Showcase of 44 Beautiful Letterpress Business Card Designs

Letterpress designs that are impressive and visually appealing can give you designs a fresh look and make them look stunning. By using letterpress designs in your work, you can make your work look appealing and stunning.

The techniques used in creating letterpress designs are different from the techniques of creating ordinary designs. Since they give an embossed or raised finish to your design, they can be used to draw visitors’ attention towards something specific. Here, we have compiled some beautiful letterpress designs for your inspiration.

Below, you will unearth a nice collection of some beautiful letterpress designs. We hope that you will like this collection and find these designs inspiring for you as well.

1. Colorful Mei Yen Chua Business Card

A great pixel inspired letterpress print made with all the necessary information a business card is supposed to have.

Colorful Mei Yen Chua Business Card

2. Letterpress Business Card

When looking for business cards, use this Letterpress Business Card Template availabe for immediate download anytime and anywhere. This simple but elegant card comes with fully customizable layouts and graphic files.

Letterpress Business Card

3. D. James Goodwin

This business card reveals the art of letterpress and the beauty it brings to your design. Simple and elegant designs always inspire you.

D. James Goodwin

4. Smart Penguin

Beautifully designed letterpress business card design printed in black and warm red colors.

Smart Penguin

5. Iamtiago

Lamtiago business card does not contain any such design element rather the typography solely creates a beautiful design of its own.


6. Sarah Powers Media

This business card shows that simplicity always works wonders and with letterpress design, you can easily achieve that.

Sarah Powers Media

7. Great Circle Business Card

Very nice illustration on the front of the card while the back side contains the contact information.

Great Circle Business Card

8. Business cards for Ellen

The textures and shading used in this letterpress design are slightly different than the other designs.

Business cards for Ellen

9. Zoë Grave Studio Cards

This creatively designed business card contains all the required information that is presented with an embossed finish to put emphasis on.

Zoë Grave Studio Cards

10. Ink Pixel Paper Letterpress

The textures and embossed finish of this business card is enough to create a visually appealing look for this business card.

Ink Pixel Paper Letterpress

11. Beautiful Letterpress Business Cards

Bold fonts are used in this business card with a raised or embossed finish that draws the onlookers’ attention.

Beautiful Letterpress Business Cards

12. Scott Salvator Letterpress Business Cards

In this business card design, the embossed design is the visual candy for the onlooker as rest of the design is very simple.

Scott Salvator Letterpress Business Cards

13. Amamda Lucier Business Cards

The embossed finish of the logo design looks outstanding and the contact information is clearly presented.

Amamda Lucier Business Cards

14. Mantas Paražinskas

A very nice illustration has been used in this business card to portray to whom this business card belongs to.

Mantas Paražinskas

15. DJ Kreme

In this letterpress design, you will also notice the creative use of typography not only to present the information but also to create a design.

DJ Kreme

16. Boxcar Press

This letterpress design has been designed with great creativity and skills. The design and the use of colors are outstanding.

Boxcar Press

17. Torello Letterpress Business Cards

In this letterpress design, you will notice the use of excellent typography. Moreover, the design is simple and classy.

Torello Letterpress Business Cards

18. My Old Card

With this design, the designer embodies his creativity skills as well as his command over letterpress technique.


19. Chris kaufman

In this letterpress design, the techniques of letterpressing have been taken to the next level giving this letterpress design a very fine look.

Chris kaufman

20. Figments

Here, the design is very simple however; the design that has been imprinted in this card makes it look visually appealing.


21. 40 Sardines

The embossed finish of this letterpress design makes this card look visually stunning.

40 Sardines

22. My Old Red Hat

Bright and vividly designed business card with an embossed or raised finish that gives this business card a stunning look.

My Old Red Hat

23. Javier Garcia

With clean and elegant design, this business card gives good room for embossing an appealing background into this card.

Javier Garcia

24. Fotoalias

A very simple but brilliantly designed business card with letterpress technique.


25. SlowPrint

The way logo has been embossed in this design is simply outstanding. The overall design looks visually appealing.


26. Le Tank Creative

In this business card design, you will see a huge use of letterpress technique that turns out to be very well.

Le Tank Creative

27. Domestic Construction

Simple and pleasing business card with cool colors that leaves a good impression on the lookers.

Domestic Construction

28. John Henry Donovan

Here, you will notice that simplicity is the best policy even in the letterpress designs.

John Henry Donovan

29. Running Doves Press

This is a very inspirational letterpress design that was created for a business card. It looks so great that it completely fulfills the purpose of a business card.

Running Doves Press

30. Cinematographer Business Card

Nice illustration and letterpress print that definitely call for the appreciation for the creator.

Cinematographer Business Card

31. Dingbat Letterpress Card

This business card embodies a simple and neat letterpress design that creates a good impression.

Dingbat Letterpress Card

32. Salt City Bakery

This business card simply contains very limited information about the business. Furthermore, the design of this business card is also very minimal.

Salt City Bakery, letterpress business cards

33. Letterpress Cards 22

The creativity at its best is something that can describe the design of this business card. Letterpress technique is also used in this card but sets it apart from others.

Letterpress Cards-22

34. Business Cards

This business card has been designed on the concept of go green. The use of bright colors against a white background truly turns out this business card into an excellent work of art.

Business Cards

35. Whatsup Juggling

Here, the designer has successfully portrayed his concept with nice illustration and beautiful colors.

Whatsup Juggling

36. Letterpress Business Card

The color used in this business card is so appealing that it can solely create the impression designer wanted to create.

Letterpress Business Card - Silver/Black

37. Cleverly Gifted (back)

Another, simple and elegant business card design with great usage of typography, color and letterpress technique.

Letterpress Business Card: Cleverly Gifted (back)

38. Sandra Suy Contact Cards

Here, the minimal information along with a neat and cluttered free design of the business card is enough to grab the attention.

Sandra Suy Contact Cards

39. Kerri McConnell Final

The creative use of colors and fonts along with the letterpress printing has made this business card design an exclusive one that inspires the onlookers.

Kerri McConnell Final

40. Blue Bird Design Card

This Bluebird Design business card is simply outstanding. The front of the card only contains the name while the rest of the information is presented at the back of the card.

Blue Bird Design Card

41. Vida

This business card has made its place in our collection because of its simplicity in colors and design.


42. The Mandate Press

The background color is so soothing that it gives a very calming effect to the onlooker. Moreover, the information is presented in a very neat and clean manner.

The Mandate Press

43. Caroline Myers

This business card design is the result of combining creativity with the skills.

Caroline Myers

44. Koodoz Design

Simple and neat design for a business card that makes use of a bright red color to put emphasis on the name.

Koodoz Design

45. Still Motion

Another illustration of the same concept, the name of the cinematographer Michael Wong has been emphasized by using a bright background color.

Still Motion

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  1. Wow! What a great set of business cards. I am suprised about the retangle shaped business card :P HOwever it still looks good! :)

  2. I do love letterpress. Many moons ago when I was choosing my wedding invitations – well, when my now-wife was, she asked about using letterpress. Before this I wasn’t working in printing so didn’t realise what it involved- I thought it would just be an old-fashioned square, white invitation with an old-fashioned type and no illustrations. I was clearly very wrong!

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