50 Perfect Animal Camouflage Photography

This time we are presenting a unique and interesting compilation for your inspiration, and this is about some of the incredible camouflaged animals. Camouflaging for animals is a way to protect themselves against any danger that they sense within their habitats. Many animals make use of camouflaging whenever they sense or feel any danger and in this way they can enhance their chances of survival. This is one of the most stunning characteristics of nature that enables different creatures to survive within their habitats.

Camouflage patterns are different for each animal and they are purely custom made. Furthermore, camouflage patterns are different for the particular surroundings that an animal gets used to. Here, we are presenting some excellent photographs of animals and insects demonstrating interesting and amazing camouflage patterns with which they can hide themselves completely in their surroundings. Browse through our collection and get inspired as the animal is drawn into unique forms. Enjoy this amazing collection everyone!

1. Can you find Frog?

Can you find Frog?

A platypelis grandis frog juvenile camouflaged against moss in Masoala Peninsula National Park, north east Madagascar

2. Camouflage


A snake covering up itself for ambushing its prey. This looks extremely stunning as well.

3. Tinker

Tinker okc_May212009_0345

Can anyone guess what specie is this? Isn’t it looking amazing and stunning to see how animals and insects can camouflage themselves.

4. Elephant


Ever think that an elephant can also camouflage? Look at this picture.

5. Hidden Owl In Tree

Hidden Owl In Tree

Very beautiful camouflage pattern of an owl to disguise itself completely within its surroundings.

6. Hidden Spider

Hidden Spider

There is a hidden spider that camouflaged on tree bark, and waited for its prey.

7. Camouflaged Rattlesnake

Camouflaged Rattlesnake

Camouflaged Rattlesnake is captured in this photograph looking similar to its environment.

8. American woodcock

American woodcock

American woodcock in its camouflaged state can be seen in this picture.

9. Uroplatus sikorae – Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko

Uroplatus sikorae - Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko

This photograph is of an Uroplatus sikorae also known as Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko showcasing its camouflage pattern.

10. Lizard Camouflage

Lizard Camouflage

This camouflage pattern of a lizard was captured in Ras Al Jinz – Oman.

11. Mimetismo “quase” perfeito

Mimetismo “quase” perfeito

This photograph shows the camouflage pattern of Mimetismo “quase” perfeito that is truly unbelievable.

12. Camouflaged spider from closer – Ocyale guttata

Camouflaged spider from closer - Ocyale guttata

This is a photograph of a camouflaged spider from closer – Ocyale guttata that looks so beautiful.

13. Camouflage


Another very beautiful camouflage pattern to hide itself completely within the surroundings in order to circumvent danger.

14. Perfect Camouflage

Perfect Camouflage

This picture showcases a perfect camouflage pattern that anyone can hardly recognize.

15. Camouflaged frogg

Camouflaged frogg

Another beautiful camouflage pattern and this time it is a frog camouflaging itself to hide itself.

16. Camouflage


Here a dragonfly camouflaged itself on a rock and showed how beautifully it can adapt its nature.

17. Larva de Pieris rapae

Larva de Pieris rapae

This is the camouflaged pattern of Larva de Pieris rapae that cover-up itself on a leaf.

18. Camouflaged croc

Camouflaged croc

This is a photograph of a camouflaged alligator that hides itself completely in its surroundings.

19. Camouflaged Ladybug

Camouflaged Ladybug

This beautiful camouflaged pattern of a ladybug also known as crab spider.

20. Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. — Confucius

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. -- Confucius

Another beautiful camouflaged pattern that shows how well an animal can hide itself for the purpose of survival.

21. Butterfly in Disguise

Butterfly in Disguise

You cannot find out a butterfly in this photograph because here butterfly is in disguise phase.

22. Camouflage


See how nature has provided animals different means to protect themselves whenever they sense danger in their surroundings.

23. Rock grasshopper

Rock grasshopper

Here, grasshopper has camouflaged itself on a rock in such an amazing way that no one can recognize.

24. Camouflaged grasshopper

Camouflaged grasshopper

This is a photograph of another grasshopper that is in its camouflaged phase.

25. Newborn Grasshopper

Newborn Grasshopper

This photograph shows the camouflaged pattern of a newborn grasshopper.

26. Camouflage Butterfly

Camouflage Butterfly

Here is another excellent shot of a camouflaged butterfly on a bark of a tree, and it looks quite amazing.

27. Camouflage


Is it a simple photograph of leaves or can you find the insect in this photograph of leaves?

28. Camouflaged Insect

Camouflaged Insect

This insect has camouflaged itself on tree and hides itself completely in order to avoid any danger within its surroundings.

29. Camouflage


This is a desert pattern of camouflaged that many animal adapt to hide themselves.

30. Crabby Camouflage

Crabby Camouflage

This crab has beautifully and stunningly camouflaged itself within its environment.

31. Camouflage Me

Camouflage Me

This crab is in camouflaged phase and waiting for its prey.

32. Orange Squirrel

Orange Squirrel

This squirrel has camouflaged itself into an orange so that its predator.

33. Crinoid Shrimp – Andaman Islands, India

Crinoid Shrimp - Andaman Islands, India

This photo of a camouflaged Crinoid Shrimp was captured in Andaman Islands, India.

34. Phyllomimus sp. (Tettigoniidae: Pseudophyllinae)

Phyllomimus sp. (Tettigoniidae: Pseudophyllinae)

Here, you can see how beautifully Phyllomimus sp. has camouflaged itself.

35. Owlets (camouflaged)

Owlets (camouflaged)

A beautiful picture of camouflaged Owlets that has disguised itself on rock.

36. African Scops owl

African Scops owl

African Scops owl camouflaged on bark of a tree is shown in this picture.

37. Stick mimic

Stick mimic

Here you can see how a stick mimic camouflage itself and look exactly the same as its surroundings.

38. Camouflage


Frogs in their beautiful camouflaged pattern that looks so beautiful.

39. DSC_0035


Another interesting and incredible camouflage pattern can be seen in this picture.

40. Hangin’ around II

Hangin' around II

Grasshoppers camouflaged itself within its surroundings and hide itself completely.

41. Camouflage


Can anyone guess this specie that is in camouflaged phase?

42. Amazing Owl


Here, owl showing an amazing and incredible camouflaged pattern.

43. Transparent Butterfly

Transparent Butterfly

In this picture, butterfly becomes transparent in order to hide itself completely.

44. Uroplatus sikorae sikorae

Uroplatus sikorae sikorae

This is the camouflaged pattern of Uroplatus sikorae sikorae to make it look resemble with the rock.

45. Camouflaged lizard

Camouflaged lizard

This camouflaged lizard is hard to distinguish by its killers.

46. Perfect Camouflage

Perfect Camouflage

This perfect camouflaged pattern is of a grasshopper that hides itself on a leaf.

47. Camouflage


The lizard in this picture hides itself on the rock completely, and this is also an interesting pattern.

48. Camouflage


Another beautiful and incredible camouflaged pattern can be seen here in this photograph.

49. Nikki Wong’s Aussie Exotics 12

Nikki Wong's Aussie Exotics 12

This is the camouflaged pattern of Nikki Wong’s Aussie Exotics 12 on a bark of a tree.

50. Camouflage-2862


Last but not the least, this photograph also shows beautiful camouflaged pattern.

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