40 Free WordPress Themes for Food and Recipe Blog

Every business wants to take advantage of their virtual presence because they do not want to leave any stone unturned. This is the reason why more and more businesses are communicating and interacting with their potential customers via internet; and a website is often a first step towards this goal. Over the past few years, the availability of WordPress themes is greatly increased with loads of different categories being introduced.

For this collection, we are presenting 40 fine looking WordPress themes for food and recipe blogs so that restaurants and other food related businesses can take advantage of it. These WordPress themes come with a huge plethora of customization options so that you can easily customize your food and recipe blogs and websites according to your own taste.

1. Cooking Secrets WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is for cooking secrets, with this theme you can make your website more enjoyable and pleasant.

Cooking Secrets WordPress Theme
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2. Caffeine WordPress Theme

If you have a Caffeine blog or website and you want exciting theme for your business then use this WordPress Theme.

Caffeine WordPress Theme
Demo Download

3. Hassiumize – Food & Restaurant WordPress Theme

Hassiumize is the WordPress Theme which gives you all the details that you may need you’re your food and restaurant website.

Hassiumize – Food & Restaurant WordPress Theme
Demo Download

4. Lobster’s Reviews WordPress Theme

This is elegant and easy to use theme but packed with powerful features. Enjoy browsing this theme.

Lobster's Reviews WordPress Theme
Demo Download

5. LightCafe

This is another easy to use theme and with this theme you can make your site wonderful and appealing.

Demo Download

6. My Recipe

With this WordPress Theme you can easily post your tasteful cooking recipes. So, enjoy browsing everyone.

My Recipe
Demo Download

7. Thanksgiving

This is another exciting WordPress Theme through this theme you can create your own attractive bolgs.

Demo Download

8. Zylyz

This theme is packed with all features that are required for your food blog. Use this theme and make your food blog more pleasant and attractive for your visitors.

Demo Download

9. Kitchener

With this theme you can create your own clean and stylish food blog. Enjoy everyone!!!

Demo Download

10. Foodiet

This is also another easy to use theme and you can build your blog with the use of this WordPress Theme.

Demo Download

11. Winter Cravings

With this theme, you can post your winter cooking recipes and give your website a superb look.

Winter Cravings
Demo Download

12. YummyBlog

Yummy Blog is another easy to use WordPress Theme which gives you a chance to post your yummy and taste food recipes.

Demo Download

13. Strawberry Blend

Another free WordPress Theme called Strawberry Blend which gives you superb result and terrific features so, enjoy browsing.

Strawberry Blend
Demo Download

14. Fresh Fruits

If you have a blog which is based on healthy food then this theme is perfect for you. Check out this theme.

Fresh Fruits
Demo Download

15. BlackWine

This WordPress Theme is very elegant and easy to use as well as have some interesting and useful features which definitely help you in your work.

Demo Download

16. BonAppetit

BonAppetit is a WordPress Theme and this theme is packed with useful features. Check out this theme.

Demo Download

17. Whole Wheat

In this theme you will find all the latest features and it is easy to use theme. You should see this theme and use it as it helps you a lot.

Whole Wheat
Demo Download

18. Cappuccino

If you have a Cappuccino blog then use this theme which helps you very much in your blogging.

Demo Download

19. Restaurant Pro

This is another simple and elegant WordPress Theme, with this theme you can create your own wonderful and stylish restaurant website.

Restaurant Pro
Demo Download

20. Coffee Desk

Coffee Desk is one of the best and superb WordPress Themes which gives you awesome results and this theme is packed with all latest features. I hope you like this theme.

Coffee Desk
Demo Download

21. Diet Recipes

Use this superb theme if you have a blog which is based on diet recipes.

Diet Recipes
Demo Download

22. IRestaurant

This is another restaurant theme but this time is for IRestaurant. Check out this amazing theme which helps you in your business.

Demo Download

23. CookingBook

Cooking Book is another simple and interesting WordPress them. With the use of this them you can create your own food blog.

Demo Download

24. Pizza WordPress Theme

This theme is a treat for those who want to create their pizza blog. Use this theme because this theme contains so many useful and helpful features.

Pizza WordPress Theme
Demo Download

25. OrganicFood

This theme is simple but professional you can use this theme in your business.

Demo Download

26. Diet WP Theme

This is another diet base theme with some new and fresh features. I hope you will like this theme.

Diet WP Theme
Demo Download

27. Drimon

Drimon is one of the commonly used WordPress Themes.

Demo Download

28. Ice Press

This is another WordPress Theme which is perfect for food with various useful features.

Demo Download

29. OrganicFood

This is another Organic food theme with some new features; hope you will like this theme.

Demo Download

30. Recipes Magazine WordPress Theme

This WordPress Theme has so many interesting and exciting features which make your food blog more attractive for your visitors.

Recipes Magazine WordPress Theme
Demo Download

31. Italian Restaurant WP WordPress Theme

For Italian Restaurant websites this WordPress Theme is perfect. This theme makes website colorful and eye-catching.

Italian Restaurant WP WordPress Theme
Demo Download

32. Herbal Medicines WP 1 WordPress Theme

With this WordPress Theme you can create your Herbal medicines blog because this theme provides you various useful features that help you.

Herbal Medicines WP 1 WordPress Theme
Demo Download

33. Eating Healthy WP WordPress Theme

If you have healthy diet related blog so, you should see this WordPress Theme which definitely helps because this theme has very exciting and helpful features.

Eating Healthy WP WordPress Theme
Demo Download

34. Vito’s Restaurant WordPress Theme

This is another restaurant theme but for Vito’s Restaurant. This theme is simple but elegant and you will see lots of exciting features in this theme which please you.

Vito's Restaurant WordPress Theme
Demo Download

35. Food and Drink

If you have a Food and Drink blog or website then use this theme. This theme is best for your blog or website because this theme provides you numerous useful features.

Food and Drink
Demo Download

36. Delicious Evenings WordPress Theme

This WordPress Theme gives your website visitors a delicious evening feel. Again this theme is also packed with so many helpful features which help you.

Delicious Evenings WordPress Theme
Demo Download

37. Grilling and Barbecue WordPress Theme

This theme is a treat for those of you who have a grilling-and-barbecue blog or website. This theme is perfect for your business because it gives you lots of interesting features.

Grilling and Barbecue WordPress Theme
Demo Download

38. Delicious Dusk WordPress Theme

Here is another useful WordPress Theme called Delicious Dusk. This theme provides you so many helpful and exciting features.

Delicious Dusk WordPress Theme
Demo Download

39. Chocolate Theme WordPress Theme

If you are chocolate lover and want to create your own chocolate based blog or website, then this theme is perfect for you.

Chocolate Theme WordPress Theme
Demo Download

40. Summer’s Best WordPress Theme

If you have a blog or website based on summer’s, then see this WordPress Theme is for you which offers you numerous useful features.

Summer's Best WordPress Theme
Demo Download


Enjoy looking into this collection and choose a theme that suits your food and recipe blog the most. With this collection, we want to share with you some of the relevant WordPress Themes so that you can customize your blogs the way you want.

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