Landing Page Trivia Which Will Give You A Massive Conversion

Are You Guys new to the subject of knowing basics of landing pages? Or who are familiar with this subject but have little lax knowledge of landing pages?

So, this Intermediate content typically covers the crystal clear information about the basic knowledge of landing pages covering the fundamental steps whichever preferred most.

Brief review on what is landing pages?

Landing page is also known as a “lead capture page”. Landing pages are the foundation of great inbound marketing strategies where you should be prepared to persuade visitors to complete certain actions. Like;

  • Subscribe the newsletter through E-Book or Product Demo
  • Buy your service or product
  • To register for webinar
  • Ask for a free Demo

Landing pages serves as the location which considers your visitors “Land “ In your website after clicking on a call-to-action. If you are trying to generate new leads or sell products online then landing pages are the only place to make it happen. I know, that’s far from being an easy task, landing page creation is an art which is very hard to master and even when you think to do, you need to do a lot of “A/B testing” for adjusting your assumptions about how your visitors think and to see what works and what doesn’t.

You should need to ensure that every piece of your landing page is well planned and working correctly, because with such a short time you need to make your first impression in front of your visitors.

As a thumb rule, a landing page usually includes a compelling header, interesting copy, minimal navigation and an optimized form.

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In addition to a good design, an excellent landing page engages with a “Great strategy”. The most effective landing page focuses on a specific audience, such as traffic from an “Ask An SEO Expert “providing a free service to ask questions for search industry which directly connects through a landing page from where you can directly submit a question.

It is crucial to build a unique landing page for each offer you create. You can develop landing pages that will enable visitors to download or opt in to receive your content offers like coupons, E-Books, Webinars to name a few. Or sign up for more offers further down the tunnel like free trials, product demos, contacting a sales rep and many others.

Why are landing pages so important?

Landing pages is a milestone of an effective marketing campaign. The goal landing pages is to get conversion, but genuinely to develop relationships by instilling confidence and credibility with your audience.

So, a landing page is all about capturing your sales opportunities or to sell your products. Therefore designing an outstanding landing page experience is crucial to effectively renovate a better fraction of your site visitors directly into leads or sales. The best marketing is about delivering the correct information towards the suitable person at the suitable moment. That’s how you create a marketing campaign.

According to 2012 Marketing Benchmarks Report companies see a 55 % increase in leads when increasing their numbers of landing pages from just 10 to 15. Landing pages are generally a sensible way to direct any visitor towards the most related web page on your site from them – the exact page with providing offers and the form which they need to complete to get what you promoted. This enhances the chance that they will convert on that page.

Tips to Create a Landing Page with Better Conversion

Study signifies that companies with 30 or more landing pages generate seven times more leads than those with fewer than 10. Here, I will explain you the most important tactics that makes easy to build sophisticated landing pages to enhance your conversion rates along with more leads.

#1: Contain all Critical Elements

Landing pages play an extreme Role to driving leads and revenue to your website. It converts the visitors into leads through buying your product and services or by gathering contact information from them. However to make these kind of deals transpire, It’s really essential that your landing pages include these elements:

  • Headline and Sub-headline
  • A brief description of the offer which evidently emphasizes its value
  • Contains at least one image
  • Add elements such as testimonials or security badges
  • A Form to capture visitor’s information

instantShift - franklinmint
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This is the perfect example of a landing page. Let me explain some most interesting points that I have circled out. It has a perfect timelines, a perfect directional code shown with giant arrows, directs you to the purchase direction and CTA colour that helps you to receive a great conversion Rate.

instantShift - danwoolley
Image Source:

This is a very simple landing page of Unshaken E-Book, but it contains all essential elements like Simple headlines, an Emotional video, suggested uses that will definitely affect a buyer, an attractive testimonial that includes instant credibility and many more.

#2: Call to Action is Vital

You need to come up with a clear Call to Action. This is most important part of any landing pages. Your call to action should tie up with your landing pages from headline and body copy images and overall layout. If people click on CTA for a free offer then it must have the whole information about plans and pricing instead of going straight for the sign up. In short, describe your landing page which consistently reflects what you promised in your call-to-actions and vice versa.

instantShift - godaddy
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instantShift - jetsetter
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instantShift - zynga
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Given above are the examples of Call to Action on landing pages which are circled. You can see all the landing pages are aligned, and the colour of text or buttons promptly draws attention where required. Every Call to action aligns with the sales process and you need to make it clear what actions could be performed on your landing page.

#3: Remove Navigation Element

It should be essential that your visitor will receive right information through your landing pages. You have to make only clickable action should be your Call to action rather than mention links on the page that enable visitors to move about your website. If this happens, than you run the risk of distracting them that creates lead generation friction and increases the chances that your visitors will abandon your landing page. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to simply remove the main navigation from the page and one more thing you can also link your logo to your homepage can also be a good idea.

instantShift - watchmouse
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instantShift - tapmates
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These are the examples of landing pages which are avoided to keep navigational element in your landing pages which is circled above. It should be really very easy for visitors while they are visiting your site and doesn’t distract with other information. Removing navigational element is one of the best parts that should be implemented in your landing pages.

#4: Keep it Simple

Make your landing pages as simple as possible without extraneous information. This can be done through the graphics, general look, colour schemes, font choices, contain simple text and images on the page. The simpler your page and its design, the more likely it is to convert.

instantShift - eventfinds
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I am sure now you will get the idea on how to keep your landing pages simple? Given above is a great example of a simple landing page as they use very crystal clear information and good action area in contrast with good colour combination.

#5: Add Social Proof

Don’t forget to include social media sharing widgets that allow the leads in order to address your content and offers. Be sure to only contain buttons for the social platforms the target audience makes use of. Also keep in mind to provide an email forwarding choice to make easy for visitors to get different sharing preferences.

instantShift - benthebodyguard
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instantShift - ubervu
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The above given examples are all mentions the Social proof. You could see that every landing page has a social button either in the footer or header. It proves to be helpful to your visitors to make direct connection with you in every social media networks. It is an effective tool to convert your visitors into leads.

#6: Necessary to Keep Proof Elements

Nowadays, people are becoming more resistant to give up their personal information. Luckily, there are many features you could contribute in obtaining internet pages in lessening visitors’ from complete stress and anxiety. You could add privacy message that indicates visitor’s email address will not be shared or sold. Keep any sensitive information in a form which includes security seals, BBB rating or certification so that visitors would at least believe that their information is safe and secure. One more thing you could add testimonials or customer logos a great way to leverage social proof.

instantShift - natureshealthresource
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These are the examples of landing pages which are notified by necessary proof elements, so that at least you are sure that you are part of a safer side. Do not stress too much as all your private information will be safe and secure.

#7: Make a Form That Looks Shorter

It is obvious that people fill stuck to fill out a form which looks long and time consuming. If your form contains a lot of fields then try making the form appear shorter by adjusting its styling. You can reduce the spacing between fields or align the titles to the left of each field instead of above it, so that the form appears shorter. Implement the smart and dynamic form fields that automatically adjust to a shortened version if a visitor has become the part of your marketing database.

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Keep your form simple and short that will be really very helpful for your visitors, which is shown in the above red circle. The reason is, sometimes it happens that people feel boring and get frustrated after filling so much information from the website form. That is why I will mention some great examples of landing pages form that looks shorter and does not ask for so much information.

#8: Ask for the Information that You Really Need to Love

The best practise to make your landing page for better conversion is that to ask the information that actually should be required. In general, the fewer fields you have on a form, the higher the conversion rate. This is because with each new field you add to a form, it creates more work for the visitor and therefore a lesser number of conversions. Essentially, the best way to determine What style time-span is ideally suited for the organization is to test it for yourself.

instantShift - oxfamireland
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instantShift - 1888mammoth
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This the last factor that you should follow, and that is to keep your landing pages quite simple as circled above, mentioning only the details which should are required. In the above example, you could see the landing pages that contain the form field which is actually necessary. So, make sure your form field contains useful and necessary information.

Closing Thoughts

Landing pages are essential for effective lead generation, yet optimizing them doesn’t stop after choosing clear wordings and deciding how to design your current forms. Once you’ve implemented the basic principles, you can take your landing pages to the next level.

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  1. We’ve found that keeping social media links, but removing main navigation results in visitors leaving to go to social media sites and then getting distracted and not returning. I is better to not have any social media on a landing page.

    • Its all about the user experience at the end. Provide easy navigation and flow where your visitors can travel easily on your site.

      Thanks for reading out. Hope you passing along with your network.

  2. Landing pages need to be optimized to increase conversion rates. Aside from clear wording, it would help if business websites keep their landing pages simple and easy to navigate.

    • Yes that is all about the landing page. If people more focus on landing page optimization then chances are high to convert their lead for sure.

      I hope you enjoyed it.

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