21 Interesting Myths about SEO

Like several other fields of this world, SEO consists of hundreds of myths, which have made this field quite confusing. In the starting days of SEO, everything was easy and direct. The techniques were not that complex and it doesn’t require a lot of time to make someone aware of its techniques. However, as time passed by, search engines launched more complex tactics which lead the field to these myths.

You think that you are an SEO professional and you have been practicing it for many years. Well! Everyone is not perfect. You must take a look at these myths which are sometimes ignored by most of the search engine optimizers. They think that what they are doing is right. But they don’t know that some of their beliefs can drop down the level of effectiveness of their SEO practices.

“Research” is the most important part of this field and you always have to go with the updates. Maybe you are not aware of those techniques which worked in past years but they don’t work now. So, out of those hundreds of myths, here are twenty one most interesting and most popular ones explained:

1. “SEO is a selection of techniques to deceive look for engines”

If you are “fooling” the search applications, then you are probably sleeping customers too. Think how good that kind of action converts? “Real” SEO has many more than improving articles, getting hyperlinks and using non reusable marketing “techniques”. Tricks and techniques may be an argument of connotation based on who you discuss to, but a lot of the techniques we affiliate with effective and lengthy lasting SEO.

2. “Individuals in our market do not use search applications”

You do not have to perform too much analysis to discover out if market is practical for marketing through the search applications.

According to an analysis by comScore qSearch, about 4.9 thousand internet looks monthly and 133 thousand exclusive guests are found. Those statistics have actually moved up a little bit since the analysis. It’s obviously true that some of the market groups in the globe look for utilization is little, but I have difficulties considering any.

A fast way to start checking out a market is look for and discover out how much appropriate articles are out there. If you have made a brand new market, then you may face no problems taking over it on search applications by becoming a power on the subject previously than your competitors.

3. “SEO, a single event”

This part is still persistent and a sign of what SEO used to be. Kind of like “SEO circa in 1999?”when all the thing you had to perform was upgrade Meta data, add key phrases to websites and publish. Those are the Style T days of the SEO.

Search applications like Google look at aspects or “signals” to figure out relevance and to choose how to type SERPs. Add in the more and more competitive records from various press, weblogs and website along with more intelligent look for promoters and it is easy to understand that effective SEO needs continuous interest. what about: innovative link-building, growth and marketing of new articles, incorporation with other online and online marketing, public networking, statistics and optimization improvements.

4. “SEO is an operate of IT”

SEO began out in the workplaces of information Technology, but has shifted its way in the professional workplaces for many of the companies. Ii is believed the most latest SEMPO state of the look for market studies have shown that the companies are no more credit from other cost facilities to buy their look for engine marketing projects. It’s an organization decision line product like any of the other market expenditures.

However, IT and Web Development are crucial for appropriate execution and it is very important to know that in bigger companies, SEO is a multi-departmental. IT, Public, marketing, Relations, Lawful, Creative and possibly functions might all be engaged in some manner with an ideal effort to help arrive at organization objectives through enhanced look for efficiency.

Besides of the size of organization, SEO projects should be handled tactically by the organization like any other significant marketing initiative.

5. “The website does not many of the guests, so SEO would not work for us.”

With myths and comments like this, you must think, “Who on the globe is Lee discussing to?” You might be amazed how many brilliant, achieved business promoters have said that.

The truth is that feedback like this is an indicator of uncertainty about look for as a self-discipline or about look for as a practical marketing route for a particular organization. Smart individuals say this type of things due to the reason that they aren’t assured about the remedy being provided and want to get rid of or prevent the discussion. Anyone else using such reasoning just does not comprehend marketing.

Another way is that if companies are considering SEO, regardless of who allows them, they want look at it lengthy lasting. SEO is not force option marketing and it’s not for the eager. The lowest period is six months after execution before assessing whether SEO has guarantee as a successful marketing route.

6. Search Engine Optimization is a dark-colored art

And it is done, usually in a darkish room, by some criminal SEO advisor, without demanding the participation of the consumer / relaxes of the organization. If SEO was like that, our life would study like spy stories.

7. SEO is one-time

You have observed someone saying “We just completed SEOing our site”? It is completely wrong SEO is continuous. Just like a person’s website is never “completed,” neither is a person’s SEO. Collection promoters get this better than anyone: they are used to improve every inch of their produced catalog. There’s always more efficiency to be squeezed out. “Set it and ignore it” false impression is particularly frequent among IT employees — they usually cure everything like a venture. In that way they can get through projects, close their “ticket” and shift on, and thus sustain their peace of mind. I cannot say I responsibility them.

8. Computerized SEO is spammy or Black hat

There is nothing incorrect with or incorrect in using automated. Indeed, it alerts a stage of maturation in the market when industrial-strength resources and systems for large-scale automated are available. Without automated, it would be very difficult for the business organization to range their SEO initiatives across the huge of articles they have released on the Web. Bob Jackson reveals a powerful image for SEO automated in this traditional publish.

9. A website map is not for people

A great HTML website map is developed as much for people to drink as it’s for robots. Whenever you make pages/copy/links completely for a look for engine, expecting they will not be seen by people, you are asking for problems.

10. Google won’t catalog webpages that are only available by a website look for form

This supposed to be a case, but Google been able to complete types and spider the outcomes since 2008 at least. Observe this does not offer you authorization to intentionally ignore your website availability to robots, as you would probably be dissatisfied with the outcomes.

11. Need Of Website Submission To Google

Ok Now You might have read those offers or services which ask you to submit your website to Google and charge hundreds of bucks. Yes! Thousands of SEO companies are working out there which actually do this fooling to those people, who don’t have much knowledge about this practice.

Well! There is no need to get your website registered by Google and you don’t have to perform any submission task. This is an automated task which search engine bots do. Google much often finds websites through links attached to different other websites.

12. Website SEO Allowed Once

Most of the people think that spending money just once does not leave any margin for more SEO practices. However, this myth will always remain a myth.

Keep one thing in mind that your website needs proper and regular attention in this regard due to the updates launched by Google. The thing is just like buying a cell phone. The warranty lasts for a short period of time and after that, its chance of getting attacked gets increased.

If you don’t spend money regularly on your website, then it will soon fall down.

13. SEO Isn’t Useful At All

There are many people who say that they never showed any concern about search engines and everything is going fine for them.

Well, some brands, singers and star bloggers can find a way with not using any SEO. For other people who are not popular like them, however, using SEO for your website and working to better search results is essential. But you shouldn’t make all the things or decisions solely on search engines, Contemplating them and understanding how search engines work is better because being an ordinary personality, you can’t get much traffic without the help of search engines.

14. Your Rankings Are Waste

The trend of personalized results has lowered down the real importance of search engine rankings but, however, they aren’t totally obsolete. You may not get an accurate picture but they fairly indicate where any site ranks for majority of visitors.

15. XML Sitemap Boosts Rankings

It is believed that bearing an XML sitemap is worth it from SEO perspective. People consider it as the greatest SEO activity which boosts the rankings of your website exceptionally.

However, threads posted across different forums and blog posts likely transformed it into a myth which states that an XML sitemap boosts your rankings exceptionally. The belief that an XML sitemap gives a ranking boost to your pages is believed my most of the beginners. But actual professional search engine optimizers know that this does not help. XML sitemaps are only useful for the navigation of your website. They do not play any other role in your website optimization.

16. Meta Data Doesn’t Play Any Part In SEO

Meta Tags can be considered as less important but that never means that they do not play any part in SEO.

We’ve observed that Google ignores Meta tags and Meta descriptions when you have not used the best tag or description but at least it uses your tag as a hint. So, you cannot consider these tags worthless.

Meta data provides you a way to convince the readers that the thing they are searching for is waiting for them right here. You cannot neglect the importance of Meta tags because they sometimes provide traffic by a mean through which other SEO practices cannot.

With the exclusive launch of Google’s social networking website Google Plus, each time you publish a link on this social network, a description and a title is scraped. If your site doesn’t possess any data, then Google pulls in whatever it finds, and your website link can end up with pretty ugly looks.

17. Just Reading Up Makes You Eligible to Practice SEO

In each industry of the world there are professionals and SEO world is not any different. There are many gurus in this field who keep theorizing the facts of this field and pay less attention on the practice part.

Reading up books and other related matter doesn’t make you an SEO expert. You have to practice properly. So, be careful when choosing an SEO for advice.

18. Google AdWords Make or Break Your Rankings

Keep one thing in mind that Google AdWords does not improves your website’s organic search results. There is no truth in the fact that using Google AdWords is effective from SEO point of view. It is only related to earning phenomenon.

19. Keyword Density Is Everything

This myth is worth-mentioning because of its uniqueness. Besides, this myth is evergreen and is repeatedly buried. Noobs and Intermediate search engine optimizers pay great attention on keyword density due to some facts explained by different websites.

Let me take you back in search engines’ starting years. These launched a rule of magical density of keywords which explained that that each page must add a specific density of keywords in their content and other places to get a good rank. If things didn’t go well that time, professionals used this rule. It was as easy as eating a piece of cake.

This technique has now lost its effectiveness and has died out several years ago. Now keyword density is not considered that important. So, don’t waste your time in this less useful practice.

Write only for humans who want interesting and useful content. You are not writing for plants or animal kingdoms only that can bear this keyword studding.

20: No-follow Keywords are Worthless

No-follow attribute gives a way to webmasters to let search engines know that they don’t have to or they should not follow links of particular links or specific mentioned pages.

It explains them that they don’t vouch for website they are linking editorially out and hence, no anchor Page rank, anchor text or any other authority of your website should be crawled by their bots. No-follow is essential contraception for website’s links.

This phenomenon led to a common belief that a link that the link that is claimed “No-follow” does not possess any importance. Well! This is wrong. The links with “no-follow” are useful. Two reasons make this fact true:

  1. Many leading sites no-follow some of their links. But on the contrary, the exposure and traffic opportunities still make that “no-follow” claimed link worthwhile.
  2. It is unreasonable to imagine the fact that engines assess the nature of the looks of your link profile. Generally speaking, a website really picks up no-follow claimed links naturally; it will look suspicious if the link is only contingent on do-follow links.

The reality explains that many search engines and their different algorithms get produced most of the time but basic or fundamental principles of this phenomenon remain the same – create that website which is of high quality and has the potential to delight, engage and provide values to the audience be it your customers or your readers.

21. Great Content Can Do Anything

High-quality content can be considered as one of the biggest parts of SEO, but the sad part is that it cannot be considered as the shebang of this whole practice. This means that don’t depend singly on the content. It is true that “Content is the King” but it can never do it all.


Building a good strategy for a website and great content is principal to SEO – without a strategy, any time spent or resources given in content can potentially go wasted.

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