25 Ways for How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Getting enough traffic to your blog is one of the most crucial things you can do to achieve the best results from your online investment. One way of gaining a large base of readers is through actively driving more traffic to your site.

No matter what kind of blog you have, traffic is important to you. Even if your blog is just a hobby, you still want your message to get out to the world. Some of you try to generate income online, and your product sales likely live and die based on how much traffic your blog gets. There are many ways you can build traffic and this article briefly discusses some of them.

Surely, the profit coming from blogs hasn’t guaranteed expensive trips to Hawaii for the owners, but this income can represent an important percentage of the overall income. Launching a blog isn’t an easy task and the road to make money from it is very difficult, usually only the guys with a strong passion and with a lot of patience get to the point of deriving considerable profit from it. In a great measure, the money obtained are in direct relationship with the traffic, the number of visitors per unit of time (day, week, month); having more money is a must, to constantly increase the number of visitors and also to have a good number of visitors.

Word of Mouth:

Over time, word of mouth has proven to be one of the best marketing tools. Besides being cheap, this method is excellent and can easily bring hundreds of visitors to your site. It is not a crime to keep bragging about how good your blog is; it really works wonders.

Article Marketing:

Article marketing has proven to be among the most effective ways you can drive traffic to your blog. There are many great article directories where you can market your blog. You can write high quality and very professional articles on the most popular article directories such as ezine. com and link them to your blog. It’s extremely simple. Just write a 400- or 500-word article and include searchable keywords or keyword phrases and then post it on major article directories with a URL. Consequently, other website owners will repost your article together with your site URL. This will then create backlinks to your blog and hence drive traffic. Additionally, such sites attract many readers, so many more people will be exposed to your blog.

Use Press Releases:

Press releases can serve a great role when it comes to boosting your blog traffic. This method helps in spreading the word about your blog. Just write great press releases and issue them online; although this is one of the oldest ways of driving traffic, it is really one of the most effective ways of marketing your blog. This method requires nothing more than just producing something that is newsworthy to write about and then telling the world about your site in a few words. You will then post your press release in the various online press release agencies that are designed to collect and distribute press releases.

Use Video Marketing:

Video marketing is another of the top online marketing strategies that you can adopt to drive traffic to your blog; this method is 100 percent free. You will be required to publish your videos on YouTube as well as other video publication websites. You can use various online tools that will enable you to put your video presentation together and edit them at no cost. YouTube offers clear instructions on how to upload URLs as well as descriptions for your video so they can drive traffic to your blog.

Seek Out Talk Radio:

If you are confident with what your blog offers, you may try to seek out talk radio shows to get an interview. You might have a chance to get either 3 or 4 minutes to present your blog services; this is just enough to gain some fame and hence attract many online users to your site. The majority of radio shows are usually conducted over the phone. If you want get a chance to air your blog services on the radio, you should be able to strongly convince the producer how interesting your blog is and beneficial to his or her target audience. You may also be required to share your contact details with the audience, which serves as the perfect opportunity to share your blog address at no cost. The radio remains one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog since you will be talking to millions of listeners at once.

Buy Keywords:

Buying keywords can be a very interesting idea and efficient way to market your blog online. You can buy keywords through different services such as Google and Overture. You can buy the keywords based on your own budget; and you can set the budget limits to avoid overspending money unnecessarily. Then create ads which will be displayed on appropriate websites. This will enable those customers who click on the ads to be directed automatically to your blog. In turn, you will create a good relationship with them to help further drive traffic to your blog.

Use Newsletters:

Sending email newsletters to an opt-in list also serve as a good way of driving traffic to your blog. An opt-in list is simply a list of interested subscribers that have authorized you to send a newsletter to. Auto-responders are the best method;they play an important role when it comes to email marketing by sending automatic newsletter emails to specific people within a specified period of time. It costs nothing to use auto responders to send out your email newsletter.


Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms through which you can market your blog. You can easily gather followers on twitter and start putting out status updates for your site. Your followers will then share their thoughts and as a result, help you get more followers. This serves as one of the best ways to spread the word about your blog and what it offers. Twitter has proven to be more effective in terms of marketing your site compared to paid advertising.


Recent research has shown that Facebook is the leading social media platform in the world. Many businessmen have turned to Facebook to advertise their products and services. You can also take advantage of its popularity and use Facebook to advertise your blog. It costs you nothing to create a Facebook page just for your blog. This platform enables you to network as well as get quick and easy access to millions of online users within a short period of time. You can also target a specific group of people through Facebook and attract them to your blog. Through Facebook marketing, you will get a massive group of visitors to your site and thus improve its online presence.

Post On Forums:

Posting on forums is also a good way of driving traffic to your blog. Basically, forums are websites which enable online users of the same interest to join and form groups with each other on bulletin boards. You can search such websites and find groups that most suits your niche and interact with them through chatting and leaving comments that include your URL. This has proven to be one of the best methods that blog owners can use to get free backlinks for their sites. Forums can also serve as a platform through which you can ask important questions to your potential clients. This will help you improve your website, delivering quality content to meet the full expectations of your visitors. Posting comments and joining forums helps many webmasters with tight budgets drive traffic to their blogs.

Write And Post Articles Online:

Writing and posting articles online is one of the greatest ways you can adopt to market your site online. For instance, you may only write 10 high quality articles and post them online. Within a few months, you will realize that there are over 5,000 postings of your articles on the internet. Other website owners will take these articles and then they’ll spread quickly throughout the web. When writing online articles ensure that each one has a byline, a short description of your blog, and your blog address, as well as other contact details. This method is among one of the best and easiest ones to enable you to effortlessly drive more than enough traffic to your blog.

Partner With Others:

Try to get a complementary partner and use his site to advertise yours and vice versa. You can have many partners and have them refer to your site through the link on their blog. One of the best ways to include partners on your blog is to create a separate page just for them;you may give such a page a title like Resources or References. In addition, you may agree with your partners to help each other market blogs by promoting each other’s services and products to your prospective email list. This is an excellent marketing strategy that will see your blog flocked with thousands of online users.

Sign Up With Search Engines Submission Sites:

It’s good to sign up with various free search engine submission websites, too. Research such web sites and register with each of them. It is recommended that you use Google which is free rather than registering with paid search engines such as Yahoo and Alta Vista. Another great thing about Google is that it’s the top search engine;therefore considered superior over others. Through Google, your online presence will be enhanced and you’ll gain more traffic to your blog without costing anything.

Make Your Site SEO-Friendly:

You may consider submitting your articles with a link on various search engines as well as major directories. Some of the major search engines include Google, Ask, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing. When your blog is listed in many search engines as well as major directories, your traffic will go up and search ranking will be improved.

Ensure that your header, description head, and title tags convey accurately what your blog is all about. Search engines usually consider such things when ranking your site in search results. Once your blog is on the first page of the search result, you will automatically get enough traffic to your blog.

Comment On Blogs:

Visit as many blogs as possible in the same niche and leave insightful comments related to the topics being discussed. At the end of each comment, ensure that you leave a link to your blog. This will enable the readers of these blogs to click on the link and visit your blog.

Create Your E-Mail “Signature”:

Email signatures serve a big role when it comes to driving traffic to your blog. Simply create an email signature including your name, a short description of what your website is all about, as well as the blog address. Then set up your email program to automatically allow your signature to be included in every email that you send to subscribers.

Use A “Viral” Strategy:

Come up with something of great value that will attract people. You may create a report that contains very important information and then allow your users to share with others for free. Ensure that such an item contains your advertisement as well as a link to your blog. If your document is attractive enough, many people will want to send it to their friends and as a result, drive enough traffic to your blog.

Get Your Site On Free Classified Ad Sites:

The free classified websites are in plenty on the web. Some of them include gumtree, freeadvertisingforum, inetgiant, and craigslist. These sites will enable you to advertise your blog services free of charge and as a result, get more visitors on your blog.

Join Free Safe-Lists:

The free safe-lists are basically lists of online users who have opted-in to send, as well as receive, emails to each other. You can join such lists to enable you to reach thousands of online users by sending them your emails. This will help you get more online visitors within a very short period of time.

Use MySpace:

MySpace is one of the best places you can advertise your blog services since it is usually visited by millions of online users. Therefore it can help you improve your traffic as well as search engine rankings.

Create News Section:

You may want to include a news section on your blog. Then you can constantly post interesting news related to your niche in this section. This will keep your visitors coming back for more news and thus improve your search engine rankings.

Search for the top and most popular social bookmarking websites and submit your blog there. This will serve as the best way to create back links to your blog and as a result drive traffic and boost your search engine rankings.

Use Yahoo Answers:

Yahoo Answers is one of the top online interactive platforms that you can utilize to market your blog. On this platform, many people ask questions on various topics while those who are well versed with the topics give answers to the best of their knowledge. The answers given are then voted and rated based on the number of votes received. You may want to try this out by answering questions related to what your blog offers. In your answers, refer readers to get more information from your blog by including your blog link. Answer as many questions as you can. This is one of many excellent ways to drive traffic to your blog.

Stay On Topic:

When using various online marketing methods such as article posting, forum commenting, social networking, and question answering, you should stick to your blog’s main topic. There are higher chances of you receiving a lot of visitors to your blog if your site content as well as your online activities match in topic.

Use Social Bookmarking Sites:

Search the major social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon and Mixx and register with them. Try to remain very active on these sites to help enhance your online presence and thus drive more traffic to your blog.

Give Out Business Cards:

Create high quality business cards for your blog services and give them away to as many people as you can. Ensure that you include your blog address on the card to enable people to access it.

Use A Giveaway:

Place ads about your blog giveaways on different websites including social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This has recently been observed to be one of the best ways to drive traffic to a blog.

Write An Ebook:

eBooks are again one of the best ways of marketing your blog online. Create several informative eBooks and promote them through various online channels. In each eBook, be sure you include a link to your blog.

Use Blog Promotion Tool:

Stay alert by searching the web and ensuring that you identify new blog promotion tools that will help market your blog online.

Use Videos:

You can create your own video that talks about what your blog is all about. Upload this video on YouTube to allow many people to watch it. It’s recommended that you film short, but humorous videos, to help you get more people on your blog.

Participate In Blogging Events:

Today, there are many blogging and social media events such as conferences. Such events enable you to meet other bloggers; besides having these bloggers read your blog, you will also learn a lot from them that may serve to promote and improve the performance of your blog.

Guest Blog:

Give away your writing in the form of guest blogging on other web sites. You can write at least one article every month for the sites that you want to exchange for a link. Besides, you may want to publish several informative articles on such sites; this is one way of additionally earning income apart from driving traffic to your blog.

Online presence is very crucial and marketing your website should be given more weight to achieve your goals. Follow the above easy and creative ways to help you drive traffic to your site as well as convert that traffic to customers.

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