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  1. Why do so many people have the arrogance/ignorance to make titles like the one of this article? I go to an art school and if Im not able to elaborate on the imagery I use, I will get a lot of crap for it. I doubt there are any design schools where they “forget” to teach you that a logo is not just a random image and that as a an artist you need to establish some kind of code for what you do.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Mark. Unfortunately, speaking at many art schools, I have found that the logo/brand is not taught to many students (among other important practices in design). It’s not the money that makes me write this series on professional practices — it’s the fact that when students and young professionals DON’T know the proper thought/procedures in business, they erode the entire industry and make business harder for those who were taught the correct way to be a competent and professional designer (even those who are self-taught).

    If your school gives you a full and well-rounded education, then be thankful you chose a good school. As for “arrogance/ignorance,” as you grow and experience the world and other designers, you will see why this articles and others like it are written and needed.

  3. Thanks for sharing nice blog post, i like it so much

  4. Thanks Speider. Thinking about change.

  5. Really useful post. Keep it flowing.

  6. Yeah we learned very quickly early on that branding is everything. We have owned the Destiny Islands domain for a few years now, but we didn’t pick up steam until we started a heavy marketing campaign. Now the site resides at PR4 and brings in a decent amount of search engine traffic every day

  7. A logo is, quite simply, your signature; your name; the symbol by which people will identify you at first or second sight. If you were a sweater, it would be your label.

  8. Thank you very much for such lovely sharing. its really informative.

  9. A brand is a logo that passed a test of time.

  10. the change in the logo of Apple impressed me alot.

  11. that is what I call true information

  12. Thankfully, no one else made a brazen comment like Mark did at the beginning. I do agree that Branding is something that is only “browsed by” by several art schools. I did find some useful tidbits here as well as an entertaining read.

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  14. That’s y logo is important.

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  16. Hello! My friend, I think I agree with you. Just give it your best shot!

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