Best Android Apps Useful for Web Designers

It is mesmerizing to see such high end developments in the field of technology. Perhaps one of the most scintillating advancements has taken place in the field of web services for mobile phones. Earlier it was considered as a luxury to own mobile phones and now even the young adolescents boasts off their iPhone and Android handhelds and what not. The market for smartphones has turned into a highly competitive arena. Earlier the Apple Apps were really popular amongst the users, but Android was in no mood to be left behind in the race. Over the time it introduced amazing apps and sections of it were designed specifically for Web Designers.

In this write up, we discuss some of the most profitable Android apps for Web Designers and Developers. Twelve of the distinguished Android Apps for web designers are listed below.

01. AndFTP (Free)

AndFTP for Android

This application will prove to be a blessing for you if you need to access your web server every now and then, but can’t keep a desktop or a laptop handy each time. AndFTP is a free application powered by Java which give you an access to your web server through your mobile, and you can upload, view and update the files from anywhere with your Android phone. If you need to perform some urgent work either for yourself or for your client. This is perhaps the best solution for you as a web designer. Also it provides relentless support to FTP, SFTP and FTPS and provides very user friendly and self explanatory user interface.

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02. SilverEdit (Paid)

SilverEdit for Android

SilverEdit is an easy to use and freely available application for editing the source codes and with SilverEdit you can easily code complete HTML, CSS and PHP files. You can work and save your work anytime that is suitable to you and even send it to your account. If you combine the features of SilverEdit with AndFTP (discussed right above) you will be able to develop and market the websites through your very own smartphone. Though SilverEdit has certain functionality related issues, but with time it is being upgraded and glitches are being removed.

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03. CSS Cheat Sheet (Paid)

CSS Cheat Sheet for Android

Need to refresh your knowledge of cascading Style Sheet language? This android app gives you a thorough rundown of all the CSS properties. Moreover, by using this app you not only revise the knowledge but also learn various gainful aspects of CSS which you may not be aware of. And it is not a free available application, and costs $ 0.995, but if you wish to excel as a web designer, this investment will be worth it.

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04. HTML Cheat Sheet (Paid)

HTML Cheat Sheet for Android

A time to time revision is always required, no matter how skilled a web developers is. This HTML cheat sheet application provides you with an easy and self explanatory user interface to and provides you the information that you need in an instant. It provides you with a quick preview for Tags, Attributes, Events, Colors, Symbols, ASCII, Encoding, Languages, Statuses, and a lot more. This application is also available offline and will charge you $ 0.90, but again if you want to deliver quality web applications and wishes to remain well informed about the technology must utilize this app.

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05. Photoshop (Free)

Photoshop for Android

Though Adobe’s Photoshop for the Android platform is not as feature rich as it is desktop version, but still provides much basic functionalities regarding the processing of image. For instance, with Android photoshop you can crop the image, rotate it, filter it and make certain adjustments with its saturation levels. Also you can directly share the work on website and to your delight even this is available for free.

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06. Color Palette – Iromihon (Free)

Color Palette for Android

Iromihon is a color tool to adjust and to see. In full screen, it also works as color light (flashlight). Very useful to generate, adjust, save or delete pallets. Working models are RGB, HSB(HSV), and HSL(HLS).

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07. View Web Source (Free)

View Web Source for Android

Consider a case where you are just browsing through various websites via your mobile web and stumble upon a website which appears stunning and interesting, and you would like to study it in detail, later. With freely available Android App, View Web Source, you can reach out to the source code and download in its text editor the complete source code of the website. With this app you can easily make any desired changes with the code, post comments and eventually save the updated file in your phone or mail it across.

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08. Google Analytics for Android (Free)

Google Analytics for Android

If you have remained in the field of website design and development and blogging etc, then you need not be reminded about the importance of Google Analytics. If you wish to know about the traffic that your website has received, there is perhaps no other better option than that Google Analytics. Even if you are away, you can keep a check on the summary statistics of your website. With your Android phone. Google Analytics for Android is extremely safe to use, light weighed, swift and enables you to compare different ranges of data and also supports graphs and charts for each report, customized ranges of dates, your Favorites, reports regarding GeoLocation, searches powered by Regex.

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09. WordPress Mobile (Free)

WordPress Mobile for Android

WordPress has almost grown out to become a necessity for the web designers and developers. Most of the current blogs are being powered by WordPress, and WordPress development is also being used for developing a highly search engine friendly website. If you own a WordPress based blog or website, this freely available WordPress application for your Android phone gives you the liberty to effectively manage the content of your WordPress powered website i.e. images, videos, content etc and make new entries to your blog easily with your mobile phone. This application is again available for free and is an effective way to blog and manage WordPress website.

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10. Dropbox (Free)

Dropbox for Android

Dropbox is one of the most popular Android applications for web designers and people with a creative mindset. The chief advantage is through cloud based file backup technology, Dropbox is available everywhere and all the files and folders saved on the web server can be accessed through the remotest of the destinations. Just by saving the files in one computer is enough to let you easily access all those files through your mobile phone. The instantaneous services to access the Dropbox from your smarthphone is available for free to you. If you are working on such files and documents which you need to access at any point of time, it is a must have application for you.

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11. Thinking Space (Paid)

Thinking Space for Android

This will be the most favored app for the vociferous thinkers whose thinking potential is not restricted by the time of the day or the circumstances around them. With this Thinking space, your thinking abilities will not have any limiting factors and you can freely brainstorm the idea. The fact that really makes Thinking Space a winner is that it can seamlessly integrate with the Google App Engine and thus whatever inputs you feed into Thinking Space, will be directly saved as the data on the cloud and hence you can access the same from anywhere in the world with your Android mobile device or perhaps through the open source desktop version of the app called FreeMind. Even this app is available free of cost to your Android hand held.

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12. Typography Junkies (Free)

Typography Junkies for Android

As a designer, one would feel handicapped without the proper and suitable typography options. An integral part of the website design and development is an appropriate option for web typography. With another freely available Android app, Typography Junkies, you can keep yourself well versed with the latest changes.

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13. Fontest (Free)

Fontest for Android

Fontest is a developer and typography tool that helps you quickly preview how your favorite fonts are rendered on Android. Includes 6 high quality free fonts. Supports adding your own TTF and OTF fonts. Supports smooth font resizing and custom display text. One-tap switch between uppercase and lowercase.

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14. Merchant for Android

Merchant for Android

As a freelancer or an online designer, you may have to trust unverified sources for the purpose of payment and at times these processes may be frustratingly slow. In case you employ Merchant for Android application you receive a swift credit card authorization without registering for cash or requiring credit card terminals. Just by feeding in the customer card information you get an instant authorization. Besides, none of your information will be stored in the device that you are using. Hence this it is completely a safe option.

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15. Mockups (Paid)

Mockups for Android

Mockups for Android is a vector-based sketch wire framing tool for web site prototyping and creating UI design concepts. Developers, web site designers and project planners – with Mockups for Android editor anyone can experiment with concepts and sketch visual prototypes in minutes on android tablet or phone. It makes easy to share mockups with your team, development community or clients.

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16. Microstock Photo Power Search (Free)

Microstock Photo Power Search for Android

This application lets you search 35 million stock photos across 13 of the most popular microstock agencies. Makes it easy to search through over 35 MILLION stock images and find awesome microstock photos for website or blog, for design or print projects, for clients, or for any other reason anyone need great photographs or illustrations for a low price.

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  1. Nice list with handy apps. I’m already using many of them.

  2. I’m a big fan of photoshop and wold love to use it on my HTC.

  3. How come no color picker tool included in this list. Is designers not using color picker tool anymore?

  4. Really a good post with some good resources

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    Thanks for share.

  7. Hi Justin! Nice list of Android Applications. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Good helping one stuff defined for web developer & designer ,
    These type of software are always helpful for developers & designer to enhance their functionality & get help & reduce their efforts.

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  12. Dropbox is my favorite on all platforms. Desktop, notebook, tablet, phone etc, Dropbox make them all works flawlessly.
    Actually I can’t imagine using FTP on my phone, of course it would be great to have it but limited functionality so far holds me back from even trying it. Is it really that good?

  13. Great collection of Android Apps..Thanks

  14. I have a college project in Android, that to answer an incoming call,

    just close phone to your ear, that’s it.
    To answer/end a call, don’t touch screen any more !
    To answer a incoming call, just close the phone to your ear.
    To end call during a call, just turn the phone over.

    How can I do this…Please help me with source code of android…

    Please reply me fast…
    Thanks in advance…

  15. There is free photoshop in android? Well that’s great news!

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