Social Networking Vs. Social Media – Understand The Difference

People feel a natural need to hook up and increase their relationships. There is an in-depth based need among human beings to share.

Just as the online world has changed, the scene of people to buy music, arrange holidays, and research at school projects, has also changed the way of how they interact and gather socially. With the use of public networking, individuals can exchange pictures and videos, share their thoughts at the weblogs, and participate in conversations organized by online boards. Social media and social networking allow companies, organizations, individuals, authorities, and the parliamentarians to reach thousands of individuals.

The Progress of Social Media and Social Media Networking

In the 90’s, connection as broadband gained more popularity, those websites which allow users to make accounts and publish their content and thoughts began to appear. The first public networking site named “Six Degrees” appeared in the year 1997. From 2002 and onwards, a huge variety of public networks were released.

A variety of aspects have provided to this fast growth in public networking contribution. These include technical aspects such as increased high speed internet accessibility, the improvement of application programs, and the rapid development of a more powerful computer systems and mobile devices; public aspects such as the fast usage of public networking by youngsters, and economic aspects such as, increasing price of computer systems and application, and growing the commercial interest in websites.

Social Networking

A public networking is composed of people that are linked with one another by particular type of assurance. It could be the ideas, principles, business, anything.

Social systems work at many levels. Originally public media occurs at family features where all comparative and friends corporateunfortunately in less than one ceiling.

Social networking has always been accepted; it’s just that today, face of public media has modified. Previously the procedure was long attracted, including a cycle activity where one person try to connect to other through a huge web of public connections; these days the procedure is highly specialized.

Communication has been important to a huge level of the growth of public media. With the introduction of Internet technology and the mobile phone, many of the public connections are taken through instant messaging services and email.

There are a number of websites today, where people offer information about their public marketing sites and themselves. Social networking allows for like- oriented people to socialize with another.

Notable Benefits of Social Networking

With public media, interaction is two-way. With regards to the topic, or environment, individuals assemble to be an aspect of others with identical encounters and qualification. Interactions are at the primary of public media and through them connections are designed.

Return on Investment:

The ROI of social networking is bit more apparent. If the overall number of visitors to your web page is improving and you’re carefully improving your public media platform, you probably could feature the development of on the internet guests to your public efforts.

Timely Responses:

Because public networking is an immediate interaction between you and individuals that you select to hook up with, your all conversations are better, when it is more filled with meaning and more individuals. Your system significantly develops as you fulfill and get presented to others.

Asking or Telling:

With social networking, you can tell your colleagues about your new company or weblog and talk about how to be successful. The conversations and chats that you make can convert many individuals into devoted lovers, so its value is committing time.

Essential Nature:

Themain key to public networks is easily moving high in one dimension in their popular characteristics. Because the people who put on those really need to grow their networks, they encourage their buddies. And those buddies, in return, encourage their buddies. The popular characteristics of a new public network are a very important aspect to make it successful.

Some of the networks have already adopted the style one further by introducing “by invitation only” phrase. Initially, this style represents to a certain stage of restriction, with the people who try to get in. This restriction smashes down, if the public networks don’t contain mechanism to slow down or restrict a huge amount of new invitations.

Online Identity of a person:

Not all of the people have a personal site or webpage. It is possible as an impact to many of the readers but, for some people, public networks’ personal webpages are the only position where people make and maintain their identity. Some sites, like MySpace, have exploit on that impact by providing resources that allow to boost those profiles in methods that make them obscure from personal websites, beyond the point that the website is on service instead of being one’s personal.

Enchanted knowledge:

When public network is used properly, they can be an excellent way to boost knowledge. Getting trapped into a person’s public network allows you to complete an information gap if the members of your prolonged public network have a deep subject matter which expertise in certain position. At this time, few public networking websites have used that facility but, this is a very useful factor of public networking websites.

Basic individual need to share things:

The proliferation of weblogs has proven that people really like to talk about their opinion by proliferation. The proliferation of the free movement reveals that some of the people really like to talk about their expertise. Social networks attract the altruistic aspect of people by letting them to talk about their interests and introduce buddies to other friends.

Disadvantages of Social Networking

Obviously social networking also has a lot of disadvantages some of them are discussed below:

Deficit of Anonymity:

A person is placing out details about your name, place, age, sex, and many other kinds of details that he think he do not want tell others. Most individuals would say be cautious, but no one actually be certain at the same time period. Provided that individuals can know who you are exactly, then some of them can discover methods to put you in.

Harassment and Scams:

There is a prospective for failing of protection in both individual and company perspective. While many websites use certain actions to keep any one of these situations of following, cyber-stalking, on the internet frauds, and identification fraud to an overall lowest, you still never know, may be.

Time Consuming:

If it’s not your type of factor, then it would be pointless for you and wastage of time. The key to public networking is that it’s expected to be a place of fun, whether you’re only doing it for sneakers or simply clicking around for company requirements. That should be affordable enough for some people, but there are some of those individuals who do not see the factor. For those people, it can be a great disadvantage.

Social Media

Social media is considered as a source or a way to spread, share, or break the information with large audience. Well! Everyone in this world has the right to spread or distribute what they want and the easiest method for this purpose is social media. All that one needs to do this is a PC and an internet connection. This whole phenomenon can be termed as the actual “definition” of Social Media.

Social media is like a channel which is often used for communication. It is a way to deliver one’s message and enables one to raise his voice. You don’t have to visit some office or a particular place to take benefit from social media. As mentioned before, it is s type of system used to convey one’s approval or disapproval.

It takes a lot of time to apply the practices of Social Media. You can never automate conversations unless belong to an established company. People consider social media as a sprint. But the actual fact states that it is actually a marathon.

Before Internet, media was all about television, newspaper and radio. But when the World Wide Web was introduced, the whole theme turned around with social media. If we consider the single term “Social Media”, then it becomes crystal clear to us that it carries a broad meaning and enlightens such other terms which are so essential to us. The terms include video promotions, blogging, etc. It is a field actually, which has helped so many people in so many different ways.It can be considered as a transport of material. You can create a buzz will its practices. The term has proved itself really beneficial since last ten years and now, almost everyone tends to survive through it. This existence leads them to creating more connections, share their views and get response.

The terms “Social Networking” and “Social Media” are slightly related, but very different. Social media practices use present methods to travel beyond ordinary communication and head to interactive relationships. Tradition communication ways does not allow you to share what you want. For instance, you have to show someone a craft you created. Through ordinary communication, you can only explain it, but through social media, you can show it too. Moreover, you can share other important things like live videos, papers, documents, etc.

Is marketing beneficial through social media?

Definitely, marketing through social media is really beneficial for persons who want to get their business termed in top ones. One must keep it in mind that your business is on chance when you promote it through social media. Standing with a good reputation does not last long unless you provide the best you can. Through online communities, blogs and other useful sources, you can help your business stand on top of the list.

In marketing initiatives, social media indeed, has played a critical role. Exceptional social media marketing campaigns includegood social media techniques that are totally contingent on research-derived insights into the campaign’s intended audience. Well! To understand all these tactics, one must practice these things effectively. In practice, social media is not as easy as it seems. As compared to social networking, social media marketing practices are more time taking. A lot of brainstorming is required for this kind of marketing.

Fast Facts

  1. 91% Americans,who use internet, use social media.
  2. Almost 7% Americans haven’t even heard about Facebook.
  3. More number of people gets attracted to social media through content.
  4. In 2009, 95% bloggers abandoned their blogs.
  5. No more than four blogs are maintained by each professional blogger.

Value of Users

When one talks about best consumers, social media users come on the top of the list. Social Media users are considered more effective, influential and active than users of any other field.

Recently, a research done by Gigya provided some really interesting facts which proved that social media is one of the most popularly used initiative in today’s world. The report clearly proved that people don’t care much about the functionality of a website, as long as it is providing good chances for social activities.

Another importance fact that social media explains is that thousands of people spend money on it and millions of people will to. This is something very exceptional about a field. The popularity only depends upon how many investors are willing to spend on it. Let’s take a quick look on these spending facts:

  • 75% people like to spend their money on music
  • 47% people like to spend their money on shoes, clothing and other accessories

Reports say that the social media users are heavy spenders and like to spend on different fields and stuff. This makes them more reliable and best suited for any brand. So, most companies only target users of social media.

Notable Benefits of Social Media for Business

AS social media rises regarding prevalence, different organizations continue to get popular. The relation of social media is very promising and beneficial for one’s business. As a consequence, more and more businesses are turning towards social media for promotion.

It has now become a fact that social media is the fastest way of sharing information. Millions of people only depend on this source and that is why social media has gained so much importance. TV programs, press releases, music videos, important documents, political papers, in the past few decades, gained the importance that they deserved through social media. Social media plays a vital role in breaking news to people belonging to a particular niche. It provides a way to people and help them in getting to the right direction. For example, if a person is interested in gardening, then through some social media tactics he can easily be directed towards this niche.

Social media, in particular, has improved branding and sales. A lot of people do transactional searches only because of a popular social media field known as SEO. It is considered as a key component of direct marketing and has turned over the whole condition of internet searches. The significant practice makes it easy for a brand to promote it.

Social media effectively helps in creating awareness among masses. Social networking is a more effective way though. However, in particular, blogging is the best way to let people know what you are up to or what you have to say. Social media even provides opportunities to raise your voice to high-class people. You can target desired audience for your thoughts through social media.

What Is Common?

Viral Marketing is needed for both. This is the most important thing which links these two terms together. They both increase the importance of a business. But the virality depends upon their tactics. Let’s take the example of content. Imagine if you published an article, then its popularity will be directly proportional to the content of social media and social networking. The two terms are not that different as they are understood. The only difference is that social media helps you in making more and more new connections and social networking helps in establishing those connections and taking help from them. The only reason why people use these two practices is that they want to enhance their relations due to common interests and hobbies.


It is very important to understand that social media and social networking are not one and the same but that they are both of critical importance to your business and you should take full advantage of both for the greater success of your business.

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