Great Marketing Applications for Twitter

Your Twitter experience can be made exponentially better by utilizing some terrific applications that will help you network more effectively, organize tweets, and get creative with your Twitter social media marketing strategy.

In this article, we will talk about applications that make using photos and videos a snap. To get started, we will first talk about how to manage all those followers you have.

Managing Your Twitter Experience

When you begin using the platform, the entire universe and power of the Twitter experience isn’t fully exposed. Yes, you get streaming updates from all the participants you are following, you have the ability to see direct messages, and you can see trending topics. However, this is just a small fraction of what is going on in the Twitter landscape. Some questions you might consider are:

  • Who else is using Twitter?
  • Where can I find more people to follow in various industries?
  • Where can I find people in my industry?
  • What are consumers talking about as they relate to my industry?
  • There are certain industry leaders I want to follow, but I can’t seem to find them. Is there an easier way?

Let me pull back the Twitter curtain and show you what Twitter has to offer you and your business.


A good update associated with TweetDeck has become available in order to download which adds a number of new functions, including a chance to preview press – picture or movie – from inside a column, beneath the related twitter. TweetDeck edition 1.5 additionally improves checklist management, adding a chance to create, edit as well as delete lists inside the application. A passionate Lists button has become present as well, allowing users to handle lists with no awkward routing as prior to. Just like the lately Twitters browser customer, there tend to be two brand new sections symbolized as TweetDeck posts. Activity as well as Interactions could be highlighted, with the actual former displaying a real-time feed to follow, favorite as well as add-to-list measures performed through the accounts that you simply follow, as the latter provides Mentions as well as alerts whenever you’ve already been followed, put into a checklist, retreated or even favorite. TweetDeck users are now able to also modify a retweet prior to sending it back to the crazy – instantly adding the actual “RT” prefix along the way. The brand new version associated with TweetDeck ought to be available with an auto-update upon PC, Macintosh OS and Search engines Chrome. Brand new users may download this from TweetDeck is a fabulous tool to add to your social media marketing business arsenal. There are many great things about TweetDeck, but let me try to narrow it down.

instantShift - TweetDeck

TweetDeck is among one of the preferred Twitter clients for desktop in addition to for smart phones. The update is version 1. 5 as well as adds a number of new functions, but primarily lays large on a chance to navigate columns inside a few simpler ways, in addition to a few simple functions and actions inside tweets display.

instantShift - TweetDeck Columns

There are actually a few easy steps to make use of navigation techniques in TweetDeck v1. 5 which may be performed through either clicking the brand new “Columns” button at the very top center from the interface, or using the left-right scroll bar at the end of the screen. For those who have a track pad for the computer along with gesture assistance, you may use gestures in order to navigate columns too. Prior for this, you need to hover on the bar at the very top which did not have any kind of name shown underneath, or you’d use the left-right arrows near the bars. If you were utilizing TweetDeck as your management device this was an unpleasant process with regard to having no more than 5 column (bars) at the top.

More about the actions inside the tweets enables you to utilize more from the website functions. You can click on the new motion button in order to quickly adhere to, block or even report the twitter user considerably faster than the older versions. You’ll also visit a details link on every tweet that will quickly display more information about that tweet. Tweetdeck version 1.5 is simple and faster to move around.

User Profile Improvements:

instantShift - TweetDeck User Profile

Probably the most visible changes is definitely an updated design for that profile panel, which has become clearer, making this easier for more information about the people that matter for you. We’ve also ensured that usernames as well as hash labels are clickable wherever they come in Tweet Deck, including person bios, and we’ve enhanced the worldwide filter function therefore it now filter items out of your Interactions as well as Activity posts too.

Tweetdeck Updates Can Help You Focus:

Right now, when you block a person, statement as junk e-mail or unfollow a user, their Twitter posts are immediately removed off your columns, keeping your TweetDeck centered on things that matter for you. If you need to unblock the user you have previously blocked, you are now able to do this via the profile panel for that user. Just click on the Unblock button and you will re-follow the account. We now have also made certain that twitter from protected accounts seem correctly at detail view and created improvements towards the readability associated with numbers upon tweets as well as profiles.

Tweetdeck Macintosh App Update Available:

Great news! TweetDeck 1.5 has become available within the Mac Application Store. Set up the update now and find out the changes that are made in this new version. We now have also up-to-date web with more features as well as fixes.

Now the improved visibility shows the private accounts by displaying the padlock icon alongside a username in which the user offers opted to protect their twitter posts.

It has become possible to move all the popup windows within TweetDeck. Just click and hang on the icon within the top-left corner of the popup, after that drag in order to reposition it.

We’ve changed the way in which we display retweets in your timeline to be able to become more consistent along with Twitter. Right now, if a number of your buddies retweet exactly the same tweet, you’ll only begin to see the first retweet inside your timeline line. You can easily see the final amount of retweets received for just about any tweet through opening it at length view.

Brand New Updates With Regard To Tweetdeck Chrome:

TweetDeck application is updated for the Chrome Online store to include all of the updates we have made during the last few days. Your application should auto-update whenever you next reactivate Chrome. You can find out about the improvements we have made:

  • Profile Enhancements for TweetDeck on the internet.
  • TweetDeck Web Update Can help you Focus.
  • TweetDeck Macintosh App update available, and much more updates with regard to Web.

Tweetdeck also included several new improvements and small fixes too, which will also be live on the internet right now.

If a person hasn’t however used the Chrome application, we’d certainly suggest trying this. It’s a similar as you will discover on the internet, it features real-time streaming for many columns, bringing you things that matter, quicker.

Take Action On Any Tweet:

TweetDeck is much more changed in order to both the Chrome application as well as web these days.

Now you are able to interact along with Tweets where ever they come in TweetDeck. Particularly, you may reply, retweet as well as favorite Twitter posts and access the greater Actions menus when including a column so when browsing Tweets from the user profile. This means you are able to engage with Tweets much easier than before and you will not need to add a column first. We also have improved the way you handle follow and unfollow actions and we now have fixed several minor bugs. Restart your Chrome browser to find the latest version from the TweetDeck app. When watching an account, you are now able to see that person follows your default accounts or not. We made enhancements to auto complete with regard to @usernames, which is now additionally possible in order to close any kind of popup window in TweetDeck simply by clicking outside the popup.

  • We now have added assistance for clickable stock symbols within Tweets in which the $ tag can be used, e.g. $AAPL, $MSFT and so on.
  • It has become possible to pick text within Tweets without opening the Tweet detail view, which makes it easier in order to copy & paste the contents of the Tweet.
  • We improved the support with regard to unicode characters through the app.

User Profile Link and Headers Summaries:

We additional support for that exciting new profile header pictures. These types of images right now appear upon profiles in TweetDeck, the place where a user offers chosen in order to upload one via or even Twitter for iPhone , ipad and Android . Also the detailed view of the Tweet has been improved in order to see the post summary.

Mobile Capabilities:

The globe is when you need it with this particular Twitter customer. The TweetDeck cellular package offers Twitter administration users use of their favorite internet sites and a chance to share information effortlessly. TweetDeck offers its effective Twitter customer tool for the iPhone, iPad as well as Android.

Customizing Your TweetDeck

Now that you know where the basics are on TweetDeck, you can make your TweetDeck platform work for your business. Okay, so that is TweetDeck 1.5 version. Now you are beginning to take your Twitter experience to the next level.

Third-Party Applications That Work with Twitter

Many other applications from TweetDeck can help your experience, such as Seesmic. Seesmic is similar to TweetDeck in that it organizes your tweets in columns or in single rows by tweets. Some people prefer Seesmic, but others have said it’s a little trickier to use than TweetDeck. As of this writing, Seesmic just launched a web-based platform. Again, it’s similar to TweetDeck, although it does allow you to display single-line tweets. Video posts are popular with Seesmic. Figuring it out can be a bit confusing initially, but there are many loyal followers.

Another popular program is Twhirl. It also shortens URLs and displays your new messages, but the screen is smaller. You can post images, search tweets, and use spell check. It automatically finds posts that mention your name or business name. Twhirl is also a popular application for viewing and managing tweets.

Photos and Videos on Twitter

What started out as a place to do a quick microblog or a 140-character tweet has now found new and innovative ways to keep readers engaged. One way is by posting photos and video. Remember infotainment? People like pictures because seeing is believing. The new audience on social media is loving video. What better way to marry the two than by utilizing all three methods together on Twitter?

Photos: TwitPic and

instantShift - TwitPic and

There are several ways to get photos on Twitter. TwitPic enables you to share photos on Twitter from your mobile device or computer. It’s free and easy to use. Another free service that many people like is Just go to these sites, give them your Twitter username and password, upload your photos from your computer, add your tweet, and click Send. It is also good to include an interesting sentence to encourage your followers to click on the picture link you are tweeting about.

Video: Twiddeo and TweeTube

Video is everywhere, and with our cell phones and pocket-held video cams, anyone can produce or star in his or her own video. Keep in mind that—just as with all the other social media platforms and methods—the videos that you post are a reflection of your personal and professional brand. Ask yourself: How will my prospects, customers, and advocates like this? Is it informative? Does it give them a fun glance of my personal side? Is it providing infotainment, just information, or just plain fun?

instantShift - and Twitcam allows you to see only the most shared videos on Twitter and Facebook. Keep in mind they are the most shared videos – but not necessarily the best quality. However, it shows you again the popularity of video among social media users.

Twitcam lets you stream live through your webcam and Twitter account. Simply go to this site, create an account using your Twitter information, and with your Twitter webcam you can start videoing live from an event or from your office or showroom. It’s that simple. The cool thing about this is you can also chat live with your viewers. They are also Twitter followers, too. Try experimenting with this and get creative.


You might be wondering how people with a thousand, ten thousand, or even a million followers are managing it all. Well, there are two ways. They might have a team of people to manage their Twitter social media, or they could be automating some of their tweets.

Everyday entrepreneurs and business owners can use an application called SocialOomph, which enables you to automate some of the process so you can get back to business. SocialOomph enables you to schedule tweets, send welcome messages to your new followers, and unfollow those who unfollow you. It’s all done automatically. The jury is still out as to whether some of this functionality will win you more friends or followers (or less). However, it is good to know it is there. As you begin tweeting and following people, look at their welcome messaging, which should trigger ideas.


Let’s talk about autofollowing. You can set it up so that Twitter automatically follows all the people who follow you. There are two schools of thought on this. Some people feel that, if someone is following them, then they should return the courtesy and follow them back. Others feel that they want to be selective and not follow everyone. There is no right or wrong here. However, if you’re not a public personality and you have, for example, 4,000 people following you while you are following only two, you will appear as an elitist in the Twitter culture. The opposite is also true: If you are following 4,000 and only have two followers, you will look like a spammer. It’s a fine line, and the rules are still evolving. Again, the choice is yours.

To Autotweet or Not to Autotweet?

We talked a bit earlier about automatically sending tweets, or autotweets, through an application like Many people do it, but a lot of folks within the Twitter community feel automated tweets take away from “social” conversations, sharing information, and networking. After all, if everyone automated their tweets, essentially no one would be reading the tweets (now that’s kind of a funny thought). So think long and hard about automating your tweets. After a while, the powerful Twitter user can tell which tweets are automated and which are live from a person. Many also block autotweeters since it can become a nuisance because they aren’t participating. They’re just sending automessages, which can be a bore. However, check out TweetLater and see if there is some functionality that will work for you and your business as your Twitter following expands.

Tips to Remember

  • How you manage your Twitter experience depends on your personal preferences.
  • TweetDeck, Seesmic, and Twhirl are application tools that help you manage your Twitter experience.
  • Learning how to upload videos and photos on Twitter is easy because applications such as TwitPic, Twiddeo, TweeTube, and Yfrog are user-friendly.
  • is a tool that helps you automate functions, such as scheduling tweets or automatically following someone back.
  • Be cautious not to overly automate because people want to hear from real people, in real time, with real responses.

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  1. Great article, Narendra! Thanks for discussing the auto-follow issue. Many of our clients are unsure which direction to go there.
    I’m wondering if you’ve tried other social media management decks like HootSuite? An article comparing the different options would be awesome!

    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia

  2. I’m a huge fan of Social Oomph which has enabled me to build over 40,000 targeted Twitter followers across several accounts.

    Followers who have an interest in what i write about on my blog.

    Its not a cheap service but it does scan user profiles and finds the types of people which have an interest in what you are doing so its worth it.

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