Win 5 Subscription of Awesome Design Goodies from Design TNT

We are again excited to present you with something special, more exciting prizes. InstantShift again came up with cool freebies giveaway as promised. This is our way of saying thanks to our readers for being part of the iShift community and helping us make it to where we are right now.

This time we’re pleased to announce our latest giveaway where you all have a chance to win five subscription to awesome design goodies from Design TNT.

So Hurry up, read the rules, drop a comment to enter in this contest.

About Design TNT

instantShift - Design TNT Giveaway

Design TNT is a new resource website of design goodies which has just made its entrance in the design industry starting this Monday!

DesignTNT’s mission is to provide all designers out there with high quality design resources that they can’t find anywhere else – all in one place!

Here are the categories of design resources you can get your hands on at DesignTNT: vector art, Photoshop brushes, addons, textures, Web design resources and premium design tutorials.

Some more interesting facts about DesignTNT:

  • Design TNT aims at being the complete toolbox for designers and even more;
  • Every week you will find fresh resources added to the website;
  • The license will allow you to use the resources in both commercial and personal work;
  • There will be no long term commitments, you can cancel at any time;
  • You will get access to all the resources for a very small monthly price;

We think that DesignTNT offers a pretty sweet deal and even if you don’t win at this cool giveaway, you should still browse through their gallery of design goodies and get a subscription.

How To Win Your Design Goodies from Design TNT

instantShift - Design TNT Giveaway

  1. Post your comments about “Where you going to use these design goodies if you won?” in this post.
  2. One entry per person. Duplicate comments will be voided and deleted.
  3. Winners will be contacted by their email (so make sure your email address is correct).
Comment entries will be accepted until July 17th, 2011. Winners will be selected randomly via mysql query from the comment table, so all of you are completely equal.

Just leave a comment to win exclusive design goods for your projects and create fantastic designs!

Good luck, and be sure to subscribe to our RSS-feed and follow us on Twitter to find out if you’re a winner. And also for recent updates as more giveaways are planned in the near future.

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  1. I’ll use these goodies for my design blog,

  2. In my own website and in my clients websites.

  3. I would love to have some of these design resources available to help mme not only update my portfolio and blog, but also to use with my freelance clients as well.

    Great looking resources, and thanks for the contest!

  4. sweet!!, can find a use for this.

  5. I will be using these design goodies on my personal portfolio website.

  6. I would use this on my personal portfolio website i am building right now!

  7. I will use it in my personal project, my new portfolio.

  8. I am wanting to start a blog with my daughter, and having some great design resources could give us a good start and help with a professional look!

  9. Thank you iShift Shaft for the opportunity to enter you’re contest. Thank you Design TNT for you’re most generous offer. Best of Luck to you in you’re exciting new business venture. “Where you going to use these design goodies if you won?” “The Best Little Website Design House in Florida” is going to use the no cost ‘Design TNT’ goodies in future new build web sites, if Snappy Clam wins. Again, Thank you.

  10. Where you going to use these design goodies if you won?

    I’ll used these goodies for my new blog. And I really hope it’ll be awesome and can attract more audiences

  11. Nice giveaway!

    I would use this goodies for my blog to fresh up the design.

  12. Of course I will use it in my next client projects, like the poster I’m designin right now! So that my client can look at your objects and say a big “Wahoo!”

  13. I would you the resources to enhance my own site, as well as on my clients sites.

  14. I would use these on building my own site (it desperately needs it!) and for my clients :0)

  15. Nice!

    I would use them on my soon-to-be new portfolio/blog.

  16. I would you these goodies on my sites.

  17. Awesome. Count me in. Need them for some client works.

  18. I will use this awesome pack for my website, to give it a modern and fresed look.

  19. Would like to win this too! I’ll use it for both personal and client work.

  20. This would be great, I’m always looking for new graphics to use in my web design business!

  21. My Brother and I are starting up our first startup together and i’m doing all the website design and programming in my spare time. Having access to some free design elements will go a long way in getting us up and running, starting a business is not a cheap operation.

  22. I found Instantshift a year ago and since then I read the RSS Feed each day. Hope I’ll be one of the winners as i’m always open for free stuff.

  23. What would I need them for? What a question! I need them for my next design project.

  24. I would need the icons to make awesome designs, they are amazing and very professional. Not to mention very creative tooo.. :)

  25. I’m always up for freebies… they didn’t hurt my day so count me in too. I can use these design goodies in my beta project.

  26. I want these too! Great share

  27. A great website contains many elements, one being a unique & amazing design. Design goodies would be a fantastic addition to any website, and can definitely make things look sleek and appealing.

  28. I’d like to make a memory game with your design elements!

  29. Just visited DesignTNT site.. These elements are so COOL and soo CUTE. Im in the process of building my site and would like to use them on my web site all over.

  30. If I won the prize of this contest is only used to create projects personnel.

  31. Handy stuff for my blog.

  32. I would use these design resources for my present and future projects. Clients websites and my own. I would also use these resources to learn and grow as a designer.

    Thanks for the awesome offer guys!

  33. I would use them in my everyday design work, my personal projects, or wherever they seem to fit in the design aptly.

    Thank You

  34. I really need to improve my personal blog.

    Another awsome giveaway. Thank You.

  35. What a good giveaway… newly launched site with smashing design stuff. I would definitely like to win.

    There are many ongoing project in my pocket in which i can consume these goodies.

  36. Would love to score a copy. Great site, keep up the great content!

  37. Oooh I’d love this for my web design projects! I’ll have my fingers crossed that I win

  38. Nice prize! I would love to win! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  39. I’m in too. This would be a great set of designs to win!

  40. This would be an excellent way to show off the projects in my portfolio . I’m pretty average at designing but i’m not very good with tools, it’s a little confusing :)

  41. Thanks a lot for sharing this, its very good motivation and incentive to both pro and newbie designers…
    This is surely taking web design to very high levels – keep up, its a challenge to us :)

  42. This is an extremely cool stuff that I could actually really use in designing this website that I’ve been working on (It’s about a college event theme.)

  43. Hello Hope you give me the chance..please give me a copy…I really want the design. i can use them many places like in creating fen posters.

  44. This would be an excellent way to make creative the projects in my portfolio. Looks good. Fingers crossed.

  45. I could use these design goodies to make great effect on my site I think!We are in a new business providing free electronic downloads from new artists.

  46. wow…i’ve seen a lot of other sites with many similar design stuff but Designtnt had all unique stuff which are rare in compare to other design element sites. I can use these items to increase my design collection and create innovative and creative designs.…awesome!!!

  47. I’d like to use it for my brother’s website/portfolio…he’s is photographer…hope to win…good luck everybody!

  48. For my webdesigns, promo-stuff and businesscards

  49. I would use these awesome goodies for my personal and clients projects.

  50. I’m planning a series of greeting card designs. Would love to use your freebies in those designs.

  51. hopefully im in.

  52. I got accepted into a new danish bachelor education called “Digital media and design” at the IT-university in Copenhagen, Denmark. The education teaches academic theory on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. And we also get to work on projects using our knowledge within webdesign and coding. I would use these design goodies as inspiration for my education and school projects. I like creating children-friendly websites and the lovebirds vector set looks very promising. Would be awesome inspiration to get a closer look at the lovebirds especially.

    Cheers, Mikkel.

  53. Amazing contest, count me in!

  54. Will definitely use some of these goodies in my next project.

  55. First of all, on my website.
    later, letme hope on a thousand clients web.


  56. In the short term… I’d be using it to build my site and in the long term it would be used in all of my projects.

  57. I will be looking to relaunch my website again.

  58. I will use them to build an iPhone app that integrates revolves around social media for medical students/residents

  59. I’m in the business of designer mugs… maybe these free designs help me create new mugs.

    Thank for the offer though.

  60. I bealive that I used your explosive design for my next client or some detailed for my new website.

  61. For my new blog

  62. I love to use this Goodies in my Personal Site.

  63. will use them to
    1) spice up my academic presentations;
    2) to amplify my personal photography & photo art;
    3) and for my travel blog;
    4) for diversifying my tweets & tweetpicz :)

  64. this is my 2nd time to read this post and last time when i was reading it through and at once a virus attacks at my computer memory and i lost all the data and today i join you again to fulfill my lust for reading some useful things like that written above.

  65. Would use these resources for any future projects — personal or client work!

  66. The photoshop brushes, add-ons, textures are just some of goodies that will be heavily used in my current projects right now. I’m doing some print design projects for my client at the moment and this is just the perfect chance to get them

  67. I’ll used these goodies for my future graphic-projects, for my web-sites and as inspiration:)

  68. I will use these items on & Look forward to seeing these items in action.

  69. Ow my own website and my clients

  70. I would use this for my photoshop work so i can do better stuff with this programm :) Perhaps i would do some poster of my country switzerland :D

    Greetings from Switzerland


  71. Cool bundles… would love to have it… can use them in various places.

  72. hope its not to late! nice stuff

  73. It’s a great goodies, vectors, textures and brushes sounds awesome!

  74. I really want one of this ! Thanks for the giveaway & keep it up ! i will use them in my project.

  75. I have no idea how I got here. But this giveaway looks pretty good. I might going to use some of the vector arts in my webpage if i won. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  76. Ooh, that really is a nice one. design goodies is the bomb, i like to use this one for my portfolio.

  77. Nice, fluid designs. Dizzying in some ways, but smart and crisp too.

  78. Very nice! I really like the things you post in your site. and I would like to win these goodies.!

  79. That’s it Guys !!!

    No more entry accepted as this contest is Officially Closed.

    We are going to announce the name of the winners in couple of days. Thank to all of you for participating in this giveaway.

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