50 Mindblowing Advertising Ideas That You’ll Surely Like

Creating a thought provoking and creative ad needs loads of brainstorming that obviously requires plenty of time. But such investment definitely pays off. Creative advertisement ideas catch the audience attention and convey the message in an effective and attractive way. Sometimes, such ads are funny or humorous and bring a smile to your face. Creating a good ad is pretty hard to make mainly because in order to create a good and effective ad you have to make an elaborate research about the product as well as about the audience.

In this collection, we are presenting some creative advertising ideas that will surely make you laugh. Do share your opinions with us via comment section below and let us know which of these creative advertisement ideas you find most interesting and why. Your comments are always more than welcomed. Feel free to share this post on social networking websites as well. Enjoy!

1. Volkswagen Crafter: Dinosaur

Volkswagen Crafter: Dinosaur

As we all know that The Volkswagen Crafter is the largest 3 to 5 ton van. And this is the new and fresh idea of this Volkswagen Crafter.

2. Persil: Fish

Persil: Fish

Here is another interesting example of creative advertisement and this time it is for the product named Persil.

3. Sensodyne Protects

Sensodyne Protects

The concept being displayed in this creative ad is quite interesting and this is the reason why it catches our attention.

4. Diet Pepsi: Cat

Diet Pepsi: Cat

Diet Pepsi helps you lose extra pounds, and this concept is displayed extremely beautifully in this ad.

5. Wrigley’s Extra: Spoon

Wrigley's Extra: Spoon

The idea of this creative ad is that the Extra is meant for the healthy teeth so that they can bite the harder things with ease.

6. Cadbury’s Ulta Perk: Knot

Cadbury's Ulta Perk: Knot

This ad is targeted to al Cadbury lovers. We all crave for chocolates at times and such a yummy and mouthwatering ad can definitely spark our crave.

7. Reveal Your Dark Side 2

Reveal Your Dark Side 2

This ad was created for a car with the theme of showing dark side. The ad shows great creativity.

8. Boecker Public Health: Toilet

Boecker Public Health: Toilet

Another simple and sweet concept being displayed in this ad and it is quite interesting.

9. Softlan Ultra: Wrestling

Softlan Ultra: Wrestling

Another creative, funny and unique idea presented in this ad that will surely grab the attention.

10. Breath From Pedigree

Breath From Pedigree

This ad was created for Pedigree Denta Stix. Pedigree comes from a French phrase meaning birds feet, representing the shape of family trees.

11. Lion From ZOO Safari

Lion From ZOO Safari

The photo manipulation done in this ad is above the par and gives this ad a new dimension.

12. Zoom From Olympus

Zoom From Olympus

Olympus Corporation is a Japanese company specializing in optics and imaging. Olympus has a long history in camera and lens design.

13. Sharp From WHF

Sharp From WHF

The WMF Grand Gourmet Knife with Damasteel Blade is way more sharper than you think.

14. Band Aid Extra Large

Band Aid Extra Large

Another great example of a creative ad showing an extra-large band aid.

15. Thai Food Express: The hottest food in town

Thai Food Express: The hottest food in town

This is the ad of Thai Food Express which presents you hot and spicy delicious food.

16. Volkswagen: An all-new interior

Volkswagen: An all-new interior

Volkswagen is the super mini car and this is a new and creative ad of this Volkswagen car. Hope car lovers will like this ad.

17. Mazda 6 Ads by Saatchi & Saatchi

Mazda 6 Ads by Saatchi & Saatchi

This is another car ad. This car name is Mazda6 and in Japan it is known as Mazda Atenza.

18. Poly-Brite: Tea

Poly-Brite: Tea

Poly-Brite is the International Company and since many years this company is making LED lighting.

19. Vodol: Nose

Vodol: Nose

This amazing idea is for Vodol which saves your nose and Vodol also protects your feet.

20. Office Depot: Note

Office Depot: Note

It is a very simple and unique idea for Office Depot. I do not think so that you have seen this type of office depot before.

21. Kit Kat: Mobile

Kit Kat: Mobile

This is a mobile Ad but in Kit Kat style. I hope you will also like this new idea of mobile.

22. 3M: Megaphone

3M: Megaphone

Such a brilliant execution of a great concept can be seen in this ad.

23. 3M: Bell

3M: Bell

Another excellent ad for 3M that does justice with the tagline.

24. Bob Martin: Imagine what it could do for your dog

Bob Martin: Imagine what it could do for your dog

For your dog use Bob Martin products because you cannot imagine what this product will do for your pet dogs.

25. Viking: Nothing cuts grass better

Viking: Nothing cuts grass better

If you are thinking to cut your garden grass then see this creative and new idea of Viking which says “Nothing cuts grass better.”

26. Breathe Right: Get rid of the Snore

Breathe Right: Get rid of the Snore

If you have a problem of Snoring then, there is the solution of your problem. See this awesome Ad which tells you to take breathe right.

27. Decathlon 2

Decathlon 2

This superb and fresh idea is for Decathlon 2. Have a look

28. NaturaSi Organic Shops

NaturaSi Organic Shops

NaturaSi organic shops are in Italy. In this shop you have all the organic products. And this Ad is all about it.

29. Stihl: Think bigger

Stihl: Think bigger

Stihl company is in German and Stihl is the manufacturer of chainsaws. This amazing idea is about Stihl.

30. Autan: Gotta love the outdoors, the view, the people

Autan: Gotta love the outdoors, the view, the people

Autan is the product which saves you from the insect bites. So always use this product when you are going outside.

31. Travel Studio

Travel Studio

Do you want to go somewhere in holidays then, you should consider Travel Studio. This amazing Ad is about it.

32. Hot Wheels: Kids! Do try this at home

Hot Wheels: Kids! Do try this at home

Hot Wheels is a brand name and children love Hot Wheels toys. See this terrific and exciting Ad which tells you the same thing.

33. Baygon: Fight your worst fear. Use Baygon

Baygon: Fight your worst fear. Use Baygon

This unique and fabulous idea advertises the product Baygon. Baygon is the insect killer which kills your all house insects.

34. Swiss Mobiliar: Risk, 2

Swiss Mobiliar: Risk, 2

This ad was done for Swiss Mobiliar that is an insurance company, saying that they are expert in risk insurance.

35. Allianz Insurance: Pillows

Allianz Insurance: Pillows

Allianz Insurance Company is in Germany. This ad represents that the insurance company gives you an easy way to ensure.

36. Sanyo: The Loch Ness monster

Sanyo: The Loch Ness monster

With this creative ad, it is clear that the camera lets you capture inside the sea.

37. Scotch Tape: Elephant

Scotch Tape: Elephant

Here is another creative ad for Scotch tape showing that the tape is so powerful that it can tape up an elephant.

38. Noise Cancelling Headphones: Construction

Noise Cancelling Headphones: Construction

This ad is created for noise cancelling headphone showing workers working on a construction site.

39. “DESERT” Print Ad for Land Rover by Y&R China

With this ad, the advertising company succeeded to grab the attention of the target audience.

40. Insurance ETB

Insurance ETB

This ad was created for the company named Insurance ETB and this ad demonstrates the key essentials of the Insurance ETB Company.

41. See Further

See Further

Another brilliantly designed ad that was created with in depth knowledge and with the concept that is out of the box.

42. Maglite


This ad was created for Maglite showcasing a very unique and creative concept.

43. Nando’s: Cock

Nando's: Cock

This ad is good and catchy as well as evocative plus it highlights the product they are selling and gives it a quality edge.

44. The Economist: Brain

The Economist: Brain

Since an economist is very good at coming across as smart without being pretentious. This creative ad showcasing this fact becomes another great example.

45. Make your English clear

Make your English clear

Simply outstanding, one can easily identify and understand the concept of this ad.

46. Lenor fabric softener

Lenor fabric softener

This ad was created for a fabric softener and it shows quite an interesting concept.

47. Chevrolet


Another great example of creative advertisement and this time it is for Chevrolet.

48. Totalgaz


This is simply outstanding showcasing that how easy it is to install Totalgaz.

49. Magician From Glassex Window

Magician From Glassex Window

Glassex Window Cleaner works like a magic. The ad is simple yet catchy.

50. Crax puffs: Mouth Wide Open, Shark

Crax puffs: Mouth Wide Open, Shark

This creative ad was done for Crax Puffs with a very catchy tagline ‘Wheat Puffs with a Big Bite’.

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