almost everyone knows this character. So have a look at this 3D street art in which Harry Potter was created.

17. Starmild – Bandung, Indonesia

Star mild is a new Indonesian cigarette and this wonderful 3D street art photo was taken in shopping mall of Bandung-Indonesia in the year 2011.

18. 3D Whampoa World – Hong Kong

3-D Whampoa World - HONG KONG
3D Whampoa World is the largest indoor 3D street painting in Hong Kong. Have a look at this amazing World of Whampoa which shows the beautiful scene of Waterfall.

19. Green Week, Brussels

Green Week, Brussels
This amazing 3D street painting was taken from the Green Week in Brussels. This wonderful 3D art piece shows you the beauty of nature.

20. 3D Street Art Berlin

3D Street Art Berlin
This superb and outstanding 3D street art painting is in Berlin in Germany.

21. Schiphol Luchthaven – Amsterdam

Schiphol luchthaven - Amsterdam December 2009
This eye-catching and wonderful 3D street painting was created in Amsterdam airport named Schiphol in December 2009. Have a look at this beautiful art piece.

22. Beowulf at Comicon

Beowulf at Comicon
As you see in this 3D street painting an old man takes some part of heart from the underground and throws in the side of the ground.

23. 3D Street Art

3d street art
See another amazing and outstanding 3D street painting in your screen.

24. Alice down the rabbit hole

Alice down the rabbit hole
This beautiful chalk art was done in August, 2011 in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland by Jennifer and Mercedes Chaparro, and named as Alice down the rabbit hole.

25. The Rainforest

The Rainforest
What you think about this wonderful Rainforest 3D street painting? Isn’t it looking awesome and interesting?

26. Imaginit display in Las Vegas

Imaginit display in Las Vegas
This is called Imaginit display in Las Vegas and it shows an outstanding and superb 3D street painting.

27. Nike-Lebron James-Shanghai

Nike-Lebron James-Shanghai
This exciting and wonderful 3D street art is based on a china sport festival named Nike in Beijing.

28. Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels.
Jack Daniels is the American Whiskey name and in this 3D street painting this Whiskey is on the café floor.

29. Lienz Street Art Festival

Lienz Street Art Festival 2009
This amazing 3D street painting photo was taken in Strassentheater Festival in Lienz, Austria in the year 2009.

30. Sky HDTV at Waterloo station-London

Sky HDTV at Waterloo station-London
This outstanding Sky HDTV 3D street painting photo was taken from London at Waterloo Station. Have a look this art piece.

31. 3D street art Pfizer

3-D street art Pfizer
Pfizer is the pain killer product name and you can see in your screen a stunning and awesome 3D street painting.

32. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland is come at Norway, as you can see in this wonderful 3D street art.

33. Treuhaus

Another superb and amazing 3D street painting that looks so real. What do you think about this fantastic art?

34. Hong Kong

This is another spectacular 3D street painting in which you will see a Shark is coming out from the sea. This amazing street art was created in a very public place of Hong Kong.

35. FUJI – TV, Unbelievable

This fantastic 3D street painting photo was taken at London for the Japanese Fuji TV show name “UNBELIEVABLE”.

36. EasyJet – Edinburg

EasyJet - Edinburg
If you are planning for your summer holiday, then you should consider EasyJet air line. This amazing and exciting 3D street painting gives you the same message.

37. Anamorhic Dolphins

Anamorhic Dolphins
Those who love Dolphins will definitely like this wonderful and awesome 3D street painting. Have a look.

38. Final picture of Mural

final picture of mural
This stunning and fanatics final picture of mural looks awesome and wonderful.

39. LODZ – Poland

LODZ - Poland - March 2011
This amazing and cool 3D pool street painting photo was taken at LODZ city in Poland in March 2011. Is it look awesome what do you think?

40. Mountain

You see lots of mountains in real life but now see them in 3D style. Yes, see these remarkable and incredible 3D mountains street painting.

41. Cup

In these wonderful 3D street paintings, you will see how wonderfully 3D artist used Cup in various manner.

42. Boys

You will see in these 3D street painting different boys doing different things. Have a look at these amazing art paintings.

43. Water

Water is the great source for our life. See this wonderful 3D street paintings in which you will see how beautifully 3D artist use water in different style.

44. Elephant

Now, its time to showcase stunning 3D Elephant street painting that you will definitely like.

45. Bridge

Now, see an amazing bridge in 3D style. Have a look at this stunning and amazing 3D street bridge painting.

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