9 Ways to Make Money With Joomla!

Joomla! CMS is a free, open source content management system (CMS) for managing a websites’ content through a simple and functional interface.

“Joomla! not only helps you build amazing websites, but also makes you money” Is it true? Well, believe me, there are many ways in which you can earn money with Joomla!. Do you want to know what they are right now, Joomla lovers?

Quick List

Here is the list of the work you can do to earn money with Joomla!, and if you find any more, please let me know:

Let’s get started with the first one!


Selling Joomla Templates and Extensions  Top ↑

instantShift - Joomla Templates
Joomlashine – A nice template & extension provider

Selling Joomla templates and extensions, means that you become a Joomla Templates/Extensions provider who will develop templates and extensions for Joomla. If you intend to become a provider, you are in a general market with Rocketthemes, JoomArt, JoomlaShine, Joomlabamboo, Yoothemes, etc.

In this way can get a significant profit from selling your products. No matter which country you belong to, you can sell your products everywhere, all over the world, and gain a profit. It sounds interesting and easy? But honestly, it’s not easy at all. In this market, you can see that there are many Joomla providers. It’s popular but more popular means more competitive.

How to do it

If you have passion for this work, what you need to prepare is:

  • A strong Joomla developer team who undertake the main responsibility of creating ideas, designing and developing your templates and extensions.
  • A powerful marketing team to promote your templates and a support team to satisfy customers as well.
  • An official website where people come to you, purchase products and make payments.


Offering Service Projects  Top ↑

instantShift - Joomla Services
Joomla!Hackers – Where you can get Joomla services

Based on the Joomla platform, you will provide services related to Joomla and make a profit from this activity. For example, you can offer your customers services such as fixing a hacked site, upgrading their site, configuring extensions, custom coding extensions, making templates from graphic mockups, setting up E-commerce, etc. When customers have an urgent issue with their website or need your help with setting up a website, you will help them.

How to do it

Let me tell you one thing. “If you intend to follow this route, you need to be brave”, like becoming a template/extension provider, you might encounter a lot of difficulties because of severe competition. There are many companies offering services to customers and you have to compete with them in providing your service.

Generally, your services need to be good and professional; you have to know how to take care your customers as well. In addition, the most important factors is you that must have a powerful team of Joomla experts. Finally, if you provide a good service and have good promotion, the more customers you have, and the more money you will earn.

Do you want to learn about some of your future competitors before getting started? Check out this article now “Joomla Service Providers – Helpful Things You Should Care About” to know what a customer thinks about some providers.


Writing Joomla E-book  Top ↑

instantShift - Joomla E-book
Joomla! Explained e-book

There are so many authors who earn money by writing and publishing their books. For example, J.K. Rowling earned over 7.7 billion dollars with the Harry Potter series. It’s hard to say that you can earn such a big amount of money as this, but you can’t deny that you really can earn money by selling a really amazing book.

With Joomla, there are successful authors who have published their books and received good feedback. You want to see a real person, a real example? Stephen Burge is the author of the best selling Joomla book on amazon.com (9/2012) Joomla! Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide and now he runs OSTraining.com, which helps thousands of people learn Joomla every year. His book ranks 30,345 in Amazon Bestsellers Rank with a 4-star rating and 21 customer reviews. You can imagine how much profit he got with his book in amazon.com. That’s a just return from selling a book on Amazon, and other book marketplaces we haven’t mentioned yet. I read this book; it’s really amazing.

How to do it

There are a lot of Joomla books on the market, and if you want to be successful like Stephen Burge, you should be considered to be a good Joomla teacher who has mastered Joomla as well as having the ability to summarize and explain issues to Joomla users. You also need to practice your writing skills as well as find a hot topic which the Joomla community cares. If your book is really useful and interesting, I believe that it will make you a lot of money.


Joining Affiliate Program  Top ↑

instantShift - Joomla Affiliate Program
A Joomla affiliate program from StackIdeas

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought to the business by the affiliates own marketing efforts.

People said that “Being an affiliate is one of the easy ways for a small business to get started”. If you have good relationship with customers or are good at online marketing, you truly can do it yourself. Companies offer an affiliate program and you can become their affiliate by registering. Once you join this network, you will be provided with marketing materials like banners, texts, articles and links, et cetera, and your main task is bringing visitors, potential customers, to the business.

Each company has a different payment rate, and you get paid when a person clicks on your link (Pay Per Click) or buys a company product (Pay Per Sale). In the affiliate network, you can manage your affiliate account and track your reports and see how much commission you should receive.

In the Joomla market, there are Joomla merchants, including Joomla template/extension, Joomla training, Joomla hosting providers, etc., that offer affiliate programs such as SiteGround, Ostraining, Templatemonster, Joomlart, StackIdeas, Azrul and so on.

How to do it

Learn about information of Joomla affiliate programs you want to join, for example Software, Commission, Advertising method, Payment, etc.

Some requirements you should have: Promotion methods (website(s), Social Media Pages(s) or Email Address(es), etc.). to promote products. An online payment account: All of Joomla merchants who offer affiliate programs use online methods to pay you money. Paypal is highly recommended. Some of them use only Paypal.

  • A relationship network: A network of friends, co-workers and more – who you introduce products to.
  • HTML / CSS design knowledge (Optional): Not all merchants offer you pre-designed banners, so you should know some HTML / CSS design knowledge to create affiliate banners.

To go into details of this issue, you should check out “Joomla affiliate program: make money online step by step”. This article will give you detailed information about the Joomla affiliate programs offered by Joomla companies as well as all you need to join an affiliate program.


Writing Product Reviews  Top ↑

instantShift - Joomla Product Reviews
A review about Free Mediapass extension

Have you ever heard about writing product reviews and getting paid? If not, you should keep reading. “Writing product reviews” is one of the ways to earn money online. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to buy products online, so companies will eager to pay for great product reviews.

In a survey produced by webpronews.com 84% of Americans say online customer reviews have an influence on their decision to purchase a product or service and 66% had checked some type of online review forum when looking to purchase a specific brand of product or service. It really works and some companies agree to pay you $20 per review or more. How about Joomla in particular?

My answer is that you can write a Joomla product or service review and get paid by Joomla providers. A great example is joomlablogger.net. It’s not only known as one of the best Joomla blogs but is also an example of earning money by writing product reviews. You can take a look at some reviews here.

How to do it

You can search on Google as there are a lot of tutorials and articles which guide you step by step to get started. Here are some references:


Offering a Support Service  Top ↑

instantShift - Joomla Support Service
Open Source Support Desk always willing to assit you to use Joomla

Offering a support service is just like the second method “Working on a service project” but smaller. It focuses on supporting Joomla users; to help them solve technical issues which they cannot solve themselves. Particularly, if your customers have any problems in operating their websites such as installation, design, content creation, back-up, SEO, hosting, security, and so on.

Money is made by providing supporting services, and customers are offered various plans with different pricing and features. For examples, you can check out support service resources.

How to do it

What requirements have if you want to earn money this way; you need an excellent support team which includes sub-teams who are responsible for each kind of service you offer. You also need to be quick and exact in finding and solving customers’ problems. The more customers you satisfy, the more money you earn.


Joomla Coaching and Training  Top ↑

instantShift - Joomla Coaching and Training
Joomla training service with 800+ video tutorials

Once people are interested in Joomla and want to learn about it, then it’s time for you to start an online Joomla course where people can come, find online tutorials and offline classes to start studying. It’s just like a Joomla school. Looking around on the Internet to find some Joomla tutorials, you can see some websites like Ostraining, Buildajoomlawebsite, Joomlashackuniversity, etc. Let’s take a look at Ostraining.com for instance!

Ostraining.com not only provides Joomla Training but also WordPress, Drupal, and Coding Classes. They offer you with both online training and classroom training. You will have to be a member with the fee based on which plan you subscribe to. Or, if you live in USA, you can take classroom training, and of course, you have to pay to study, like any tuition, for example $349 for a class for Joomla beginners in Boston.

How to do it

To earn money by this way, I think you will have so many things to do. It‘s like building a school yourself. You will need Joomla teachers, Joomla experts, a lot of good Joomla tutorials, a place to give classroom training, etc. It’s quite hard so you will need passion, ability and even capital to do it.


Providing Hosting Service  Top ↑

instantShift - Joomla Hosting Provider
SiteGround – A popular Joomla hosting providers

Besides the other ways to earn money with Joomla, like I mentioned above, you can become a Joomla hosting provider; for example, SiteGround, HostGator, Rochen or Cloudaccess

Being a successful Joomla hosting provider is not an easy task. You are living in the world which is full of competition, with big competitors. So, you should be smart to focus on finding your own kind of target customer and expressing your strengths. For example, your hosting service has to bring the customers the best quality such as stability, security, loading speed, outstanding features (about domains, hosting space, file transfer, bandwidth…) and preferential price.

You need to build your own strategies to offer different kinds of hosting services like web hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, etc., and customers pay you by subscribing to your packages. Like any newly-started small business, high quality accompanied by good support can be the key to attract customers

How to do it

Like selling Joomla templates, or offering support service or training, you will get more money if you have more domains that use your service. However, you also will have to compete with other hosting providers; it all depends much on the quality of your service. To see how to set up your own web hosting company, you can read this article or see a case study of a hosting provider here!


Getting donation from free Joomla products  Top ↑

instantShift - Virtue Mart
A great Joomla extension which is developed to community – Virtue Mart

Does this method sound strange to you? Well, I’m mentioning the case of Virtue Mart – free shopping cart software for Joomla. Although it’s free (because it’s developed to contribute to the Joomla Community), this is a really great extension, especially for e-commerce websites.

More and more people are using it free on their sites. So, for users to show their gratitude as well as invest in further improvements of the project, Virtue Mart invites donations from Joomla users from all over the world to show support for the team of developers. You can donate as much money as you want, and the donation process will be executed via Paypal.

Unlike selling something and get paid, you won’t know exactly how much you will earn from customers. Honestly, there is no guaranteed return, you can earn a lot or nothing; it’s up to your users. If your product is truly great and further developments are expected, so many users will be eager to donate their money to you.

How to do it

  • Develop a great and free product for Joomla contribution
  • Once you got quite a lot of attention and users, you can offer a donation, learn about Virtue Mart donation

In conclusion

There are many ways to earn money with Joomla; I hope you will find the most suitable one for you. If you have other ways to earn money with Joomla, let’s share it with everyone here!

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