Announcement: Winners of Grafpedia Giveaway

A weeks ago, we created a contest at instantShift called Win 70.000 graphic Items with Grafpedia had announced the 5 winners of Grafpedia VIP Accountsto InstantShift readers.

We’ve got more than 80 response comments. After voiding spam and non-legit comments we have left with 68 valid comments. It’s really good to see that how we can able to help in our reader’s life and their profession.

In case, If you missed this giveaway, make sure you are ready for next one as we going to create more such giveaways in future.

Congratulations to all the winners!

About Grafpedia

Grafpedia, the best weapons for professional webdesigners.

Grafpedia represents the best weapons solution for all web designers always looking for beautiful and original graphic items to improve their website layouts or illustrations, without spending lot of money to buy them. Week after week, the team of Grafpedia publishes new resources to help you to learn how to design a website layout and how to improve the quality of your website layout with: icons, vectors, brushes, illustrations, web elements, gradients, psd themes, textures, backgrounds etc. Today, the Grafpedia’s collection is certainly the biggest on the Web with around 70.000 items! Visit and start now to download them!

About the prizes

Grafpedia offers to 5 different Instantshift readers some VIP Accounts (each account with a value of $49). With this account you can download more than 70.000 professional graphic items and follow our updates for one year.

Look at below some previews about our last updates applied onGrafpedia,or subscribe to the grafpedia’s twitter page.

instantShift - Grafpedia Giveaway

instantShift - Grafpedia Giveaway


Following Winners are selected randomly from the comments & table of Grafpedia Giveaway Post.

  1. Niels van Asselt
  2. Danny Caro
  3. Franco
  4. Reynaldo Navarro
  5. Pete D

Congratulations to all the winners! Soon you all going to receive your prize (1 Grafpedia VIP Account) details in your mailbox.


Good luck, and be sure to subscribe to our RSS-feed and follow us on Twitter to find out if you’re a winner. And also for recent updates as more giveaways are planned in the near future.

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  1. It’s a pity that I missed this excellent giveaway. This is the first time I read about it. My congratulations to all winners, you get an excellent opportunity

  2. Congrats to the winners :)

  3. Congrats to all winners= Waiting for the next giveaway :)

  4. COngrats to all the winners.

  5. Congratulations to all the Winners. Enjoy your grafpedia account. Yeah! In the meant time waiting for next giveaway!

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