55 Time Saving Free Photoshop Actions For Vintage Effect

The first thing that clicks our mind when we talk about image editing and photo manipulation is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is such a great tool for image editing but on the other hand it is quite hard to master.

Today, we are presenting some useful and wonderful free Photoshop actions for vintage effect. As we all know that all the designers and developers commonly use Adobe Photoshop for image editing. Vintage Effect creates eye-catching and dazzling effects in your photographs and also save your precious time as well.

For the photographers, vintage effect photoshop actions are the best because photographers can quickly edit their photographs to meet their requirement. With Photoshop actions, you can play a series of tasks with a single photo and can record every action. In this way, you can apply readymade actions to all your photos in no time.

How to install Actions in Photoshop

Installing Photoshop Actions is easy. At first, you have to download the Actions that will come in archived formats. Then unarchive the files using any unarchiver you have. After that you need to open Photoshop and go to Windows from the top navigation. Click on Actions, and then click on the down-arrow situated right under the x-symbol for closing the window on the top right corner. This will open a dropdown asking where you’ll want to choose “Load Actions”. With this, your file system will open where you can navigate to the folder you have unzipped the Actions. Choose it, click load, that’s it.

Alternatively, you can choose to drag and drop the desired action into that window from an open Actions-window.

Free Photoshop Actions For Vintage Effect

1. Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions

2. Vintage II By Scott Metts

Vintage II By Scott Metts

3. Beach vintage

Beach vintage

4. Photoshop Actions – Vintage

Photoshop Actions - Vintage

5. Vintage action set 6

Vintage action set 6

6. Vintage Actions

Vintage Actions

7. Photoshop Actions – Vintage

Photoshop Actions - Vintage

8. Photoshop vintage action III

Photoshop vintage action III

9. Photoshop actions dark and haunted

Photoshop actions dark and haunted

10. Caramel Haze Photoshop Actions

Caramel Haze Photoshop Actions

11. Vintage actions

Vintage actions

12. Photoshop Actions Pack 2

Photoshop Actions Pack 2

13. Photoshop Actions 15

Photoshop Actions 15

14. Photoshop Actions Pack

Photoshop Actions Pack

15. AFW’s Vintage Actions

AFW's Vintage Actions

16. Photoshop Actions 7

Photoshop Actions 7

17. Vintage dream ps actions

Vintage dream ps actions

18. 5 Vintage Photoshop Actions

5 Vintage Photoshop Actions

19. Vintage Spring Mini Action

Vintage Spring Mini Action

20. Vintage Action Set 4

Vintage Action Set 4

21. Vintage Action Pack

Vintage Action Pack

22. Vintage colours actions

Vintage colours actions

23. Photoshop actions vintage effects

Photoshop actions vintage effects

24. Vintage Damage Actions

Vintage Damage Actions

25. LT’s Candy Vintage Action Pack

LT's Candy Vintage Action Pack

26. Vintage Actions

Vintage Actions

27. Vintage Retro Actions Set

Vintage Retro Actions Set

28. Action 023 “VINTAGE CORAL”

Action 023

29. Vintage Action 9

Vintage Action 9

30. Free Retro Photography Photoshop Actions

Free Retro Photography Photoshop Actions

31. Vintage action set 1

Vintage action set 1

32. Photoshop natural vintage action

Photoshop natural vintage action

33. Retro Vintage Pro Pack v002

Retro Vintage Pro Pack v002

34. Vintage Action 3

Vintage Action 3

35. Vintage Action 5

Vintage Action 5

36. Action 014 “VINTAGE CHIC”

Action 014

37. Vintage Action 4

Vintage Action 4

38. The Semi-Vintage Collection

The Semi-Vintage Collection

39. PS Vintage Action No. 3

PS Vintage Action No. 3

40. Simple Vintage

Simple Vintage

41. Vintage Summer Action

Vintage Summer Action

42. JHP Photoshop Actions

JHP Photoshop Actions

43. Vintage action set 3

Vintage action set 3

44. Vintage Blues PS Action

Vintage Blues PS Action

45. Slight Vintage Photoshop Action

Slight Vintage Photoshop Action

46. Actions – Vintage

Actions - Vintage

47. Vintage ATN

Vintage ATN

48. Vintage breeze action

Vintage breeze action

49. Action Vintage light

Action Vintage light

50. Runaway


51. Action Vintage

Action Vintage

52. Vintage Photoshop Action I

Vintage Photoshop Action I

53. Pink Vintage Action

Pink Vintage Action

54. JJ’s Vintage Actions

JJ's Vintage Actions

55. Vintage Love Action

Vintage Love Action


With these Photoshop actions, you can easily automate monotonous work and improve your work efficiency greatly. We hope that you will like this assortment. Feel free to share your opinion with us. Your comments are always more than welcome. Enjoy and stay creative!


Image CreditsKara Carlson

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