50 Amazing Facebook Templates for 2013

Facebook has contributed to the globalization issue immensely. It has made businesses become more social therefore connecting with the rest of the world. These businesses, as well as individuals, have come to appreciate the importance of having a Facebook template on their accounts.

Facebook templates are quite useful. They help in organizing large tasks and information that would otherwise be scattered all over. They also give a business’ clients some confidence and comfort when browsing through such criteria as catalogues, services and contacts. I have compiled a list of 50 amazing Facebook templates that you could use in 2013.

1. Limon


Limon is a beautiful, feature-rich WordPress theme designed for restaurants, spas and yoga studios that comes with a custom designed Facebook Fan Page.

2. Flipbook


Marcfolo is proud to present the “Flipbook”, an AS3 XML driven Facebook fan/ web page template.

3. Facebook Flash Template


Facebook flash template is a simple Flash Template built with Tweenlite engine. The advanced tweening is made possible by the amazing Tweenlite.

4. City


This Flash Intro Facebook Fan Page template is a short interactive presentation that will help you to advertise your or your customers business.

5. Flash Facebook Shop


AS3 Flash Facebook Shop is a powerful dynamic shop, you can easily change all shop contents, Highlight Colours, Shop Labels and Texts via XML file.

6. Facebook Paypal Shop


You can easily sell your products directly within your facebook page using this template.

7. New Idea


This is an XML driven Template with Deep Link,Black/White style and More Layouts.

8. Creative Facebook Fanpage Template


The “Creative Facebook Fanpage Template” is a fully XML -driven template specifically designed to be used on a Facebook Page.

9. Book


Book is build to fit in perfectly in your Facebook’s Fan Page Tab and uses Flash technology to do things FBML and HTML is not able to.

10. Creative


Creative a simple Flash Template built with Tweenlite engine. The advanced tweening is made possible by the amazing Tweenlite. There is a presentation page, a simple news page and a gallery page.

11. Connect


Connect Facebook template global features include YouTube support, 3D display/movement, and Full XML driven capabilities.

12. Fine Dining


With Fine Dining, you can customize your facebook page to include slideshow, image gallery, and location through FBML application.

13. Flash Minisite


Flash Minisite features pure AS3 document class and XML driven content, optional XML location.

14. Facebook Fan Page Slide Show


Facebook Fan Page Slide Show is easily customizable through the XML settings and you can add an unlimited number of items.

15. Translucent


Translucent is a Flash Template prepared for Facebook’s Fan Page Tab and is editable through single XML file and no Flash authoring skills are needed.

16. Flashed


Flashed helps you include slideshows, Twitter updates, your work portfolio and a contact form using FBML on Facebook.

17.Facebook Template V1


A fantastic Facebook application with all the features to introduce your Portfolio or Company to the facebook users.

18. Facebook Static


Facebook Static FBML template was created to meet the needs of those looking to add a flash file to their Facebook FBML application to display extra special content without having to know in-depth Ajax code.

19. Yanagiba


Yanagiba is an easy to customize, modern layout for your Facebook account handcrafted with lot of HTML5 and CSS3 features.

20. Showroom


Showroom has a modern and clean design with cool landing page to show off your best design, illustration, photography, and other types of creative work.

21. John Doe


John Doe is a modern and functional HTML5 fan page template with image slider, YouTube, Vimeo and image galleries, mp3 audio controller, map and contact form.

22. Adonis


Adonis features a clean, modern design, 810px width with bootstrap, built with html5 and css3 a Flexslider 2, a Nivo slider and the sliders are touch compatible

23. Incipiens


This template is designed specifically for creating a successful portfolio of designs, photography or art works.

24. Happy Holidays


The template is very easy to customize; simply add your content and replace a few images, and then everything is personalized to your liking.

25. Recon Five


Recon Five Template is well made for everyone who wants make a creative website.

26. Youngpro


Youngpro is HTML / CSS facebook template features a Flex slider, multiple templates and cross browser support.

27. Humbleface


Humbleface, a site template that compatible and optimized for facebook tab, is highly customizable, designed to fit all kind of pages and businesses.



IDEANOSSE is a Minimalist Facebook Template Build With Twitter BootStrap Framework.

29. Genero


Genero is a Facebook Template that features HTML5 and CSS3 coding, 810px and 520 px width and a clean design.

30. Wee


Wee is a multipurpose template optimized for Facebook, it’s simple and elegant.

31. Dicer


Dicer is unique creative HTML5 /CSS3 Facebook template built with 810px layout to fit in Facebook page tab.

32. Link


Link features HTML5 & CSS3 coding, a responsive version and a fresh layout

33. Fashionista


Fashionista allows you to present your works on Facebook and it can also work for you as usual HTML Template.

34. Photolio


Photolio features valid HTML5/CSS3 coding, 2 skins and a full screen background slideshow for each page

35. Mondrian


Mondrian is super-customizable single page template for Facebook Custom Tab.

36. Rocky


Rocky is a great Facebook Template built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework. It is best suited for music bands and singers; also, you can use it as a personal page too.

37. Star Flare


Star Flare is a multipurpose portfolio template with trendy design & interactive functionality. It is appropriate for showcasing your work in a creative way.

38. Xtudio


Xtudio is the definitive template for showcasing visual portfolios directly on your Facebook Fan Page; easily customizable with 6 modules and a powerful background gallery to showcase big size works directly on homepage.

39. Vidro De Color


Vidro De Color is a responsive Facebook template that features multiple color capabilities.

40. Light


Light is business high resolution, mobile retina ready, HTML5 website template for Facebook.

41. Wedding


Wedding is high resolution retina ready premium Facebook template.

42. Aplicacio


Aplicacio is a perfect template to showcase your own iPhone application superbly

43. Alterna


Alterna Facebook Page comes from an retina-ready, fully responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme.

44. Gyuto


Gyuto is an easy to customize, modern layout for your Facebook account handcrafted with HTML5 and CSS3 features.

45. Facewine


Facewine Facebook template is a modern and clean design useful for your business and marketing.

46. Civic


Civic is HTML / CSS Facebook template featuring a jQuery flex slider.

47. Cyan & White Management Company Facebook Layout


Cyan & White Management Company Facebook Layout is a modern and clean design useful for business purposes

48. Cafe and Restaurant Facebook Theme


Cafe and Restaurant Facebook Theme is a modern and clean design useful for foodists and restaurants.

49. Industrial Facebook Theme


Industrial Facebook Theme is a modern and clean design useful for industrial purposes.

50. Family Center


Family Center is a modern and clean design useful for family and parenting purposes.

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  1. Amazing, thank for share this templates..


  2. Wow.. great collection of templates. Make me unnerved.

  3. You don’t define what Facebook templates are. Does this change the entire look of Facebook? Is this for my own website? What are they and how do you implement them?

  4. Oh, so clicking on one takes me to the Facebook page. You should say that. It still doesn’t say how you are supposed to implement these. And many of them are Flash-based. Why would you even post Flash-based templates any more? They are not viewable by a huge percentage of mobile users.

  5. Nice Collection. Some really nice work in those.

  6. Facebook is more of a broad term for the definition of these themes. Not that they are bad designs just that maybe if you said “Facebook App template design” would be a better keyword. They look more like regular websites than Facebook pages.

  7. i can’t download #19 yanagiba. when i clicked the link it opens demo page of the template but i can’t figure it out how to download. any ideas would appreciated

  8. Interesting.

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