Ways to Increase Uptime for your Website

Your clients and/or customers are not concerned whether there’s a hamster that chewed through a network cable somewhere in Northern California or it is something else. They are only concerned of if their website is up or not.

Uptime is defined as the amount of time for which your website will remain accessible and runs smoothly. This time is generally known as a percentage; for instance “99.9% uptime.” If a website maintains good uptime that indicates how well you are at keeping their systems up and running. When a web hosting provider records a great uptime percentage, then it indicates that their servers are always up and running at the same time. We all are aware of the fact that web pages fail to engage clients if they are experiencing downtime issues, hence uptime is of viable importance.

It is very crucial that a website is accessible 24/7, otherwise if a visitor encounters with problem frequently then that visitor will never come back, and you will lose a potential user in turn. If your website and/ or web applications are suffering from poor uptime on a regular basis then your existing users will even lose their confident on your service and product. If your website and applications are suffered constantly with availability issue, they will probably look for a new solution that isn’t as problematic.

The Working Agenda

Companies dealing with website monitoring will check your websites on a consistent basis and that too within as short intervals as one minute. You get alerts in the form of RSS feeds, emails and text messages if the website is down. The reliable monitoring companies will also inform about the reason for your site’s downtime. Besides, it will also provide the detailed reasons/reports of the issue on a weekly or monthly basis.

Issues with Assessing a Web Host on Uptime Stays

The greatest challenge with grading a web host on their uptime is simple; you have no choice to validate it independently. If your host mentions they provide 99.9% uptime, you have no choice left but to take their views as the final word.

When a monitoring company claims to provide 99% uptime, it implies they record only 1% downtime. Now, considering this percentage, within a week, the downtime would come to 1 hour, 40 minutes, and 48 seconds and over one year, that would imply that your server is down for as much as 87.36 hours annually.

Beware of Misleading Uptime Guarantees

Uptime assurances are not generally what you may consider they are. Unless the monitoring agreement is way different from other monitoring agreements, it is usually observed that the uptime assurance works somewhat like this:

Some web hosting companies assure to refund if your site experiences downtime for above 7 hrs 18 min every month under unscheduled outages, then they refund you for the excess period of time after they authenticate that your website was actually down during that time as you have reported with them.

Now let’s now break it down to get a clear idea:
  • The length of downtime – According to majority of the website monitoring companies, 1% of downtime amounts to 7 hrs 18 min of downtime every month. This means that they are still adhering to their agreement and providing customers with 99% of uptime.
  • Scheduled outages – The term “scheduled outages” may differ from one hosting to other, but the meaning is simple- planned down time, if they will be executing a server upgradation next weekend, and for the same your website will be down for 3 hours, then it won’t be included in their uptime assurance as you will be informed well in advance so that you can inform your users as well. Most of the web host companies prefer not taking their websites down for more than four hours at a time.
  • Cost refund – This forms an important part of the agreement. For instance, your website earns $2000 every month by generating sales and is down for 4 hours as a result of which you incur a loss of $11.11 approx as an average. Now, majority of the monitoring packages cost somewhere around $10-20 every month. Hence spending this money is really worth to prevent losing sales due to frequent downtime.
  • Outage Reporting – Although it is rare for website companies to refunding your amount when you report for the outage. Moreover they will only refund the amount of time for which you had noticed your website was down. This works absolutely fine if you’ve monitoring systems to alert you the very moment your website goes down and is available again. But then, in majority of the cases, people don’t report for outages, as a result they aren’t reimbursed for the complete outage if you aren’t aware of the time for which the downtime took place.
Uptime Significance in a Website Monitoring Server

Most online business professionals take uptime for granted. But then, it is something that you need to aware of. Uptime is the time span when your server runs smoothly without any interruptions.

Uptime vs. Downtime: the Know Hows

Downtime is certainly the opposite of uptime. .This is absolutely normal, and as discussed previously you’ll be informed about the same in advance. Rather, downtime becomes troublesome whenever it takes place unexpectedly. This may occur for a variety of reasons, starting from technical glitch to power failure. An ideal website monitoring organization will make sure to help you to deal with downtime issues effectively.

Downtime affects everyone from large business houses to a small enterprises and single consumer as a result of which most online business professionals lose their revenue and potential clients. In case their servers crash for a prolonged period of time, their clients will leave them as well.

How to maintain uptime and deliver best results?

Downtime though an inevitable, can be managed effectively if you are to come up with a reliable website monitoring services. Let us now take a look at some of the factors that will help you maintain maximum uptime:

Total Clients on a Server

If the server where you have hosted your site is loaded with excessive website then chances of experiencing a downtime is quite likely. A server can be overloaded if you have excessive clients; as a result you might have to compromise with your bandwidth and processors usage. So, make sure to keep off from this issue to enjoy maximum uptime.

Website Monitoring

If you want to make sure that your websites are running smoothly or your customers are having no issues navigating through your site, then the first thing that you should do is monitor your website. By resorting to website monitoring services, you can focus on other important tasks you have as the monitoring company will notify you in case they encounter with any fault. They do so through email, RSS feeds or text messages. The sooner you are notified about the issue, the better it is for you. Make sure to resolve the issue at the earliest even before your customers come to know about it. After all, the true success of your smooth business operations depends on how well you manage your online business transactions.

The bottom line is that website monitoring companies ensure to keep a watch on your website and server on a consistent basis and notify you no sooner than they found any technical glitch. As mentioned, you will be alerted through RSS feeds, emails or text messages so that you can get access to minimum interruptions.

Website monitoring tools ensure identifying issues quickly that can cause prolonged spans of inactivity, thereby leading to a loss in revenue. Make sure to hire a renowned monitoring service provider that run consistent monitoring checks to make sure that your websites are performing optimally, and are secured from malicious attacks.

Regular Backups are needed

In case a server experiences a catastrophic failure, make sure to take a complete backup of all data on a regular basis.

How Reliable Monitoring Solution Works?

Website monitoring facility ensures to deliver high quality monitoring services by lowering your risk as well as restoring your information at the earliest. The primary objective of a website monitoring company is to ensure that your business operations are running consistently without any technical glitch.

By choosing a reliable monitoring solution provider, you can sit back and relax; besides they will also track failures and let you know at the earliest through RSS feeds, emails and text messages in case they sense a technical flaw. The best part about an ideal monitoring solution provider is that they will help you with round the clock support and assist you whenever you experience some problems. As a result, you will be able to resolve the issues even before your customers are able to know about the same.

The Bottom line to Your Solutions

Face the fact- downtime cannot be ignored. But then, you can certainly take up some stringent measures to increase the uptime and keep downtime at bay. And to help you in this effort, make sure to hire the services from global website and server monitoring solution to keep you informed about the potential downtime challenges through RSS feeds, emails and text messages so that you are able to resolve the issue even before your clients come to know. With our round the clock customer support You will be assured that we are there by your side and will help you always to come out of the technical glitch and help your clients with a smooth performing business.

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  1. Absolutely right Jennifer! Website downtime can prove to be a real head banger, especially when you gave it your 100 percent. The best thing you can do is by not giving into fake promises and somehow ask the existing clients about the type of services they are enjoying at present. A website with enough downtime leaves a dark spot on your service credibility!

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