20+ Best Free Tools For Testing Your Site on Mobile Devices

The mobile Internet is the next battleground for developers and designers and should be seriously considered by advertisers. Your regular website won’t cut it on mobile phones. Making your website accessible on a mobile platforms does require a little extra work. If you do this work now, proactively, you’ll have a leg up on this growing trend.

If you already have mobile friendly website or you are planning to have one, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of Best Tools for Testing Your Website on Mobile Devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry, without actually having the devices in hand. This can help you check the functionality and responsiveness of your website across different mobile platforms.

Mobile devices have been constantly changing and developing for the better. When mobile phones were initially just used to make calls and send messages, browsing websites through them was unimaginable. But it was imagined, and it indeed made big. Mobiles phones have undergone rapid changes and advanced to smart phones where instant browsing became as simple as instant messaging. Therefore, mobile phones are now much more sophisticated and have developed many innovative and user-friendly features.

How many people do you know who uses their cell phone to surf the Internet? Most likely it’s going to be a large number of people. Many Americans are getting information on the go and companies large and small are jumping at the chance to optimize their site for mobile browsers. Mobile Web Design is getting more and more popular, almost every popular website, online service provider or web app offers a mobile version now.

In the list below, you will find many mobile emulators as well as other testing and validating tools for different mobile platforms which can help you pinpoint the problems with your website and allow you to take necessary measures.

Mobile Emulator Tools (Best Choices)

Mobile Emulator

instantShift - Mobile Emulator

Official Website Link

The Responsinator

instantShift - The Responsinator

Official Website Link


instantShift - Screenfly

Official Website Link

Phone Emulator by MobileMoxie

instantShift - Phone Emulator by MobileMoxie

Official Website Link


instantShift - Responsivepx

Official Website Link

Responsive Test

instantShift - Responsive Test

Official Website Link

iPad Peek

instantShift - iPad Peek

Official Website Link

Mobile Emulator by Brickandmobile

instantShift - Mobile Emulator by Brickandmobile

Official Website Link

More Mobile Emulator Tools

Opera Mini Simulator

instantShift - Opera Mini Simulator

Official Website Link

Demonstrating Responsive Design Tool

instantShift - Demonstrating Responsive Design Tool

Official Website Link

iPhone Tester

instantShift - iPhone Tester

Official Website Link


instantShift - TestiPhone

Official Website Link


instantShift - Gomez

Official Website Link

Matt Kersley’s Responsive Design Tool

instantShift - Matt Kersley’s Responsive Design Tool

Official Website Link

Resize My Browser

instantShift - Resize My Browser

Official Website Link

Google GoMoMeter

instantShift - Google GoMoMeter

Official Website Link

Browser Plugins

Modify Headers (FireFox Addon)

instantShift - Modify Headers (FireFox Addon)

Official Website Link

ResponsiView (Chrome Extension)

instantShift - ResponsiView (Chrome Extension)

Official Website Link

Ripple Emulator (Chrome Extension)

instantShift - Ripple Emulator (Chrome Extension)

Official Website Link

Validating and Testing Tools

W3C mobileOK Checker

instantShift - W3C mobileOK Checker

Official Website Link


instantShift - MobiReady

Official Website Link

Google Mobilizer

instantShift - Google Mobilizer

Official Website Link


instantShift - iPhoney

Official Website Link

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