Top Gadgets & Accessories to Make the Most Out of Your Smartphone

Our life is being surrounded by several gadgets and phones, which are now actually smartphones have taken control over an important part of your life. No matter where we go, most of the times we make good use of our phones in various ways: taking pictures, sharing with friends, video-calling with relatives and friends, play a quick game and so on, and there are hundreds of thousands of applications for our smartphones available on various markets.

But have you ever thought what could make your phone even better? In this article we have listed 10 very popular and useful gadgets that will come in handy whether you would like to relax, play a game or actually go for swimming!

Griffin AirCurve Acoustic Amplifier

instantShift - Griffin AirCurve Acoustic Amplifier

Griffin AirCurve is an acoustic amplifier for the iPhone and the iPod. It may be considered as a revolutionary gadget that acoustically amplifies the speaker of your iPhone, without any batteries, cables or electricity. It can also work as an iPhone holder allowing you to position it in both, landscape and portrait mode.

It is pretty big in size but it’s clear/transparent look and weight of 10 ounces doesn’t make it look like a massive device. It is considered to be the perfect portable audio/video conference phone, video viewer and game platform, iPhone’s speaker sound being increased by 10 decibels.

AirCurve does not use any power source but it features a pass-through slot that allows you to insert your cable and charge/sync your phone while listening or watching video.

Price: $10.00

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Tod: Connect Real World Actions to Mobile Devices

instantShift - Tod

Tod is a smart tiny gadget that syncs with devices like the iPhone 4s & 5 and the 3rd iPad with Bluetooth 4.0 to interact with the world around you. It is that powerful and energy-efficient that it can run for years on a single coin-cell battery.

Tod is all about real world actions that occur around you, a child wandering off or arriving at the corner market – your phone will register an “out of range” or “in range” event based on physical proximity. It triggers a digital interaction that provides you with instant feedback which is a notification alerting you that your child is out of your set range, or did not reach the desired/right location. It uses three core events like “in range”, “out of range” and “scheduled” which can be adjusted and customized.

Price: $25+ (on Kickstarter)

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Griffin iTrip Auto Pilot FM Transmitter

instantShift - Griffin iTrip Auto Pilot FM Transmitter

This is another Griffin-branded product, specifically built for the iPhone and the iPod. It’s a straightforward and reliable small device that allows you to enjoy your library of music through your vehicle’s sound system. This cord-based controls mean you can place your device wherever you would like (glove box, on the seat, etc) and retain total playback control.

This small device would come very in-handy for those who enjoy listening to their music but their car doesn’t allow Bluetooth connectivity, which is why you have to use external devices like this one. It features tech innovations like RDS, SmartSound and SmartScan which make this device even better.

Price: $18.99

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instantShift - Deeper

Deeper is a nice, small “fishfinder” for iOS and Android devices. It is basically fisher’s biggest dream, it scans for fishes then transmits the information to your phone screen via a Bluetooth connectivity.

Deeper sonar can successfully interact with your smartphone on a range of up to 50 meters. It complies with older operating systems as well, the minimum required is iOS 4.0 for the iPhone and Android 2.2+ for other android-powered devices.

Price: $149

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iPhly: Radio Control with iPhone

instantShift - iPhly

iPhly allows you to fly R/C airplanes and drive radio controlled cars right from your iPhone or iPod. That’s probably one of the most interesting devices in our collection, and we can’t say that everybody will be able to use it, mostly because they don’t have a r/c car or plane.

The software and hardware is open-source meaning that you will be able to create your own models then control them with your Apple device. An official application is already available in the app store and the hardware design is complete.

Price: $20+ (on Kickstarter)

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SmartPhone Sleeper (Hands-Free)

instantShift - SmartPhone Sleeper

This very interesting and tiny gadget is a hands-free stand for your iphone/ipod/android/blackberry which looks very nice. It allows you to lay in comfort with your smartphone. It is super easy to use having no screws or bolts which would damage you or your phone in any way.

By using this stand, you’ll be able to play and watch in comfort without having to keep your phone, which is a stressful thing if you keep doing that for a while. It can also protect you from spilling drinks over your phone or misplacing it all over the house.

Price: $34.99

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iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip

instantShift - iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip

This very small accessory for the iPhone 5 is a camera filter that uses a polarizing filter which would help you take better pictures. Whether you are into mobile photography or you simply love taking pictures of everything with your smartphone, than this tiny filter will indeed help you.

Creators say that their aim is to help iPhoneographers make even better photos, so we looked to the pros and their DSLR kits for inspiration. They have made Trygger to cut out glare and unwanted reflections so that you get richer colors, a sharper contrast and better pictures.

Price: $30+ (on Kickstarter)

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iPhone ViewFinder

instantShift - iPhone ViewFinder

The iPhone Viewfinder is a small accessory that attaches to your phone to recreate that old-school viewfinder, but better. It doesn’t enhance your phone’s performance in any way, but it does make you feel somehow better when taking pictures with your phone.

Price: $30.00

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iCade Controller

instantShift - iCade Controller

This very nice gadget will be loved by all gamers, especially those who enjoy playing those old-school games like Pac-Man. It creates a wireless connection to your phone and tablet to bring the best and retro gaming experience possible.

It works with the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, featuring 8-button control including 4 face buttons, select/start and two shoulder buttons and the pad for movement.

Price: $29.99

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Ozaki iCut Finger Case

instantShift - Ozaki iCut Finger Case

The last accessory in our collection is this very strange but interesting case for the iPhone. Millions of people are playing the popular Draw Something game, and this case was specifically created for it. It does protect your phone from damage but the main fuss about it is the stylus which it comes packed with.

The stylus is meant to make drawing easier in the mentioned game, limiting your finger awkwardness so that you can draw something better and recognizable than squiggles.

Price: $41

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