11 Gorgeous WordPress Pinterest Themes

Social Media has taken more evolutionary leaps in the past two years then it has in the time since cave men adorned their spears and clubs with rocks and bones to differentiate their awesome possessions.

Hope everyone are familiar with the current social media dearie. Yup it is Pinterest! Gentlemen who were once making gag on Pinterest as a social media site used by ladies just to share cooking recipes, are now damn bully users of Pinterest. So, what is there in Pinterest to make them turnaround? Before coming into that, let me quickly crack out few facts about Pinterest.

  • Pinterest, in just two years from its emergence has reached the world’s top 3rd biggest social media networking site.
  • It has an average of 11.7 million unique visitors per month.
  • User’s attention is longer in Pinterest when compared to Facebook and twitter. Pinterest users spend on an average of 15.8 minutes, whereas a Facebook user spends 12.1 minutes and twitter user spends 3.3 minutes on an average.
  • Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube and Linkedin (even if these three are combined).
  • Almost 70 percent of Pinterest users are females, among which those under the age group of 25 to 35 have their major participation.
  • One third of all Pinterest users have an average annual household income of $100,000.
  • 50 percent of Pinterest users have kids.
  • 97 percent of Facebook fans on Pinterest page are women.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest, being today’s hottest social media network has taken away the hearts of millions. So, why this Pinterest crush? The one best reason to-be is, Pinterest keeps you visually engaged. With its amazing photo sharing facility, people can anytime pin photos and videos to their boards. Another best thing with Pinterest is, you can upload ‘n’ number of photos to ‘n’ number of albums. Pinterest lets you to pin photos either from your computer or web. If you are pinning a image taken from web, there is a Pinterest Bookmarklet to pick up the source of the image and set it as the click through link. You also have the option of sharing the pins simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter. This unique way of pinning photos and videos has led users to keep showered with Pinterest.


Gone are the days where you hire designers to design, build and develop your websites. Now is the trend to design your own website / blog with WordPress. WordPress is absolutely free and hence it is not needed to spend dollars on designing websites. WordPress is simple to use. With a WordPress site, you can easily drive traffic to your page, since WordPress is wholly SEO- friendly. Therefore, your site can be ranked well on Google and other search engine result pages.

WordPress Pinterest Themes

So, now coming to our topic. What is a WordPress – Pinterest theme? There are a plenty of WordPress themes that lets you to add videos, photos, content and other customization options to your WordPress site. The most interesting thing about Pinterest that attracts all visitors is its excellent design and layout. Several Pinterest like WordPress themes have come out to make your WordPress blog shine like a Pinterest page. These WordPress Pinterest themes make you feel as if you are working with a social media network, while the truth is you are in your WordPress site.
Though there are several Pinterest like WordPress themes, I have picked you the best ten themes that comes with some extraordinary features.

WP Pinterest Theme by Apptha

instantShift - WP Pinterest Theme by Apptha

Developed by Apptha, this theme stands for its stylish and flexible home page design. The theme comes with a multi column layout that helps you to add any number of images to the pinboard. This template is SEO optimized and when integrated with third party plugins like Feedburner email widget or Social Share Network will look like an absolute Pinterest website. Pinterest WordPress Theme comes with a fast loading feature that keeps your site visitors completely fascinated.

With this Apptha theme, you can upload logo and images easily. It features table less design and is compatible with IE7+, IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. The content gets loaded as you scroll. User can comment on any image uploaded by the admin. Admin has access to upload logo, set infinite scroll or standard scroll and set featured image.

Features Live Demo

PinBoard by Themify.me

instantShift - WP Pinterest Theme PinBoard

PinBoard is a Pinterest like WordPress theme that comes with a responsive and auto stacking layout. PinBoard gives you the option to choose infinite scroll, with which the new posts gets loaded automatically as you scroll to the bottom of the page. PinBoard works well with desktop and mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android. The major features that comes with Pinboard theme are lightbox gallery, social media icons, custom header / footer menu, 3 post layout options, custom welcome message, custom footer text, 7 theme skins, optional RSS and search form, animated back to top button, and child theme support. PinBoard is coded with HTML5 and CSS3.

Features Live Demo


instantShift - WP Pinterest Theme Pinpress

PinPress is a WordPress theme that comes with the exact design of Pinterest. The theme is wholly social and the apt one for displaying visual arts. Pinpress features an amazing responsive design, search engine optimized and easy customization. The theme can be used on all devices and browsers, whatever the screen resolution may be. It has an excellent compatibility with smartphones, tablets and big screen monitors. PinPress can be a valid choice for designers, travelers, personal bloggers, photographers, and corporate bloggers. Pinpress is a premium theme offered at $69.

Features Live Demo


instantShift - Gridnik WordPress Theme

Gridnik is a Pinterest like WordPress theme, which is completely unique. This theme comes with a flexible layout that fits on any screen size. Gridnik is WizyPanel powered and enfolds six videos with a built-in documentation to get you started. It comes in 9 slick color schemes with 15 font options served by Google Fonts Directory. Gridnik supports WordPress 3. The theme also includes a powerful portfolio, built-in ShareThis plugin, built-in Wizylike WordPress plugin, updates notifier and individual galleries for projects. There are 10 custom widgets that come with Gridnik. These include Flickr, Twitter, Video widget, popular projects, recent projects, most liked projects, project’s tags, project’s categories and many more. Gridnik is offered at a premium price of $30.

Features Live Demo


instantShift - DailyNotes WordPress Theme

Daily Notes comes with $39 for a whole of 84 themes. This is a Pinterest like WordPress theme that can be used to share your day-to-day life’s experience with your friends. Daily bloggers, ladies and mummies who spend their time leisurely at home can best prefer this theme to decorate their WordPress site. DailyNotes is so simple and comes in a layout that tempts you to write something like in a personal diary. It comes in four different colors. Daily notes is compatible with all type of browsers and screen types. This WordPress theme is also multimedia integrated.

Features Live Demo


instantShift - Graphic WordPress Theme

Graphic is a WordPress theme that is developed by Dessign team. It is exclusively a free theme with modern style. There is a featured section on the middle, to where the posts are aligned in an amazing way. Graphic designers, illustrators and photographers will find Graphic to be an excellent platform for their career. This theme is compatible with WordPress 3.1. It includes a valid XHTML and CSS. Graphic is compatible with IE7, IE8, Safari and Firefox. Another best thing with this theme is that, Graphic is search engine optimized and hence by using this theme on your WordPress site, you can get your site rank good in search engines.

Features Live Demo


instantShift - ecoStrips WordPress Theme

EcoStrips is a dynamic theme offered at a premium price of $25. This theme comes with a dynamic wall to arrange your posts in a dynamic way, based on your screen size. There is also a dynamic filter plugin that allows you to filter your posts dynamically with a single click. EcoStrips make use of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies.

Features Live Demo


instantShift - Reflex WordPress Theme

Reflex is a dynamic Grid / Portfolio WordPress theme, which is offered at a premium price of $35. It comes with a powerful theme management tool and a filterable dynamic grid layout. This theme includes 9 page templates and 9 color schemes. There are over 40 font replacement options, which also include selections from Google Fonts API and Cufon. Reflex features the ability to change thumbnail and module sizes on the fly. The theme also comes with typekit, fontsquirrel, Google fonts support, lightboxes, galleries, slideshows, shortcodes and traditional blog templates. There is also an optional widget overlay area at the footer. YouTube and Vimeo videos are supported in the lightbox and inside page templates.

Features Live Demo


instantShift - AutoFocus WordPress Theme

Autofocus is an elegant WordPress theme that comes with Dynamic Flickr Integration, by which you can transfer images directly from your Flickr account. Autofocus is a premium theme offered at $25. It features, front page image crop editing, lightbox effect for shortcodes, support for WordPress 3.0 and custom menus, custom admin styles for an improved WYSIWYG experience, widgetized sidebar areas, and two additional & optional ad-spaces for banners & widgets. This WordPress Pinterest theme is designed on a 800 pixel / 8 column grid. Autofocus is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. It also has an optional portfolio style layout with squared images.

Features Live Demo

Shaken Grid

instantShift - Shaken Grid WordPress Theme

Shaken Grid is a powerful portfolio theme with a fluid grid layout. The theme is extremely easy to use and customize. Post a video by simply copy and pasting the video’s URL from Vimeo or Youtube, or create an entire gallery by just uploading all of your images and hitting “Publish”…it’s that simple! Advanced post options include; changing the post box size, hiding post elements (title, content, slideshow), and changing the post’s individual page to be more minimalistic. It brings you the exact look of Pinterest, but more a classy look. It has a built in theme options panel from where you can upload your own logo and customize the look.

Features Live Demo

iPhoto (Free Theme)

instantShift - iPhoto Free WordPress Theme

iPhoto theme is for photo blogs, photographers or personal bloggers. The theme is an awesome WordPress theme like Pinterest. iPhoto theme comes with full width homepage layout section, a responsive sections like views, photos and comments included homepage thumbnails, WordPress 3.31 overviews ready for auto included and resizing thumb image options, sweet drop down navigation menu and more much. The theme is a best of clone for Pinterest!

Features Large Preview Download

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    Also, whoever named their theme iPhoto might want to reconsider before they get an email from Apple.

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  5. My favorite one is PinTheme from Themify.me :) The design is clean and awesome

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