Off-site SEO Tactics for Your Website

Top visibility of your website/blog at any of the search engines is really valuable. Everyone is looking for the ways and tactics that can be used for increasing the visibility of their website at search engines. Process involved in making the rank of your blog/website better at search engines is known as Search engine optimization (SEO).

Good ranking of the website on search will reveal more customers on your forum resulting in earning of money. So, everybody is looking for the effective ways which can help to properly optimize their website according to top search engines.

The main function of SEO is to bring the internet spiders towards your page. SEO has different kinds of tactics and techniques. You need to optimize the website in a way that is readable on priority basis by the web spiders. The term SEO’s may refer to the business communities who get the projects for making your website on the top in famous search engines ranking. You can use SEO as a stand-alone service or a type of broader marketing service. The effectiveness of the SEO can be checked by the ranking of website on any desired search engine when searching for a specific keyword.

History of SEO dates back to the early 1990s when webmasters starting cataloging the early web. Methods for optimization for the search engine keeps on changing with time. You need to think and develop unique methods for keeping your position alive in the professional world. Only best and latest kinds of SEO techniques can help you to bring website on top position. There is a sea of SEO expert in the world but to grab a project you need to be highly motivated and innovative. This can only be achieved if you keep on looking for new methods and techniques.

Many of the search engines provide guidelines about their latest changing and coding. Google has sitemaps which can help the webmasters to learn if they are facing any kind of problem in indexing of their website. There are also tools available on the internet which can help you to find the rate of traffic on your website. Go for the best kinds of tactics which can help you to find out the best kinds of SEO tactics for you.

SEO can be categorized on the basis of white hat and black hat techniques. Black hat are the kind of techniques which can make your website ranking very visible in a short span of time. Such kind of ranking would only sustain for a short time. White hat are the real, consistent and ethical techniques which can provide long term and obvious visibility on the search engines. Most of the websites which have been optimized through black hat get blocked within no span of time. Instead of having bitter bite, it is better to wait sometime and get fruitful results. These results will be provoking and beneficial in every sense.

You need to handle and find out two kinds of tactics for optimizing your website. These tactics can be classified as on-site and off-site tactics. Each of the off and on site tactic have their own role in giving visitors to your website. Offsite SEO is one of the vital parts of the SEO games. External platforms are used in this tactic to get huge amount of traffic on your website. You need to find out the platforms other than your own website which can be effective in bringing huge traffic. Following are the useful ways which can help you to manage off-site SEO tactics:

Article Directories

instantShift - Article Directories
Article directories can improve SEO – Source via BigStock

There is some news that latest Panda updates have crushed the system of cultivating links at different forums. Will that also demolish the use of article directories as a major source of off-line SEO marketing tool? Article directories are not the source of building links on them. There are the kinds of websites for posting real and unique content. Article directories can be a solid source for SEO by creating back links through your article. Links farms are the posting of back links in a bulk amount to any forum or website. This kind of link farming doesn’t provide good information to the researchers.

Many of the top directories like Ezine, Goarticles are one of the best sources for having a strong back link for your website. One of the biggest advantages of SEO through article directories is that they can be provide specific traffic related to your niche rather than just general traffic. Submitting an article on any of the top directories mean you are contributing a valuable thing to the internet. They are best to squeeze out delicious SEO juice for website. You will see a great difference after using article directories as a part of SEO tactic.

Web 2

It is necessary now days to keep your users engage in some interesting things if you want them to continuously come at your blog. Regarding this point, some of the web 2.0 platforms can be the savior of your website. However most of the visibility for your blog depends on the search channel but Web 2 can make your site visible by providing entertainment factor. Content management systems like blogs and wiki of the Web2 can be a great source for keeping your website alive. Blogs and wikis are textually rich, very well interlinked and updated regularly. If you have not yet been able to transform your glossary of terms into a wiki then you are going out of box. Such kinds of blogs and wikis can help to expand the search channel resulting in driving your business to limitless heights.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the powerful tools for the SEO masters to make website visible in search engines. It is not a new SEO tool but in market since a long period of time. It is a kind of tactic in which you should make standard practice for getting the best results for your efforts. While guest posting, you need to make sure that no extra links should be posted on one webpage. Many people are of the view that increased number of back links on a web page will help to bring more SEO juice for their website. Posting extra links on a web page will show like you are posting content merely for SEO of your website. While posting any kind of content on the web page, make sure that you are contributing valuable and quality thing on the web.

Different kinds of blogs may have their own sentence structure and grammatical rules. Before contributing anything, you must read all the rules of guest post carefully so that you donate as per their rules. Always remember that natural writing is the best way to make your article look best. No one can ever replace the best and quality written content. Quality content along with back links for your blog can be the best source for SEO.

SEO Optimized Theme

Theme of the website should be optimized so that target audience and search engines can provide you with the target users. You need to make and design your website in SEO optimized way. Themed topic thread could be a focal point for the search crawlers to make your website visible. Without optimized themed, you website would lack the chances for getting read by the search engines in an effective way. You must make sure that a competitive page on your website should have a separate page so that it can have more description for the users.

The SEO optimized theme can help the people to read out website easily. Keywords should not be repeated so much because search crawlers can easily recognize the keyword if it is repeated just once on page. Keep a natural them of the page to make your website become more visible.

Article Marketing

It is a kind of strategy in which company writes short description about their terms, services and products. Article marketing is done with the help of top ranked article directories. These directories give page rank to the website of author and send traffic from readers. Business owners and marketers try to expand their online business by posting maximum number of articles on the valuable directories. Many of the people try to make a duplicate content which gets filtered by directories. However some of the variations can be created in the article for posting on the directories which can help to bring good traffic without much effort.

Most of the marketing tactics for your website require lot of promotional techniques and budget. Article marketing is the only free and most potential source for creating customers on your website. One of the biggest advantages of article marketing is that you could be able to get the specific and targeted customers of your niche. The primary goal of the article marketing is that author can make a strong impact on the internet.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

instantShift - Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing connection with SEO – Source via BigStock

Social media has become the easiest and advanced way of staying connected with each other. It is one of the useful and strong techniques for driving traffic in bulk towards your website. The basic aim of any social networking site is to increase your social circle. You need to make profile on any of the well reputed social media website. Make connections with people and try to grow your list as maximum as possible. Act and behave in a natural way because such kinds of sites block the profiles that look like scam.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are normally used by the marketers for social media marketing. It is a not a kind of specific marketing as lots of people will come to your website but all of them won’t be interested in your products. You can also connect with the leaders of your niche to find out the coupons and deals offered by them. This step will also be valuable if you are thinking to have a joint venture in the future. Making page of your website at social media forums and increasing the number of followers could be really helpful. Opt any of the social media marketing tactic if you want to have a potential number of customers at your website.

Back Links at Different Forums and Blogs

Back links at different kinds of blogs and forums can be a best source of driving traffic to your blog. In this tactic, you need to select the list of blogs and forums related to your niche. Blogs and forums with good ranking in the search engine should be preferred. Comment at such blogs/forums with a link for your website. Act in a natural way with a good comment otherwise the moderators of the forum may block your account. This is one of the best tactics if you are able to publish your comments on top rated forum along with back links. Cultivating more and more back links will help to grab handsome amount of traffic for your website.

Some More Methods

Pay Per Click (PPC)

instantShift - Pay Per Click

It is one of the effective tools for driving traffic on your blog. Advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked. Most of the bids are placed on the basis of keywords searched with search engines. PPC advertisements are displayed on the pages of content that have agreed to show ads. This strategy is different from the pay per impression method which is used in news papers and televisions.

In comparison with the general strategies that direct huge volumes of traffic to a website, PPC presents an affiliate model to provide users with opportunity to buy. Websites agreed to post the ad will display it when a keyword matching to the advertiser’s keyword list is searched. This system has been able to get scammed with the help of click fraud but Google has designed automatic system to guard abusive clicks. The automated systems have been developed to guard the method from corrupts web developers.

Banner Placement

This is a kind of free registration on some of the website which will put a banner on your platform for ads. Banner can be used for placing of several ads by the companies or business man to generate good revenue. This strategy is only possible after your website has been able to gain access reputation and traffic.

Google Adsense

Google adsense can also be one of the best tools to get revenue from your website. The revenue is generating on the basis of pay per click method. You can only use this method if the reputation of your website is good and able to provide with the strong feedback.


It is a kind of social networking forum which can provide you with a chance to direct huge number of traffic. You share different kinds of photos on this website along with the link which gets distributed all over the web as your picture gets more followers and likes.


Go for all of the above mentioned off-site SEO tactics if you want to get a good number of traffic on your website. Keep a balance between the offline and online SEO tactics as they both will help to improve the traffic on your website.

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