10 Powerful Tools To Make Tweeting More Efficient

It is fantastic to see Twitter moving faster than ever with its developments. The company received $800m in investment, acquired several Apps recently and put out plenty of new features.

On top of all this, the company just announced that there are now over 1 million Apps that are part of the Twitter eco-system. Every 1,5 seconds another one registered. Recently, Twitter’s own Jack Dorsey approached App developers and encouraged them to keep building their businesses in and around the Twitter eco-system. This is particularly interesting as Twitter’s relationship hasn’t always been a friendly one.

In one go, the Social Network killed many tools after introducing Twitter lists. More recently, the addition of Twitter’s own picture gallery puts Apps like TwitPic and Yfrog under severe pressure. Still, I believe Twitter Apps are the most crucial component to make Twitter work for you as an individual or business.

So without further ado, here are 10 Apps that are a great enhancement to my Twitter experience:

Buffer – Increase clicks on your Tweets by 200%)

InstantShift - Powerful Tools To Make Tweeting More Efficient

There are so many fantastic blogposts I read each day, unfortunately I do most of my reading late at night. Tweeting them out at 1 am in the morning never reaches anyone. By adding all the great content I find to my Buffer, they are posted for me at optimal times, well spaced out over the day. Doing so has increased my click rate by 200% and adding Tweets to my Buffer couldn’t be any simpler.

Efficiency Tip: Whenever you are reading something worth sharing, hit the Buffer button right there via the browser extension for Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Official Link

ManageFlitter – Get rid of unnecessary followers

InstantShift - Powerful Tools To Make Tweeting More Efficient

Has it ever occurred to you that you are browsing through your Twitter stream and it takes far too long to get to the really good content? Maybe it is because not enough of the people you follow are adding value. With ManageFlitter you can easily detect who is cluttering your stream, who stopped using Twitter or who isn’t following you back. With just a few clicks, you can unfollow them.

Efficiency Tip: You don’t even have to create an account with ManageFlitter, you can simply sign in with Twitter, unfollow whoever you want and that’s it.

Official Link

Twoolr – Full analytics for your Twitter account

InstantShift - Powerful Tools To Make Tweeting More Efficient

Of course, one of the most important parts when putting effort into Twitter is to track how well you are doing. Twoolr is a fantastic analytics dashboard that shows you all the necessary details you need to know about your Twitter efforts. Learn about how many retweets and mentions you have got, how many people have started following you and much more.

Efficieny Tip: On top of everything you can subscribe to weekly reports delivered straight to your inbox, which saves me a lot of time sifting through the data.

Official Link

Formulists – Build your lists more efficiently

InstantShift - Powerful Tools To Make Tweeting More Efficient

When I started out on Twitter I always wondered why I should create lists. Even as your account starts to grow moderately as mine does, it soon became clear that lists are a life saver. And building them with Formulists couldn’t be easier. You can set up certain actions and whenever someone retweets, mentions or follows you they are put in the right list for you.

Efficiency Tip: The app also keeps a realtime tab about the people you interact the most with so you can always keep in touch with your most valuable followers.

Official Link

Twylah – Get more out of your Tweets

InstantShift - Powerful Tools To Make Tweeting More Efficient

Generally the life time of a Tweet is about one hour. After that, it is is usually gone and lost in nowhere. With Twylah however, you can prolong the life of your Tweets considerably. The lets you create a custom brand page with all the Tweets you once posted. They are organized beautifully on a blog-like page, giving you rich media preview and automatic ordering by top topics you are Tweeting about.

Efficiency Tip: What I like best about Twylah is that you are able to send Power Tweets. This means it uses the link and embeds it on a new site together with lots of relevant content around it.

Official Link

Tweriod – When are your followers online the most?

InstantShift - Powerful Tools To Make Tweeting More Efficient

Have you always wondered when your followers are most likely to see your Tweets? Wonder no more, Tweriod is a neat little App that shows you all the best times to reach your followers. Simply sign in with Twitter and the App generates a custom report for you. You will then receive detailed stats when your best times to Tweet are as well as your best days of the week.

Efficiency Tip: I like to team up Tweriod together with Buffer to create an absolute Killer combination for highest Tweeting impact.

Official Link

InboxQ – Help people relevant to your space

InstantShift - Powerful Tools To Make Tweeting More Efficient

One of my favourite saying goes: “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar. InboxQ is a fantastic App to do exactly that. You can set up terms relevant to your area of expertise. The App will then go and crawl Twitter for any questions asked about it. You can answer them right from inside the App and build new connections with highly relevant people.

Efficiency Tip: The App allows you to save questions as “to do’s” and offers you to browse through once answered questions as an archive.

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WhoTweetedMe – Who retweeted your posts?

InstantShift - Powerful Tools To Make Tweeting More Efficient

One of my favourite recent discoveries is called WhoTweetedMe. Without the need to signup or in, you can simply drop in any URL of a blogpost or piece of content that you want to have analysed. The App then shows you the number of retweets together with lots of other useful information. You will learn about when most retweets happened as well as what the average follower count of the people Tweeting is.

Efficiency Tip: On top of all this you will get a list of the people with the most followers that have retweeted you. You can thank them or simply use it to start a connection with them.

Official Link

Twtrland – A fun way to learn about your followers

InstantShift - Powerful Tools To Make Tweeting More Efficient

This is a great way to browse through a ton of different Twitter users and find out very valuable and insightful information about them. When have they joined Twitter? How often do they get retweeted? Which were there best Tweets ever sent? These and many more answers you always had about your followers will get answered here.

Efficiency Tip: What I like best is the pie chart showing you which number of Tweets are replies, links or plain tweets. It’s a great way to see whether they will add value to your stream.

Official Link

StrawberryJ.am – Make reading Tweets more efficient

InstantShift - Powerful Tools To Make Tweeting More Efficient

The last App I want to write about is a beautifully designed, Twitter powered reader App called StrawberryJ.am. It takes all Tweets from your stream and reoders them by most mentioned. This gives you a chance to see the most relevant Tweets from your followers at one glance. You can go ahead and retweet these top Tweets right there are set them up to be Tweeted out later.

Efficiency Tip: A fantastic feature from StrawberryJ.am is that you can create these intelligent streams for searches, hashtags or lists too.

Official Link


These are the top tools I came to love recently from the wide selection of Twitter Apps. How about you? Do you think some of these can help with your Tweeting habits too?

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  1. helping tools, some of these we using, thanks for others.

  2. Manage Flitter is a great tool to help you manage your followers on twitter. It shows you things like the people who aren’t following you, inactive and active users and talkative users. Great tool for managing your following vs follower balance and overall twitter brand.

  3. Some real handy hints… cheers:)

  4. a really nice collection of useful tools. I was looking for tools to help with the “not flooding process” in twitter. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I haven’t tried any of these, but I’m really curious about Twoolr. I might just check it out, I think I’m in need of optimization of my twitter account.

  6. Thanks for sharing amazing tweeting tools. Twoolr is quite good for analytics.

  7. A similar app to StrawberryJ.am is Jetsli.de were also hackernews, reddit and other geeky networks are tracked for interesting articles. Tracking is based on your last searches.

    So with Jetslide I now can view all important articles of my friends but also include articles of my interests

  8. useful tools.

  9. All great Twitter tools in a Single post, awesome.

  10. Great tips! I think Manage Filter will help me out the most.

  11. Great Collection you are sharing here.. Thanks For This :)

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