22 Blog Post Headlines That Never Fail

Headlines are everything online. Whenever you Google something or check out a website, the headlines are the first the things that show up. Visitors and even people searching on Google will make a quick assessment of your website in the blink of an eye just by looking at the headlines. In that case, it is vital that the headlines are eye-catching and interesting enough to entice them into reading it.

Strong headlines are important, but the content should also match the headlines. A website is nothing without quality content that lives up to the headlines and provides real solutions for the readers. It is fairly easy to figure out whether you are doing it the right way because you should be able to get something out of the article for yourself after writing it. If you do not find the article interesting or informative, then chances are that your readers will not either.

The true advantage of writing these types of articles is that they are evergreen and continue to bring visitors long after they have been posted. Although it may take you slightly longer to write certain types of posts and they may require quite a bit of research, they are worth the time and effort you put in to them. Most of the popular blogs have a least a few posts they recommend that new visitors read to get a sense of the their style and what kind of material they cover. A simple batch of 3-5 blog posts with powerful headlines can do wonders for your website even if you are just starting out. Here are 22 blog headlines that never fail to attract readers and attention.

1. 10 of the Biggest ______ Mistakes

Think about the biggest problems that people have in a certain subject area and then think backward to the mistakes that caused the problems in the first place. It is not enough to just mention the mistake, but rather discuss why the mindset or approach is faulty.

2. 10 Ways to ________

This is more of a listing article that will explain various ways to do a certain thing. In order to distinguish your article from the other ones on the same subject, you will want to be as clear and specific as possible. Pictures and links to other resources can be especially helpful.

3. 10 Reasons Why Your ______ Doesn’t Work

The premise of this article is to explain why something is not working for your audience. Use some of the most common mistakes as the basis for this article explain specifically why each approach is ineffective and then describe a better way to deal with the problem.

4. How to Tell If You Are Doing Your ______ Right

The focus of this article is to talk about the signs that you get if you are doing something the right way. Tell the audience what the signs are, but also describe specific actions they can take to get the positive results you are talking about. It is especially important to have some practical experience with the subject so that you know how to distinguish the good from the average.

5. Lies Your ______ Told You

The foundation of this article is built on lies, misconceptions, and half-truths. The only difference is that your article will not only have to repeat the lie, but the tell truth to combat the false information. A lot of inaccurate information comes from lay people, so it is helpful if you think of it from that perspective to get ideas.

6. The One Minute Guide to ______

A one minute guide can take longer than a minute, but it should be an easy and concise way guide to doing something. Seemingly complicated subjects are good topics for this type of article because you will be doing your audience a huge favor if you can break it down for them. Imagine this as being the guide that you wish that you had when first started.

7. What Not to Do When ________

Base this article on some of the biggest gaffes you have ever seen. Use popular examples of major lapses of judgment with known brands and explain why it did not work for them and why no one else should try it either. As you describe the error, be sure to add information about how they should have resolved the situation.

8. The Step by Step Guide to _______

Step by step guides can be very popular if done correctly. A lot of articles say that they break everything down, but it is usually not done in a way that a lay person or a beginner could understand. Make your article stand apart by including plenty of screen shots, links and pictures. Remember how it was when you first tried to do it yourself and think of every single challenge that came up. It can be helpful to mention some of the common pitfalls and how they can avoid them as well. The finished guide should be free of industry jargon and simple enough for a child to follow it. You can gain some extra brownie points if you invite readers to ask questions in the comment area and actually answer the questions.

9. The 9 Best _______ for _______

Approach this article as a best of guide for a particular topic. Scour the Internet for some of the most useful and informative websites, videos, or utilities. Never try to list the most popular resources just because everyone already knows about them. Focus on listing the best resources, especially some of the obscure ones because you want your readers to learn about some tools that they would probably never know about.

10. The 10 Laws of ________

These laws should be unwritten rules that have shown themselves throughout the years. These rules are universal and must draw from popular examples that have been successful. List the law, explain why it works, and how to apply it. Being a little daring and controversial can be a good way to foster a comment board discussion.

11. The Best _______ You’ve Never Heard Of

Look for some of the more uncommon resources that work really well for something. Obviously, you must skip the all of the well known ones, but whatever you do list should be just as good or if not better than the stuff most people know about. This type of article is best written by someone with a lot experience that knows about some of the alternatives.

12. The Smart Way to ______

The smart way is about finding a more efficient route to solving a problem in way that saves money, time, or both. Describe the way that most people do it, then discuss the smart way, and provide detailed steps to accomplish it. Having an orthodox approach that still works is a great way to attract a lot of attention from the article. Include a lot of pictures and screen shots, but also be on call for comments and questions.

13. The Fast and Easy Path to ________

Consider techniques that allow you to do something in the fastest and easiest way without spending a lot of money. Since it is supposed to be quick and easy, it only needs to achieve the minimum intended result and perfection is often unrealistic in these cases. Impart to your audience that there are some other ways to do it and you may even advise them to do it differently if they the have time or resources.

14. 10 Things Your _____ Will Love

Unlike most of the other headlines, this one should not be geared toward your audience. Cater this article to whomever your audience would like to satisfy whether it is their own clients, readers, or constituents. Put yourself in their shoes and talk about what you would probably satisfy you if you were in their position.

15. The Honest Truth About _____

This is definitely a time to give your personal opinion about something even if you know that some people will disagree. The bolder the statements, the better your article will be. Be aware that there will likely be people that will challenge your stance, so be prepared for opposition and have a defense ready for the questions and comments that will inevitably follow.

16. The Warning Signs About _______

Approach this like a snapshot of the warning signs that occur before things go wrong. Really look for some of the more subtle signs that most people neglect to pay attention to. Moreover, discuss what it means if they notice the sign and what course of action would be best.

17. The 7 Things You Never Knew About _______

All of the little known facts about a topic are excellent for this headline. Some research may be required, but it will pay off in the end if you leave your readers with a lot of helpful tips and tricks that they never even knew about. A link to an instructional video or pictures can also be an added bonus.

18. Everything You Need to Know About_____

A comprehensive guide that literally explains everything you would need to know about a topic. Leave no stone unturned and answer all of the questions that people are embarrassed to ask. Go for a long length and stay on stand by for questions and comments.

19. The _________ Secrets That No One Will Tell You

Industry secrets are your bread and butter for this title. These are the things that the insiders know, but keep secret from everybody else. Unless you are an expert yourself, it may be necessary to consult with some people that are really knowledge the subject.

20. 10 Things That Pros Know or Do

Novices should model themselves after the professionals because they have already tried everything and they know what works. A collaboration where you include some key advice from respected professionals in your field can be a good way to gain a lot insight and not to mention attention from the article.

21. The Beginners Guide to _______

Again, explain every step and every single detail that a beginner needs to know to get started. What do you wish you had known from the beginning and give that gift to your audience. Pictures, links, and videos are extremely helpful because they can reach people that have different learning styles. These types articles can help you develop your reputation as an expert on the subject, so be active in the comments and use it as a showpiece on your blog.

22. 00+ Excellent Examples of ______ Photography

Photography is a ridiculously broad subject that could literally deal anything whether it is food, clothing, architecture, people, or even animals. Those that are new to the field will need to have specific examples that they can follow to create their own portfolio and personal style. Evidently, you will need to have a lot pictures at your disposal for the article, but make sure that you have the proper permission to use them.


Headlines are responsible for attracting the majority of the visitors to any blog or website. Eye catching, controversial, and extremely useful headlines are the way to go whether you are trying to gain more readers or keep them on your site even longer. The only caveat is that the content should genuinely match the title and provide value to your audience.

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  1. Well, you are right, those headlines attract the majority of the visitors to your site, but the problem is that after a while of getting some very useless content I started to not even bother to enter to read articles such as: “10 of the Biggest …” etc.

  2. Yes.Those titles definitely attract visitors.Many bloggers often use them in their post headlines.

  3. I’m not attracted to blogs that have a headline of “10 of the Best” whatever.

    I like most of the others though.

    The key is to be genuine.

  4. Nice concept.Really great works.

  5. Great Titles, thanks for sharing.

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