45 Incredible Examples of Food Art

Food is something that we human consume for nutrition and also for pleasure. Across different cultures, food is so much diversified in terms of methods of cooking, ingredients and preparation. There is not a single person who has not been told to not play with their foods but this does not stop the creative minds and artists, and this is the reason we see some extraordinary edible art.

Here, we are presenting another interesting and creative collection of some amazing example of food art for you. With this collection, we want to share with you that there is no limitation of creativity and imagination.

This collection of some amazing food art showcases that food can also be used as a medium for art. This post specifically highlights the imagination of the artists. Here is the full collection. We hope that you will like this.

1. Ghost Onigiri Bento

Ghost onigiri bento

Artist has used rice, orange, pine apple and other edible items to create this eye catching food art.

2. We’re Hurting Our Dinner

We're Hurting Our Dinner

This one is really interesting concept to be implemented for food art, I am just loving it.

3. Sweet love

Sweet love

A very nice and loving demonstration for those who love rain.

4. Muffin Drum

Muffin Drum

Muffins are used here to create a beautiful and realistic drum set.

5. Turkey day bento

Turkey day bento

With this food art, a beautiful food tray has been created by using different edible items.

6. Food Art – Orange Peel Man

Food Art - Orange Peel Man

Take your orange and try creating this orange peel man. This may take some time to master.

7. Food Art – Butterfly On Apple

Food Art - Butterfly On Apple

Can anyone believe on this that an apple can be turned into a beautiful butterfly?

8. Pink piggies bento

Pink piggies bento

Enjoy looking into this pink piggies bento that looks so cute that you do not want to eat them.

9. Food Art – Swimmer In Watermelon

Food Art - Swimmer In Watermelon

Take a watermelon if you want to create this food art by yourself.

10. Anpanman bento

Anpanman bento

This smiling face presentation will definitely make your child eat their food happily.

11. Birthday boy bento

Birthday boy bento

Surprise your kid with this birthday presentation and make his or her special day even more special with your personal touch.

12. Food art. Grand piano sandwich

Food art. Grand piano sandwich

This beautiful and tempting piano has been created with food items.

13. Food art? art boot?

Food art? art boot?

You can also create this food boat for your kid to make him happy and let him enjoy his fruit in totally a new way.

14. Goldfish Food Art

Goldfish Food Art

Two extremely beautifully created goldfish that have been created with pure creativity and obviously artist’s high level of skills.

15. Food Art

Food Art

This fruit art was created with Scallion in such a beautiful way.

16. Lioness bento

Lioness bento

Perfect food art for making adventure loving kids to finish their breakfast fast.

17. Orange art food exhibition

Orange art food exhibition

Another beautiful food art that was created with oranges.

18. 13th Annual Loy Krathong

13th Annual Loy Krathong

Beautiful flowers are created for 13th annual Loy Krathong.

19. An Egg?

An Egg?

This lazy king was created with a fragile egg. You can also try this.

20. Food Art – Eggshell House

Food Art - Eggshell House

If you ever want to step into an egg, then take a look at this eggshell house.

21. Food Art – Blood Orange

Food Art - Blood Orange

Now this time, orange is in somewhat in devil mood, so beware!

22. Fun with Food!

Fun with Food!

This food art showcases that one can have fun with food and create interesting food art.

23. Fun with Food!

Fun with Food!

Extremely beautiful food art with orange that demonstrate as if orange peel is carrying orange itself.

24. Oange art food exhibition

Oange art food exhibition

Here, the artist has used his creative skills in such a unique way to craft this food art.

25. Fun with Food!

Fun with Food!

Another food fun that can be done with a watermelon.

26. Fun with Food!

Fun with Food!

This food art shows a damaged slipper. Somewhat bizarre concept for food art but nice.

27. Food Art – Head Carved From Sprout

Food Art - Head Carved From Sprout

In this food art, you can see that sprout can be used to create this astonishing head.

28. Food Art – Bass Pear

Food Art - Bass Pear

This is another creative piece of food art that was created with bass pear to create a beautiful musical instrument.

29. Food Art – Sheep

Food Art - Sheep

This food art demonstrates cute and small sheep.

30. Food art.

Food art.

A very beautiful food art that would definitely have taken loads of time and patience.

31. Food Platter

Food Platter

This is another unique and interesting way to decorate your salad platter.

32. Dessert art

Dessert art

Take a neat and simple plain plate and start decorating the way that your guests have never thought of.

33. Naruto Onigiri

Naruto Onigiri

Enjoy this lovely and cute food art that is simple and easy to create.

34. Crocodile


A very cute and smiling crocodile was created with edible items.

35. Animal shaped hard boiled eggs

Animal shaped hard boiled eggs

This food art was created with hard boiled eggs and look absolutely stunning.

36. Camera chicks

Camera chicks

Again hard boiled eggs are used to create chicks that are waiting for a nice click.

37. Food elephant

Food elephant

Different food items are used in order to create this fatty elephant.

38. Food Art

Food Art

I guess this is a peacock food art. Can anyone confirm it?

39. Food Art

Food Art

A very stylish bike that would entice bikers to have a ride.

40. Jalepeno Snake

Jalepeno Snake

This food art was named as Jalepeno snake demonstrating a prying snake.

41. Cutie Fruity Art

Cutie Fruity Art

Again, oranges are used here to create this cute and loving food art.

42. PKMN: Magikarp

PKMN: Magikarp

This inspiring and interesting food art shows a fish being served in a plate.

43. Food art

Food art

These brinjal penguins art was created very beautifully and looks so much appealing.

44. Sheep


A group of sheep was created with food items to spellbind you with its creativity.

45. Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

A very beautiful demonstration of Leaning Tower of Pisa that has been created with great precision.

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