Giveaway of Great Icons From IconDemon

We are excited to present you the new prizes, and this time they are 3 memberships from that you can access easily by leaving the comment below. You can win 5300+ professional stock icons right away! Each pack is the annual membership with unlimited access to awesome icons, with the standard price of $99. And you may download all web icons from IconDemon huge collection for free!

We are eager to give out 3 unlimited membership packages to 3 commentators at random. We will give the membership packs for 3 winners chosen at random. Please see the further details below.

This giveaway is a real catch for the designers and webmasters suffering from the lack of time or high quality sources to create professional layouts for their projects. With IconDemon it’s easy as pie! Due to the icons categorization and clear website structure you will enjoy convenient navigation and will quickly find the icons to your preferences.

About IconDemon

IconDemon has two membership options for its customers: the limited and unlimited packages. With the limited pack you will download up to 500 icons for the ridiculous fee of just $19. This package is great for some one-time projects, when you have already found the definite icons to your like.

instantShift - IconDemon Giveaway

Another membership option is the unlimited package allowing to download any amount of icons from the entire collection of 5300+. The membership costs $99 which is certainly much cheaper than ordering custom web icons sets from the web design studio. Moreover, getting the desired icons is going to be a quicker process that saves you much nerves and efforts.

All the icons are split up into 20 popular topics and 10 up-to-date styles to satisfy any requirements. The icons are presented in the sizes of 64×64 pixels, 80×80 pixels, 100×100 pixels and 128×128 pixels. Each icon is carefully designed by the team of devoted experienced illustrators. The collection is being constantly updated according to the latest web design trends.

By entering the website you will see the styles and categories at once. This option adds usability to the website navigation. You’ll see such icons styles and topics as 2d, 3d icons, system and computer icons, glass icons. Game icons, business icons, vintage icons etc.

How To Win Your Goodies from IconDemon

instantShift - IconDemon Giveaway

The process of becoming the participant will take you a minute or so: just leave the comment telling what you would need the icons for or how you are going to play with them.

As soon as you leave a comment you will become the participant of the contest. We will choose 3 winners at random, so all of you are completely equal. Hurry up, IconDemon is so kind 7 days only: the contest will last from Feb,2 till Feb,9.

Just leave a comment to win exclusive icons for your projects and create fantastic designs!

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  1. This would be great, I’m always looking for new icons to use in my web design business!

  2. It would be an Iconic day if I won this!!

  3. The wife and I are starting up our first business together. I’m doing all the website design and programming in my spare time. Having access to some free design elements will go a long way in getting us up and running, starting a business is not a cheap operation. Thanks for considering my request.

  4. My projects need these amazing exclusive icons!

  5. These icons would be really pretty in my future projects. I hope I win this!

  6. I want these!!!

  7. great :)

  8. Great Icons.. I need it… Thanks

  9. What would I need them for? What a question! Professionally looking icons are the essential part of almost every web project :)

  10. I’d love to put my hands on these icons ;)

    good luck guys…!

  11. Still I need high quality icons for in order to embellish drafts of websites.

  12. I would need the icons to make awesome designs, they are amazing and very professional! :)

  13. Great icon collection at IconDemon. I would like to use them on my various client projects.

  14. A nice contest! I am going to use the icons to redesign our CMS system which we provide with every website we code or create. Of course there’s going to be a credit’s page stating where the graphical elements came from and a link to the website of the author or authors. Hope you’ll pick me :)

  15. I want those icons!!!!! NOW NOW NOW!!! :-D

  16. I’m going to impress my mates with these icons, show them what an amazing value they add to a previously boring function.

    I’ll use them for my website’s, and for my iphone + mac software!

    Those icons will make my application an website look way more professional and awesome.

  17. Thanks for sharing the collection. Awesome.

  18. Icons Icons Icons!!!!

  19. I would like them sooooo usefull!

  20. I could really use these to help improve my web version of my main product a Db for DSS offices.

  21. Awesome icons!

  22. I found Instantshift a year ago and since then I read the RSS Feed each day.
    I hope this is my lucky day and I will win this awesome giveaway from

  23. I would use these on the sites I am building, plus it would feed my icon addiction :)

  24. Great Icons.. I need it… Thanks

  25. It would be an Iconic day if I won this!!!
    Thanks For this GiveaWay

  26. Nice giveaway! I’d love to win this prize and I’d use the icons for creating mobile apps and webdesign projects. Also for my portfolio I am looking for some nice icons.

    Good luck to all participants

  27. My process is like this.

    Define a Purpose: Every great idea needs a purpose. How about an automated bacon maker?

    Build the Draft: I use high quality icons for a slick UI using the latest JQuery or HTML5 goodies.

    Sell your prototype: Want some eggs with that bacon? Use the friendly drag and drop controls!

    Icons drive the inspiration and fun of my projects.
    They’re critical in delivering the “I see… Oh…” to my users.

    pun intended :)

  28. I need (absolutely need) icons for my web designs (although I do a graphics, offline design as well), and this membership would really mean amazingly much to me.

  29. I want these too! Great share

  30. Hello everybody ;)

    I’d like to make a memory game with your icons !

    Kiss from france, and keep up the good work !

  31. I extremely power up my current projects if I won this set!!

    fingers crossed…

  32. A great website contains many elements, one being a unique & amazing design. Icon’s would be a fantastic addition to any website, and can definitely make things look sleek and appealing. I would use them to add onto the navigational links. A icon + text underneath is a great simplistic design. Thank you.

  33. I would loves me some icons!

  34. These would be awesome to have for my web and ux projects.

  35. I am currently in the process of researching and developing a design blog and would love these icons for inspiration to develop my graphic skills and probably use some on my blog and other freelance projects I do now and in the future.

  36. These Icons are so COOL and soo CUTE. Im in the process of building my site and would like to use them on my web site all over.

    Gracias =)


  37. cool icons i would love to use them in my projects

  38. My projects need these icons.

  39. these are really great!
    actually these cute and professional icons can change the appearance of our artwork more than a lot…
    i hope to win this!

  40. These icons look handy for our web seminar related project. Really appreciate the opportunity.

  41. Why Not! Looks real good. Can be use them anywhere in my work. Thanks to icondemon. :)

  42. I’m currently working on a NGO site and i can use those icons for the same. However, if i not going to wing i will surly going to buy one of their subscription.

  43. A cool freebies as expected. thanks to iShift and icondemon. I will use these icons in designing my personal portfolio. I see how amazing the front page post image of this giveaway looks. I love it.


  44. I like to win these too. Count me in as i works with multiple projects all together and i can use them anywhere. I mean there is no harm in keeping back resources.

  45. I will use them in future design projects.

  46. Hi,

    I am willing to make good use of these nice icons by sharing ideas and articles on my Blog, collaborative projects and social networks.

    Thank you :)

  47. Great Icons :)

  48. I’m always in need of additional icons for my work!

  49. Thank you for the giveaway.


  50. Heh, would be nice :3

  51. I would like to use these icons to my website to make it more attractive which is very necessary now !!

  52. i need icon for my new web. and thanks for the givway

  53. As a small graphic design business, having access to the amazing icons from IconDemon is a business basic. Having access to the icons without having the subscription costs would be an amazing bonus for my start up business.

  54. Yeah, It’d be great if I won them, a great resource pack for me!!

  55. It seems a great giveaway! I hope to have a chance.

    Congratulations for your work.

  56. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t have a need for some icons – be it for design or video work.

  57. Nice idea! I’ld like to have so nice icons to work with my works

  58. I’m working on several projects, some of them personal, and would love to have some nice icons handy when I need them.

  59. My husband and I are starting our own web design/development company together and could REALLY use these images to get things going! What an amazing give away!

  60. I really need this for my upcoming web projects. Like the others, this would be a great help. As a web designer, this is a treasure. Hope I win this treasure ^__^

  61. i can really use these.. pick me pick me… :P

  62. Great icons are always welcome!
    My apps will be gratefully.
    Thank you!

  63. Nice site with great content!

  64. That’s it Guys !!!

    No more entry accepted as this contest is Officially Closed.

    We are going to announce the name of the winners in couple of days. Thank to all of you for participating in this giveaway.

    Daniel Adams

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