50 Great Author Bios for Inspiration

Whether you are a designer, writer or an artist, having a portfolio website is a great way to increase your customer base. Besides examples or photos of your works, another important page to include is an author bio page. There are countless ways how to create it. Some people create an “About Me” page while others just create a column for a short overview of their biographies.

The design of this “About Me” page or “Author Bio” column depends greatly on the style of your website and how you format the text. Adding a representative photo next to your biography is always a great choice. Different people present their biographies in different ways. Some people write clean CV-style biographies, others write a short story or even a poem, there are some that tell about themselves and their work in form of an interview.

For your very own bio we offer a neat collection of 50 great writer, graphic designer, web master and more biographies. Feel free to search through them and get inspired!

1. Karin Tanabe

Karin Tanabe

Karin Tanabe presents herself as a writer in form of an interview. Her biography page is neat and stylish.

2. Claire Legrand

Claire Legrand

Claire Legrand has a very artsy homepage and her biography is professional and personal at the same time.

3. Susan Bischoff

Susan Bischoff

Susan Bischoff has a simple yet effective biography page. It is clever written and looks nice.

4. Jami Gold

Jami Gold

Jami Gold introduces herself in a classic and elegant way. Her signature is a nice touch.

5. Capri Montgomery

Capri Montgomery

The biography of Capri Montgomery is called “Author’s Closet” which lets it stand out among others.

6. Michael Cunningham

Michael Cunningham

The biography of Michael Cunningham is the simplicity itself. The nice background pictures creates an interesting atmosphere.

7. Sara J. Henry

Sara J. Henry

Sara J. Henry has a classic looking biography page. It is nice that she presents herself both as a professional and on personal level too.

8. Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy Robinson

The biography page of Jeremy Robinson is marvelously colorful and gives impression that his works are like that too.

9. Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle Gardner

The color choice of her biography page is great. Rachelle Gardner also includes good details in her biography such as her Twitter name and Facebook page.

10. Robina LaFevers

Robina LaFevers

Robina LaFevers has a very unique vintage looking website. Her biography page features a matching neat photo in a retro phrame.

11. Mary Hershey

Mary Hershey

Mary Hershey is an author for children and her biography page presents the writer in a childlike manner which looks really cute.

12. Lauren Clark

 Lauren Clark

Lauren Clark writes chick flicks and her biography page looks very feminine too.

13. Roni Loren

Roni Loren

The author page of Roni Loren is a visual representation of her works – the black and pink color mix simbolizes both the romantic and dark side in her prose.

14. Suki Design

Suki Design

This is a simple, classic and very informative web designer biography page.

15. Joel Rendall

Joel Rendall

The biography page of Joel Rendall looks both professional and creative. That is a great representation of a web designer.

16. Designspasm


This biography page is a true jewel. It is so much fun to play around with the moving objects.

17. Owltastic


Meagan Fisher is a graphic designer and her biography page is presented in a neat manner.

18. MA.TT


The creativity just bursts out of this biography page: the cunning website name, the cute chidhood photo, the cartoonish pictures and so on.

19. Elliot Jaystocks

Elliot Jaystocks

Although the page looks just classy, what stands out is the artist statement and introduction that gives an immediate lovable impression for the page viewers.

20. Mr. Joe Payton

Mr. Joe Payton

This is a lovely page where the designer Joe Payton shows his drawing skills by showing himself as a cartoon character.

21. Mark Mcgall

Mark Mcgall

Mark Mcgall presents a simple page with a little twist. He also includes a link to his CV which is great for the ones that want to learn more about him.

22. Darren Hoyt

Darren Hoyt

This is a very classic and elegant page.

23. Adham Dannaway

Adham Dannaway

This is a very smart biography page. It has a lot of eye-catching elements as well as a clever representation of the skills of Adham Dannaway in a pie chart – part designer/part coder.

24. Hitechy


Alex Dawson is a web developer that presents himself almost like a game character. He shows his skills by rating them in stars. It looks great and is very informative.

25. Kitfolio


Wong Yeng Kit is a multimedia designer that has created his bio page in a nice and attractive way by using lovable characters.

26. Jared Christensen

Jared Christensen

Jared Christensen presents himself in an ironic approach and it has some kind of nice appeal.

27. I am Dan

I am Dan

This bio page is made in three colors that work together wonderfully – white, red and black. The author photo is cheeky and suits well with the style.

28. Big American Night

Big American Night

The black and white bio page of James A. Reeves looks simple but has all the useful and interesting information one might look for.

29. Dreamerlines


This bio page feels a bit confusing but once you stop being distracted by the triangle you’ll see that this is a very neat minimalistic biography page.

30. Tim Van Damme

Tim Van Damme

This is a small but well arranged biography page.

31. Danjoedesign


This is a simple and great looking page. The biggest great detail is the big status that shows if this designer is available for hire.

32. Gummisig


This is a biography page of a pretentious designer. He has all reasons to be like that, the page shows his creativity, courage and originality.

33. Toby Powell

Toby Powell

Although the main color theme of this bio page is light gray, it contains a lot of creative details that draw and keep attention.

34. Kevin Monger

Kevin Monger

This is a great done model maker biography page that features a lot of well done sketches and a funny approach to the artist photo.

35. Subtraction


Khoi Vinh author page looks impressive. The sharp black and white contrast together with well ordered information about himself makes this page strikingly brilliant.

36. David DeSandro

David DeSandro

The vivid orange background is perfect for dark red and white writing. The picture adds a cheeky accent.

37. Matt Bango

Matt Bango

This is a neat looking page. The photo is unusual, especially the shape.

38. Blogsessive


Blogsessive has a modern and a bit geeky looking bio page which leaves an amiable impression.

39. Jon Tangerine

Jon Tangerine

The picture with “Hi, I’m Jon” is one of the friendliest introductions ever. Jon Tangerine plays a lot with his name but the bio itself is very professional.

40. Unstoppable Robot Ninja

Unstoppable Robot Ninja

The page of Ethan Marcotte is made in warm colors. It contains little information but he has his own epic logo.

41. Wing Cheng

Wing Cheng

Wing Cheng has made his biography in an unusual format. It is made in a form of self written and self drawn accordion book. That is a nice personal touch and very unique.

42. Osvaldas


This is a classic and elegant bio page. Its simplistic look is pleasant.

43. Bubblessoc


Bubblesoc has combined several creamy colors to create this neat looking author page.

44. Branded07


Rob Palmer has a distinctive author picture with a bird pulling his hair. At first it leaves a humorous information but once you actually read his bio, you can see that he is a true professional.

45. Dave Harrison

Dave Harrison

The web designer Dave Harrison has created a magazine style biography page which leaves a great impression.

46. Nick Finck

Nick Finck

Nick Finck has an elegant website with a professional looking picture.

47. Travis


This is a stylish biography page. The best part is the drawing of a brain with his skills pointing to it. That is one of the greatest skill representations ever.

48. FT Designer

FT Designer

This is a great looking dark biography page. The black wooden background is perfect for the colorful retro images he has created.

49. Matt Hamm

Matt Hamm

Matt Hamm biography is presented in a simple and eye-catching way. The representative photo is a shot with his family that creates a lovable impression.

50. Nicholas Patten

Nicholas Patten

Nicholas Patten has a simple yet effective page. It contains all the useful information.

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  1. Adding an image really does help and adds to the portfolio piece. #45 is my favorite because the author puts himself into the site in such a way that it would appear he is interacting with the text as the text is for the site. Great article!

  2. I don’t know about everyone else, but I like short, sweet & punchy – Heather Hill, Mum of Five – not the band

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