Is a Landing Page Right for You? How to Build an Effective Portal for Upstream Advertising

A landing page is the part of your website that your upstream advertisements lead to. A landing page provides further details after a potential visitor clicks on a smaller promotion included on another website. The source of the advertising can be a Google search, a banner ad, a paid ad like Google AdWords, a weblink in an e-mail, or a mirror URL seen on a TV or print promotion. The purpose of a landing page is to increase the upstream advertising and force the guest to transform into a client by taking a particular action.

Also known as cause-catch webpages, landing pages are very useful because they offer details proportional to the promotion selected by the audience. Clients generally land on a landing page by following hyperlinks from various places, such as public networking, e-mail, and search engine-optimized promotional initiatives. Companies try to turn this initial attention into a buy or obtain details from the visitor using either referrals or transactional landing pages.

Types of Landing Pages

A referral landing page provides details appropriate to the guest. These can show text, pictures, powerful compilations of appropriate hyperlinks, or other elements. Referreal landing pages are efficient if they acomplish the goals of their marketers, which may be companies or entities providing services. For many referrals, landing pages’ efficiency can be calculated by the income value of the promotion shown. As the name indicates, referral landing pages concentrate on providing referral details about the product or service offers.

The success of a particular referral landing page can be based on the income generated by advertising. Webverts are one component of referral landing pages that concentrate specifically on the promotion aspect associated with online search term resources. Webverts are very efficient and reasonable promotion techniques as search term resources help route interested audiences to the landing page.

A transactional landing web page looks to engage a visitor in completing a deal, with the objective being to buy the goods and services. If information is offered, the site usually does not provide it until the visitor offers information in exchange, such as an e-mail address, phone number, or name—enough information to “collect the lead” and add the potential customer to a subscriber list.

How these pages work?

It is important to understand how landing pages work and why they’re called a “landing page.” Usually, not all pages on a website are directly connected to the website and sitemap. This set up is recommended so that search engine robots can catalog all the websites and include them in their data source.

In the case of landing pages, and for their maximum efficiency, to ensure precise statistics, they should:

  1. Be separate from the website and sitemap
  2. Avoid being spidered and caught by search engines
  3. Avoid being accessed directly by a visitor

In fact, landing pages actually break each and every rule of SEO! After all, there is no other way of doing this if you’re to get efficient and precise statistics for your organization or investors.

What Makes a Landing Page Effective?

Credibility and trust: The VeriSign icon, placed next to the buy button, and the group of globally famous brands directly below strengthens the value and demand of the item.

  • Delicate Mention of the Client Count: Within the big product client pictures is an awesome little addition.
  • Attention to Reading Styles: There is an outstanding mix of conclusion sentences. in addition to specific information for those who want to dig further.
  • Real Testimonials: The images look like they’ve been taken from public media. Paired with a name and the organization’s name, visitors can quickly confirm that these are actual companies.

Why Are They Important?

Talking in the Client’s Language: Most people find websites by means of the PPC strategy (Pay Per Click Strategy) or by searching for a particular term based on website optimization. When you have a landing page, which is quite different from your website, you can style it as you want according to the key words that attract visitors. You can also style individual landing pages for many different groups of visitors, which create a good impact on consumer purchases along with generating a stronger transformation from visitors. You can also make changes to your web page according to strategy. If you have two strategies and want customers from each set to move on to a particular web page, landing pages make it possible.

Easy Altering: Many different individuals view your web page, and every one of them has different specifications and perspectives. With regards to the increase or loss of your site’s transformation rate, you’ll need to integrate many changes. By having an individual website for special offers (i.e., a landing page), you have the freedom to make changes as required. Whereas your website has to maintain consistency with your product philosophy and corporate interaction, the landing page can be customized with changing specifications and times.

Measuring Effects of Promotion Campaign: Having individual landing pages for promotions enables you to determine which strategies are most effective in attracting visitors, which can help you invest your efforts in strategies that work while eliminating ineffective strategies. This will result in more efficient promotions while saving money. In addition, you can measure the quality of visitors using various methods.

Preparing Content that Ensures High SEO Ranking: Landing pages offer individual interactions; hence, they can be developed with particular objectives in mind. Filling the landing page with key phrases can quickly move you into higher rankings on Google searches, resulting in more visitors to your web page.

Sharing a Particular Message: If you are willing to express a particular factor or want to generate a new item strategy, all analyses are possible and acceptable with a landing page. It can be enhanced based on your strategy.

Boosting Conversations: A web page developed with clear knowledge of what type of clients are viewing it and for what aim can generate more efficient interactions. In this way, clients will feel special. It also attracts client to your side.


Such benefits will generate more traffic for your company. Indeed, one inherent purpose of a landing page is to increase your popularity.

Creating a Landing Page


Visitors come to your website looking for solutions. They check out your web page to determine if they came to the right place. They also assess whether it’s going to be a quick and simple visit or longer, more intense one. Your landing page should be the welcome chariot alluring them in and providing them the details they’re looking for. The framework of your landing page should encourage them to complete your objective or shift from visitor into client.

Generally, the framework of your landing page should match the banner, advertisement, or weblink they clicked on to get them to the landing page.

Appeal of Landing Page

The tactical use of graphics and copy can catch the attention of your visitors. Don’t fill the landing page with distracting graphics. It is better to use more whitespace and fit your main message in the central part of your page. Placing the main message down the sides is not a good idea because the focus there is lost easily. Although you may find many with a large amount of copy, keeping copy short is better. Visitors are looking for a clear message that will help them decide to act. Don’t fill the page with senseless prose. Remember the important KISS acronym: Keep It Short and Simple.

For the landing page’s design, use a consistent color palette. If you have banners or advertisements that attract the visitors to the landing page, make sure that the color scheme and concept of your banner matches the page. This makes the best visual indicator as the visitors can identify that this is the right place for them.

Finally, remove all distracting elements from your landing page, such as links, additional information blocks, or advertising banners. Leave only links that fulfill the purpose of your website properly. Make your landing page to the point to attract readers to your all-important message.

Decide Your Goal

Before you design your landing page, decide its goal. If you want to target mailing list subscribers, your goal will be to attract them by providing an information form on your landing page so that they are impressed by the “main message” and quickly enter their personal information and subscribe to your website. If you want your visitors to convert their search into a transaction, place the order button in front and make the purchasing easy.

  • Be a Friend: Do your research and keep your visitors in mind when creating the landing page. Make it according to their taste. By specifying the choices and making everything according to the choice of your visitors, you are concentrating on your target.
  • Your Focus Is Everything: Attracting visitors to your landing page is an intimate task, so keep your focus on your target. Your advertisements and banners will be of no use if you don’t make your visitors stay on your landing page. You have to make them do what you want, which requires special techniques from beginning to end.
  • Use calls to action: Calls to action such as “get this offer” or “subscribe now” make your visitors stay on the landing page and remind then why they visited in the first place. These things are really beneficial for your website. You can only achieve your purpose through your landing page based on these actions. They make it easy for the visitors to do what they are here for quickly and easily.

Information forms directly on the landing page sometimes do not feel appropriate. For example, if your website sells something, you should place the lowest prices and products you provide. You can’t put a form on the landing page. In such situations, calls to action work well. Don’t ever put links on your landing page that lead to a particular offer. Again, place to-the-point calls to action. Add only those links that lead them to what is stated or to a subscription form for your mailing list.

Ways to Prevent Landing Pages from Failing

  1. Stop Filling Them With Too Much Text: Stuffing your landing page or product with too much monotonous text can overwhelm and intimidate your visitors; as a result, they can miss your actual sales message, which may lead them to abandon your landing page. Your content might be useful to visitors, but it is better to rely less on visual text. Sales pages with long forms do work, but only for infomercial-related products that are spammy.

  2. Use Killer Headlines: Visitors will not waste their time reading useless messages on your landing page. To-the-point headlines written in bold are the only things that attract visitors’ attention. Killer headlines can make or break the time spent by your visitor on the page. Graphics and layout simply will not work without a killer message written in bold. If your main text is attractive, the reader will go for your whole explanation on your website.

    Making Killer Headlines:

    1. Your headline should be clearly visible to the readers and should have the capability to grab their attention.
    2. Your headline should be concise and easy to remember.
    3. Your headline must focus on all the main benefit of the services you provide. It should tell your story in the quickest way.
  3. Got Proof? Use it!: The marketer who neglects the importance of social networks, testimonials, and recommendations does their website’s landing page design a disservice. Your landing page must be more than an ordinary advertisement or a common banner. It should provide proof of the users who converted their search into a transactional action. Proof enables one to develop credibility and build some trust in the offer you are providing. This is the best opportunity, so don’t ever pass it up.

Myths about Landing Pages

One Size Is Enough

In the creation of landing pages, there is no template or magic formula that works for each and every business, industry, or organization online. Successful landing pages are those that are created by keeping the needs of the audience in mind and targeting them based on the market. If you have a product-based business and you want to sell your products online, you need to develop credibility and give proof to convince potential customers. Obviously, no one tries a new thing without reading about feedback from previous customers. So, the belief that just one type of landing page will work for you is wrong. You actually need to show your creativity.

Cool Sites Sell More

For online marketers, an introductory flash page is the worst thing ever. Cool designs, flash presentations, and fancy colors may impress visitors at first, but they do nothing for sales and actually work as a hindrance. A website that is appealing, user-friendly, and to the point can do more for your business in sales than a flash-based graphic that takes more than five seconds to load. Not everyone has a fast internet connection; for those who don’t, it is really hard to load such pages. So keep your landing page simple.

Build It and They Will Come

You might have heard this myth in terms of traffic. Unfortunately, people never take action just because the option exists. There must be a convincing reason or excuse. If your landing page doesn’t have one, the visitor will close your website without taking any other action. The previously discussed creation method will help build an effective landing page.

Showcase of Perfect Landing Pages


instantShift - Landing Page of ABChambers

The landing page of AbChambers is both creative and convincing because visitors can find the whole story on it. All the things that are present force a visitor to scroll down to learn about meditation; in the end, the visitor feels motivated to act. This landing page is a true example of creativity.


instantShift - Landing Page of Artistoftheyear

All the important information on the Artist of the Year landing page is written in big bold letters with some creativity added. They have directly revealed “artist of the year” on their front page so that the band’s fans will hook up and click links on landing page for more information. In addition to its creativity, it uses exceptional techniques to engage the visitors.


instantShift - Landing Page of Bignoise

Bignoise is a website design website. Their landing page shows the creativity they use in their services. In addition, they mention their best service on their landing page: “We make websites that work on all devices.” Such a statement on a landing page hooks the readers and urges them to try the service. The company clearly shows what it does on their landing page.


instantShift - Landing Page of Getpocket

Getpocket’s landing page is pretty simple, but quite convincing as it bears the key points of the documents saving phenomenon and the “sign up” call to action after a simple statement, which can attract a lot of readers. The landing page could have possessed a lot of unnecessary content, but they kept it simple and showed what it’s actually about in just one line.


instantShift - Landing Page of Giftrocket

The big, bold “Online Gift Cards” says it all for the website on this landing page. Gift Rocket has provided their mission, operations, and everything on their landing page. They’ve mentioned their achievements and feedback too. This makes their landing page different from others.


instantShift - Landing Page of Highrisehq

This landing page has just one important call to action as well as information about operations. Although Highrise provides a lot of content, it is all meaningful and helpful, so it does not ruin the design of this landing page.


instantShift - Landing Page of Intuit

The landing page of Intuit mentions three steps for building your business and includes information on clients for which these steps have worked. Visitors do not have to seek out proof about their services as it is provided as they navigate the website. Indeed, adding feedback on your landing page can be very useful for your business.


instantShift - Landing Page of Modoluce

Modoluce is all about lighting, which they’ve mentioned on their landing page while keeping it simple and precise. The page is free of extra content and can attract many visitors, urging them to find out more about their services.


instantShift - Landing Page of Olark

Olark’s landing page is contingent on two convincing factors: a “get started” call to action with a logo. Creativity has been used to ensure that it holds the attention of thousands of visitors.


instantShift - Landing Page of Photoshelter

Photo Shelter also includes their key sentence in big, bold lettering. They introduce the professional photographers in their community, which makes the page more attractive despite the fact that few colors are used.


instantShift - Landing Page of Squarespace

SquareSpace presents their strongest testimonial on their landing page. They show what they can do for websites and then produce an appropriate call to action. The layout is presentable and can engage visitors with its creativity.


instantShift - Landing Page of Squareup

Squareup does not have any non-useful content on their landing page. As you can see, they include a form, which makes it easy for visitors to provide their information directly and get the software.


instantShift - Landing Page of Thisisyoke

The Yoke organization mentions what they do by presenting every creative image on their landing page. They also highlight their ongoing projects, which makes the page more creative and attractive (similar to AbChambers).

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