50 Awesome Examples of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

I read in a religious book, which was claimed to be written by a prophet of God, that God has hidden minor samples of heaven in this world itself. Well, I have not seen heaven but I feel if it exists, it won’t be too different from some of the images displayed below. Let me know in the comments do you agree with me or not.

Not all of these images are original. Some were taken from a camera and then were given some tweaks to bring them in the present form. That is because our main idea in producing these images was that they should appear the most pleasing to the eye.

The images range from the classic canals of St. Petersburg to the aristocratic temples of India, from the full moon rise of the Lake Worth Lagoon to the beautiful sun set of Florida, from the exquisite lounge of a hotel room to the peaceful hall view of a church – all of these forty images deserve to be set up as your computer’s wall paper or be hanged in a frame of your drawing room.

1. Canal Dreams

St. Petersburg is famous with its canals. This is a view of the Church of the Resurrection along the Griboyedov Canal from Nevsky Prospect.

Griboyedov Canal or Kanal Griboyedova is a canal in Saint Petersburg, constructed in 1739 on the basis of the existing river Krivusha. In 1764–1790, the canal was deepened, and the banks were reinforced and covered with granite.

instantShift - Canal Dreams

2. Sunflower

The picture is deliberately exaggerated the settings to give a dramatic tone to the scene. The photo was taken a few minutes before a thunderstorm.

instantShift - Sunflower

3. The Lost Hindu Temple in the Jungle Mist

Exploration of the temples of Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma, which were three of the largest in the complex. All the temple blocks were on the edge of collapse, after many centuries of Indonesian earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

instantShift - The Lost Hindu Temple in the Jungle Mist

4. Taj Mahal-India

India is a beautiful and magical place. I wish I could say my journey to get to this exact vantage point was the just as beautiful and magical, but it was not.

instantShift - xxxx

5. Tuk tuks in the rain

It was raining hard in Bangkok and these tuk tuk drivers were lined up in Chinatown waiting for a fare. The driver nearest seems to be looking inquiringly at me asking “Have you got a light?” for his cigarette. This HDR from a single shot processed in Photomatix.

instantShift - Tuk tuks in the rain

6. Valencia art

While in Valencia I shot a few things with the idea I would process for creativity when I got home.These are HDR’s created from 3 separate exposures shot handheld as we were walking about the city.

instantShift - Valencia art

7. Thank u Lord

This is an emotive portrait of the photographer on the fields of lavender in Poland. To get the widest angle possible he used the 17mm Tamron lens and also used a polarizing filter. At home to add few special characteristics I made this a HDR photograph. Hope you like it.

instantShift - Thank u Lord

8. HDR Street

Amazing hdr photos by Toni Verdú Carbó, talented urban and architectural photographer, based in Girona, Spain.

instantShift - HDR Street

9. Reverse

instantShift - Reverse

10. Plane symmetry

Plane Symmetry HDR at Boston MA

instantShift - Plane symmetry

11. Full moon rise close up

Here’s a close up shot of the full moon rise from the Lake Worth Lagoon shoot I did last week. Single exposure HDR image process using Photomatix HDR software.

instantShift - Full moon rise close up

12. Giving food to Monks

Monks can be seen out and about early in the morning giving blessing to those who hand out donation in the form of rice. It was cool to see them out in the market. I only had a few seconds to get the shot because their blessings aren’t that long. I mange to get one decent image from the set.

instantShift - Giving food to Monks

13. Corel Cove Life guard tower

This is going to be a quick post… heading up to Vero to shoot with some friends, currently it’s 5am in the morning! Anyways… I took this photo a few months back and I remember this morning being a very strange sunrise. The color that was casted over the beach that day had a pinkish-yellow tone to it that made everything pastel like. It was interesting to say the least.

instantShift - Corel Cove Life guard tower

14. Little dog in Alicante

The area around Alicante has been inhabited for over 7000 years, with the first tribes of hunter gatherers moving down gradually from Central Europe between 5000 and 3000 BC. Some of the earliest settlements were made on the slopes of Mount Benacantil.

instantShift - Little dog in Alicante

15. Red Walls and Tissues

Color full street in the little harbor of Henningsvær, on Lofoten Islands. That street and the houses on each side are build on stilts over the water.

instantShift - Red Walls and Tissues

16. Bike in the Snow

instantShift - Bike in the Snow

17. The Orange Peel

In the 80’s and early 90’s this used to be a busy pub/nightclub for holidaymakers in Rhyl. Sad to see its decline, I could still hear the music and see the flashing lights, as I took the images.

instantShift - The Orange Peel

18. Sunset Over Lake in Palm Beach County Florida

This lake has turned out to be one of my favorite lakes in Palm Beach County. At first it doesn’t look like much but what I see with my eyes and what comes out as a picture is completely different. This is what beginner photographers struggle with, seeing the shot that will translate into a beautiful photograph.

instantShift - Sunset Over Lake in Palm Beach County Florida

19. China town

The Paifang at the northern end of Dixon St, entry to Sydney’s Chinatown. HDR, 5 exposures.

instantShift - China town

20. Blue Room

Inside a large antiques store in Largo, Florida.

instantShift - Blue Room

21. In the Waste Lands

An old dray just left in a paddock. This was taken between Quorn and Hawker in the north of South Australia.

instantShift - In the Waste Lands

22. Parallel Universe

Walking from the sunlight into the parallel universe. 7 exposure non-static HDR.

instantShift - Parallel Universe

23. Life Guard tower Sunrise Singer island beach

instantShift - Life Guard tower Sunrise Singer island beach

24. Water wheels Ruins

Found this old waterwheel, wheelhouse that was burned long ago.

instantShift - Water wheels Ruins

25. Dark Knight

instantShift - Dark Knight

26. JCB on the Orme

A lot of work is going on at the Orme, getting it ready for the summer visitors.

instantShift - JCB on the Orme

27. Hotel Lounge

instantShift - Hotel Lounge

28. Small Temple in Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, the destination for most travelers visiting Cambodia. What most people don’t know is that there are two different temples in Angkor Wat. The small temple and the big temple, or better known by the locals as the Little Wat and the Big Wat.

instantShift - Small Temple in Angkor Wat

29. Yellow tint Apartment

Amazing hdr photos by Toni Verdú Carbó, talented urban and architectural photographer, based in Girona, Spain.

instantShift - Yellow tint Apartment

30. Hokitika Sunset

Once a year, New Zealand holds the Wildwoods Festival in Hokitika, a small (and I mean really small) town on the west coast of the South Island. It is probably the one day all year in which more than 100 people are within 3 miles of the place.

instantShift - Hokitika Sunset

31. The Last Dance

instantShift - The Last Dance

32. Strom out side the door

Storm rolling in off Lake Michigan in Holland.

instantShift - Strom out side the door

33. Acido sulfurico

Somewhere near the Chilean border our fearless driver, king of the Altiplano, Valerio, overtakes another vehicle. October 2007.

instantShift - Acido sulfurico

34. Old Machine

instantShift - Old Machine

35. Happy Cow

instantShift - Happy Cow

36. Church Hall

instantShift - Church Hall

37. French quarter court yard

3 photo HDR taken at Disneyland in March, 2011. Typically an empty courtyard, it provided a few great locations for some long exposure photography. Being new to HDR photography, this is a quick compilation in PS CS5.

instantShift - French quarter court yard

38. Girls Preparing fish for sale

Captain Kimo’s Best HDR Photos from 2011.

instantShift - Girls Preparing fish for sale

39. Camel Handler

HDR photo-processing lends itself better to certain kinds of photography. I like it for showing people who are working. It seems it adds a texture to the photo that shows how hard-working the subjects are. This photo was taken on a 4WD tour of the desert around Dubai.

instantShift - Camel Handler

40. Motorcycle

instantShift - Motorcycle

41. Screech Owl

Each whiskery feather is visible in this wonderful HDR photo of a screech-owl, taken in Florida. There are 21 known species of screech-owl and new ones are being discovered all the time.

instantShift - Screech Owl

42. Lizard

HDR brings out the rainbow colors of this lizard’s facial scales. This shot was taken in Mexico with a Nikon D80 camera and a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens. It was processed with Photomatix and Light room.

instantShift - Lizard

43. Gloom

instantShift - Gloom

44. Subaru Impreza WRC

instantShift - Subaru Impreza WRC

45. Altus

instantShift - Altus

46. HDR Rome

instantShift - HDR Rome

47. Shimen

Taken in the city of Shimen in Hunan province. Nobody really knows this city even though 750.000 people live there. Crazy.

instantShift - Shimen

48. Belgium Royal 4C Coffee Maker

We had some hours to kill in Changsha, before flying back to Shanghai, so we were taken to a coffee place, where we had a couple of glasses brewed with this machine. What a smooth, deep, great taste!

instantShift - Belgium Royal 4C Coffee Maker

49. Hunan

From Changsha we drove 5 hours or so to Shimen to spend another night there. Then we drove to the tea mountains of the Hunan Tea Company and shot some footage with the workers and manager there.

instantShift - Hunan

50. Shanghai-Taikang Road

Which of the above did you like the most and why? Do you like real images? Do you like real images that have been tweaked via Photoshop? Or do you like those images that are completely hand or machine made? Please tell me in the comments below with your supporting reasons. I’m curious to know.

instantShift - Shanghai-Taikang Road

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  1. Nice collection, seems like most of these photographs are captured in India.

  2. well, it’s not so awesome, as for me.

  3. Thank you for sharing Lax, these photos are beautiful. As you said, I can feel the heaven in this photos. I’m looking for some free photos and I hope you can help me, can you recommend some sources where I could find free images?

    • Hi kyle,

      You can get some very nice photos, usually free for commercial use from http://www.creattor.com, in their Graphics section.

  4. Really nice, thanks for posting

  5. to each their own. I don’t like any of these, except for #18. all the rest are over processed and have horrible artifacts (especially the ‘halo effect’ around the buildings.)

    A lot of these photos would have been excellent without HDR.

  6. I feel some are better than others. There is a tendency to ‘over-process’ when shooting HDR which results in halos, especially around objects that have the sky as a backdrop. Whilst the shots are dramatic, I think the processing should be more subtle, in my humble opinion.

  7. I like taking photos of nature. I prefer the natural look that ambient light gives, as long as I can choose the type of lighting. Thanks for your post.

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