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  1. Hi Daniel! Interesting case study on logo designs 2011. Nice list of logo designs. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Thanks Daniel, that was a pretty nice list. My only comment is that both “Madinat Jumeirah” and “Polar Furnace” have the wrong image represented.

    • Post updated :)

  3. Nice beautiful collection of well design and clean logo.Really simple and attractive.

  4. Fantastic, I really like this

  5. fantastic collection i would say.

    thoroughly enjoyed every single logo!

    thanks mate

  6. These are some really good Logos. Excellent for inspiration. However, this post is misleading. The title: “Logo Design in 2011, A Case Study” made me think it was going to be a critique or showcase of Logo Design in 2011, from real companies/organizations. The logos shown here seem to be from random Designers’ portfolios. Don’t get me wrong, good designers are setting trends for the rest of the world to follow but what about the advertising world, and companies like: DC comics, JCpenney, Starbucks, Apple, etc…they changed their logos… What trends are these companies following or creating? Is it from these designers?

  7. Very informative article! Thanks so much for it Daniel, it’s a pleasure to read such post.
    Thanks for the very nice collection. Good luck!

  8. Awesome Collection ! Thanks so much

  9. So creative and attractive logo design collection. These all logo designs are superb, some of are hidden and typographic, i literally like this collection.

  10. Liked logo of “safety” & “sit&drink” ….simple yet so convincing.

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