45 Extremely Clever Billboard Ads

Here, we have put together a list of some creative and extremely clever billboard ads for your inspiration. There are many billboards that get our attention but majority of them are not great enough to keep them remembered.

A billboard should be great enough to attract onlookers. Now the question arises that what makes a great billboard. Well, a great billboard should have something that causes the drivers to put their lives in danger to take a look at them while they are driving. To be precise, a billboard should be creative, visually appealing, and graphic oriented as well as informative enough that it grabs the attention at first look.

Here, we have gathered 45 extremely creative and brilliant billboard ads that not only grab your attention but also convey their message quite cleverly. We hope that you will like this collection and find it inspiring for you. Have fun!

1. Belt Up

Belt Up

This ad shows that backseats are also no safer so one should always belt up with safety belts.

2. Berger: Sky

Berger: Sky

What a perfect shade Berger can provide you is evident in this billboard ad that showing the perfect match of sky color.

3. Formula Toothcare: Bite

Formula Toothcare: Bite

Build strong teeth with Formula tooth care; teeth can be so strong that you can even bite billboard.

4. Heineken: 3D Billboard

Heineken: 3D Billboard

This 3D billboard ad was designed for Heineken and it gives the impression as if the bottle is being about to grabbed.

5. Koleston Naturals: Change

Koleston Naturals: Change

Very brilliant and creative idea for a billboard advertisement that not only looks good but also grabs the attention.

6. Leica binoculars: Brown bear

Leica binoculars: Brown bear

This creative billboard ad of a binocular shows the power of binocular that makes things clear and vivid.

7. Liquor-billboard


This is one of the most creative and imaginatively designed billboard ad that were named as Liquor billboard.

8. Nike: Barge resistance

Nike: Barge resistance

The tagline for this ad is Ready for your :45? 45 seconds is the average time a hockey player spends on the ice before being switched out.

9. Oldtimer Restaurants: All you can eat rest stop

Oldtimer Restaurants: All you can eat rest stop

Another creative and extremely appealing concept has been portrayed in this billboard ad that grabs the attention of the onlookers.

10. Donatos Pizza: Model

Donatos Pizza: Model

The idea being presented in this billboard ad is good but somehow somewhere the execution is not that great that it can induce the desire for pizza.

11. Prestige Omega Cookware: Strong handle billboard

Prestige Omega Cookware: Strong handle billboard

This billboard ad was designed for Prestige Omega Cookware and it portrays a strong handle of Prestige cookware.

12. Anando milk: Building

Anando milk: Building

This creative and clever ad was designed for Anando milk showing that a kid can be so powerful that he can even displace a portion of a large building, if he drinks Anando milk.

13. Colorado State Patrol: Billboard Collision

Colorado State Patrol: Billboard Collision

Another creative and cleverly designed billboard ad is presented here that showcases the creativity of the designer.

14. Dairy Milk billboard

Dairy Milk billboard

This Dairy Milk billboard ad shows that Cadbury lovers cannot resist themselves to have Dairy Milk chocolate.

15. Frontline: Mall

Frontline: Mall

This creative ad was created for Frontline Mall portraying a very nice and creative idea.

16. TV3: Law & Order outdoor lamp

TV3: Law & Order outdoor lamp

This was created for TV3: Law & Order outdoor lamp and has been created quite intelligently.

17. Adidas: Petr Cech

Adidas: Petr Cech

This ad for Addidas was designed to celebrate the opening of the EuroCup 2008 where Adidas installed a 60m tall image of Petr Cech on the Prater Ferris wheel, the main tourist attraction in Vienna.

18. Real Hip Hop: Black power

Real Hip Hop: Black power

This creative ad will surely grab the attention as it executes a very brilliant idea.

19. Mars Chilled: Tongue.

Mars Chilled: Tongue.

This creative and clever billboard advertisement was done for Mars Chilled: Tongue.

20. Car Outdoor Advertising

Car Outdoor Advertising

This creative billboard design was created for car outdoor advertising.

21. Billboard


Here, you will see a very nice and fresh idea for billboard advertising, I specially like the idea of the swans flew out from the billboard.

22. Lacrimare Billboard

Lacrimare Billboard

This particular advertisement shows the product i.e. Lacrimare as if it were on an actual billboard!

23. QUITPLAN Services “Big Butt” by Clarity Coverdale Fury


Clarity Coverdale Fury has created 30 ft cigarette for QUITPLAN Services “Big Butt”.

24. Nationwide Insurance: Spilt Paint

Nationwide Insurance: Spilt Paint

Another brilliant and excellent idea for billboard advertisement that says ‘ Life Comes At You Fast’.

25. Floralp Butter: Bread

Floralp Butter: Bread

This ad for created for a butter and some butter was left on there in order for the ad to make sense.

26. Martor: Razor Blade.

Martor: Razor Blade.

This ad was created for Martor: Razor Blade and shows the sharpness of the Razor.

27. Nestle.


This billboard advertisement is simply amazing and out of the world. This is called memorable and effective ad.

28. Tylenol Ball

Tylenol Ball

Tylenol brand has posted a large and backlit billboard on a very popular location with a brilliant execution of a man suffering from a bad headache. And in order to emphasize the effect, a large wrecking ball is suspended from a 3D crane above the board and has smashed though and stuck in the man’s forehead.

29. Outdoor: Miele vacuum cleaner

Outdoor: Miele vacuum cleaner

A very nice concept has been portrayed here for Miele vacuum cleaner.

30. Rope Ladder Coca Billboard

Rope Ladder Coca Billboard

This rope ladder coca billboard does not any description as it is quite clear and unique as well.

31. Penline Stationery: Strong tape

Penline Stationery: Strong tape

See the stickiness power of the tape that it can even tape a billboard.

32. Smart: Corner billboard

Smart: Corner billboard

Smart: Corner billboard was designed for the purpose of reinforcing steel structure.

33. The Naval Museum of Alberta: Billboard

The Naval Museum of Alberta: Billboard

Now this one is something that we call groundbreaking creative idea and on top of that execution is quite close to the perfect.

34. Craftsman Tools: Wrench billboard

Craftsman Tools: Wrench billboard

This billboard was designed for craftsman and showing that they should always trust in their hands.

35. Mitsubishi i-Miev: iMiEV Electric Billboard

Mitsubishi i-Miev: iMiEV Electric Billboard

This billboard was designed for iMiEV that is the Australia’s first volume produced electric car that is now available on sale.

36. Groupe E: Four

Groupe E: Four

This looks cute with a good idea and good execution and completes with a catchy tagline saying ‘The energy to always do more’.

37. Denver Water: Sprinkler

Denver Water: Sprinkler

The ad says ‘Broken sprinklers waste water. Use only what you need.’

38. Rapala Fishing Equipment: Cats

Rapala Fishing Equipment: Cats

This is another great example of clever billboard advertisement that was designed for Rapala Fishing Equipment.

39. Danerolles: Mega Croissant

Danerolles: Mega Croissant

This huge croissant is a rolled up billboard poster for Danerolles, the ready-to-bake puff pastry for making your own fresh croissants.

40. Serve: Escape Clever Billboardads

Serve: Escapecleverbillboardads44

This innovative billboard as completes with a tagline saying ‘if only every child could escape sexual abuse.’

41. Calgary International Film Festival: Crying billboard

Calgary International Film Festival: Crying billboard

This billboard was designed for Calgary International Film Festival and conveys the message quite interestingly.

42. Denver Water: Channel

This clever billboard ad says that strong electricity at night is a waste of energy anyway.

43. Denver Water: Hose

This ad was designed to show that no watering between 10am and 6pm. Use Only What You Need.

44. Asian Paints: Chocolate

This ad for Asian paints says that every color of Asian paints tells a story like this one.

45. Ford Mustang: Fast, 3

Constructed from GE Lexan EXL semi-transparent resin, the billboard accurately blurs the scene behind it regardless of day, weather or season.

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  1. Ahh, I have seen most of them there is nothing new and creative, any ways gathered all billboards on one place is appreciable.

  2. I really wanted to develop a simple note to express gratitude to you for all of the marvelous techniques you are writing here.

  3. A great 3-D designs very nice to see the impressive post.

  4. Billboard Advertising is one of the popular means of outdoor advertising. Advertisers can choose from a range of billboard ads such as poster billboard, bulletin billboard, mobile billboard, digital billboard etc. A billboard ad display creates a direct impact to customers because of its bright and bold display of brand message with the usage of rich graphic.

  5. Jamil you’ve done a great job!

  6. It is so cool seeing all the creative ideas marketers have come up with for these ads. They are all great but the ones that stood out most to me were the dog with fleas, Anando Milk and the Nike barge one. Thanks so much for sharing these great examples!

  7. In this market, the most memorable brand is ‘Rapala.” We see similar billboards annually. They are creative and thoughtful. These billboards began in the 1980’s. Nice Job.

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