Become a Millionaire in 58,398 Easy Steps! (Infographic)

Apps can save lives. Some make our lives easier, while others offer a cheap laugh. They help us get through boring meetings, providing us with more entertaining and stimulating tasks like slicing fruit, knocking over bird houses and transforming photos into artsy masterpieces. Without apps, how else could you see how you’d look 50 pounds heavier? Or in 30 years? Or as a zombie?

Yet the real life-changing stories involving apps come from the developers who birth them. The most popular apps go viral, selling like hotcakes and bringing in the bacon with no additional effort by their creators.

Whether you’re an app consumer or producer, here are some interesting stats about these hot little digital commodities.

InstantShift - Become a Millionaire

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  1. superb visual showing how to become a billionaire

  2. 58398 steps only gets you $100k ;)

  3. Can you even find an app developer anymore? Seems like everyone and their grandmother is looking for an app developer.

    So it goes…


  4. You have added so usefull content for my work. thank dud

  5. So that’s why I should learn development ( Mobile apps. are the future I guess ).

  6. haha got to agree with Dp

  7. Wow, today, the internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities to make quick money. Online marketing is a great route that can answer your how to make millions question. Imagine having the whole online community as your potential customers. What you need to have is a product or service that is appealing and can rake the interest of the online consumers. Quality and pricing is also something that you need to bear in mind. If you want to have repeat customers and expand your horizons, you should always commit to giving quality service at affordable prices. keep it up!

  8. hahah, so if you want a rich you must be a developer

  9. Thanks for your tip but according to me you can get more incentives by doing blogging instead of developer

  10. Not quiet easy..

  11. 1. As others pointed out, these are not easy steps.
    2. The math is wrong.
    3. Most of the top downloaded apps are .99 cents.

  12. Great concept, I’d love to see a new version of this with corrected figures! The average prices is closer to $1 considering 1/3 of the available apps are free…and the majority of non-free apps are .99 as Tim stated. Once you add all the free apps, you’ll find the “average” drops significantly requiring a lot more sales before you’ll reach $1M.

    Another sad note for developers, many of the top apps use a free app to entice free users to upgrade into payers. This adds another step..”Offer Free App” and more than doubles the number of downloads needed to hit $1M in cash. The real lesson, you don’t need to be a developer to make a million on an need to be a marketer to get the eyeballs to the app!

  13. Don’t mind But I Have To Do A lot to get that, Good Post . Thankyou

  14. ive made 6 apps so far , 2 apps i have made have made me £89,000 so far , the other 4 are not so good ,
    there are 3 usefull progarms to use one of them are free , anyone can make an app with a basic knol of computing and software development
    5 years ago i never had a computer , today ive earned over £130k by apps and other pc software

    email if u need more info , varity is the spice of life , everyone shud get a crack at the monay magnet

  15. what a funny name :D it will make developers disappointed actually not happy lol :D

  16. Thanks for your tip but according to me you can get more incentives by doing blogging instead of developer

  17. So difficult………

  18. hi all,

    i’v a keen interst in qr code, wanna strt sumthing related to it .cud any body plz. tell me wht to to next

  19. One of the coolest infographics I’ve seen in a while!

  20. this steps are not easy but…

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