The 10 Weirdest Search Engines Revealed

Remember the days when the internet was shiny and new, and how there used to be so many search engines? That was long before Google held dominance. Many people used different search engines, even during the course of a single day, to find information online.

While Google and the other search engine giants have brought us convenience, what many people now no longer realize is that there are still many small search engines out there. Most of them help users to hunt down information relating to specific topics—and some of them are quite odd! If you’re looking for something interesting online, try searching on one of these special interest search engines.

1. WackoSearch

instantShift - WackoSearch

The entire purpose of this search engine is to provide you with search results that have nothing whatsoever to do with your query. They all have the distinction of being bizarre and in some cases, mildly interesting however—the result of pretty much any query will have some humor value. You won’t just get a lot of dull pages with no relevance. You’ll get interesting, funny pages with no relevance instead.

2. Oh My God LOL!!!

instantShift - Oh My God LOL!

This search engine specifically hunts down funny images for any query you put in it. So for example, you might put in “GOP,” and get only comedic results relating to the Republican party. If you don’t know what to search for, there is a list of suggestions across the bottom of the page.

3. The Lesson Finder

instantShift - The Lesson Finder

This search engine was designed specifically to bring up lessons and tutorials on various topics. It seems to work pretty well for really basic subjects like “Algebra,” but so far isn’t very useful for more specific subjects like “Latin” or “South America.”

4. FindSounds

instantShift - FindSounds

This search engine will find you sounds in a variety of formats. Note that this is for sounds only and not for music. While that might seem weird at first, it’s actually really useful if you’re working on audio or video production and need some stock sounds to add to your project.

5. MP3Skull

instantShift - MP3Skull

While this arguably isn’t weird at all, it is pretty surprising to discover after years of thinking that there was never going to be a way to search for music online again (remember when Google got rid of their audio search years ago?). You can use this site to hunt down mp3s and other music files around the web to download for free. It’s safer than using a P2P service, even if it’s slower and involves more effort.

6. Dead Cell Zones

instantShift - Dead Cell Zones

This is exactly what it sounds like, a database of user-submitted dead cell zones. The complaint database has more than 100,000 submissions, so it’s actually pretty popular.

7. Pillbox

instantShift - Pillbox

This intriguing government provided search engine helps you to identify an unknown pill. While this sounds incredibly useful off the top, you do have to ask yourself about all the weird situations which could necessitate the use of this site. Generally speaking, if you’re not sure what it is, you shouldn’t take it. Perhaps it could be useful in investigations.

8. TypoBuddy (

instantShift - TypoBuddy

This one is flat-out brilliant. Using TypoBuddy, you can search for items in auctions which have been misspelled by the users who submitted them. Not only will this help you find items you would have missed, but it will also help you find items that other users won’t necessarily discover. This could result in you getting a great deal. Now someone just needs to come up with this for music searches.

9. Filler Item Finder

instantShift - Filler Item Finder

This is another fantastically genius search engine. We’ve all been there. You’re just a few dollars and cents shy of the Free Super Saver Shipping ($25.00 minimum) on If you can find a useful item that costs that exact amount or slightly over, you can save money on shipping, but if you find something that’s significantly over the amount (or a single cent or more under it), it’s useless or wastes money. The Filler Item Finder will help you look up items that fall within an exact dollar and cent value. Sadly you can’t put in search terms, but you can filter by categories.

10. Soda Finder

instantShift - Soda Finder

This search engine was built to help you find rare or discontinued sodas. I searched for “Surge” and didn’t find a thing, but drinking soda that old probably wouldn’t be a good idea anyway!


So there you go—some of these search engines are weird, while others are actually useful. The bad news is that a lot of these small search engines come and go quite quickly; while researching this article I found a lot of parked domains. So enjoy them while they’re here, and be on the lookout for new and unusual search engines!

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