WordPress Lottery from TemplateMonster: Giveaway & Special Offer!

Once Again, we’ve got something special for our community. We’ve again came up with cool freebies giveaway as promised. This is our way of saying thanks to our readers for being part of the iShift community and helping us make it to where we are right now. We at InstantShift love to give away things regularly, all year long.

InstantShift and TemplateMonster have joined forces on a brand new fantastic campaign that will run through about a week and will guarantee a range of fascinating goodies for WordPress maniacs.

So Hurry up, read the rules, drop a comment to enter in this contest.

About TemplateMonster

Everything has started with TemplateMonster launching nice 20% discount on all of their 1000+ WordPress themes with each theme coming with tons of options that allow you to easily customize every aspect of your WordPress website without a need to get plunged into coding. In addition, a promotional 20% discounted price will include a set of bonuses such as free hosting with domain name, and certainly free premium support.

instantShift - TemplateMonster Giveaway

How To Win Your Goodies from TemplateMonster

As good as the discount is, why spend so much time and efforts designing a website, when you can easily get a ready-made professional WordPress theme for free? To make it happen and take part in the promo lottery that’s to be held this week on our blog, you should just go to TemplateMonster WordPress themes section, pick one of your favorite themes offered in there, and post its ID in the comments section to the current blog entry, also mentioning why you actually loved it. And that’s it! At the end of the promo, out of all the comments posted we’ll randomly choose three luckiest winners to award them with WordPress themes they favored.

Even more so, each of the participants will be able to win five big, fat 50% gift certificates active for any WordPress theme available at TemplateMonster.

The promotion itself will only last during several days – starting January 24th to January 27th 2011. So now you might consider getting your hands on some of WordPress themes and start posting their IDs here. Don’t miss out on this chance to get your favorite WordPress theme for free or win one of five huge discounts with the craziest price ever! Go on and hurry to choose one of the WordPress themes now, and get the most out of this ultimate WordPress deal!

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  1. Type: WordPress
    Item: #31901
    Author: Mercury

    This is a cool idea :)

  2. Item #32015 by Mira

  3. WordPress template: 31485

    I find it a suitable theme for my personal portfolio.

  4. Item number: 30185
    Type: WordPress
    Author: Hugo

    I love it’s layout and modular front page

  5. Theme 28721 is rockin cool, hope i win

  6. 31673 is my choice with its simple clean lines and nothing that would get in the way of the content.

    I did not even know Template Monster created WP themes. I have to be honest that the only way I would try one of their templates is free though. Most all of their templates that I have used in the past were mal-formed and not worth using. Hopefully they have fixed this now as many of their designs are appealing.

  7. #31525
    i like this

  8. Excellent,Clean and professional themes.

  9. 32096 looks good for online directory.

    I will go with it. Thank you.

  10. I’ll be with #28740
    Very clean and minimal.

  11. #32312

    Very creative and good for my future magazine. Thank you TM :)

  12. My choice is #26028. I like the background idea.

  13. Item number: 31565 Very creative and Very clean..

  14. Type: WordPress
    Item: #31100
    Author: Astra

    Silverio Design theme looks amazing.

  15. Item 28312

    clean, very professional!

  16. My favorite is item #31485 , simply because I need it to grow my business.

    Thanks for the chance!

  17. #26323

    I really like this theme, it is pretty, playful and yet also professional.

    I love your giveaways instantshift! Keep on Going!

  18. Item: #31100 original wp template !

  19. Id # 32472

    This is the theme with the bmx thing
    Which I would really like to win
    The background photo is really nice
    Yes, this should be my price!

    Thanks for the opportunity guys!

  20. #33439 – because the design is different than what I commonly associate with a wordpress theme

  21. Item 31525: I would love to use it for a client website that was comissioned me!

  22. @Kevin M
    Thanks Kevin, we try really hard to make our template designs (as well as the back-end) look and work in a best way. Perhaps a long time ago you have faced some difficulties with our templates, but I’m sure things have changed greatly since that time. Our company invests a lot of time into improving our products, our approaches and technologies we use.
    Good luck in a lottery, nice choice by the way!

  23. @Robbert Ravensbergen
    That’s a great choice Robbert! And a nice verse, too. Thanks

  24. #26323

    Really Nice theme. Let me win this!

  25. Item: #27551

    Nice theme, just for my next project.

  26. #22943 – it’s perfect. That guy looks a lot like me.

  27. Item #26323 is really pretty, I Would like to win it!

  28. i like this item
    Type: WordPress
    Item: #31638
    Author: Glenn

  29. Item number # 30185
    Simple, clean, great use of color, grabs your attention and makes you stay and read more.

  30. Item #26323

    Looks good and sleek.

  31. I Like to win 28312. Thank you templatemonster and instantshift.

  32. It’s new to know that TM also into WP themes. I previously bought few flash template from them and amaze with the service.

    However, for this giveaway i like to go with #32438. Looks like a clean professional theme.

  33. Lovely giveaway. My Choice Item: #31730, Good color uses and nice layout.

  34. Item: #31485
    Wow! i realy need this for a company website, my next project.

  35. I’m new to wordpress but sure wanna win #29933.

  36. I would love to win this.
    Type: WordPress
    Item: #27409
    Author: Glenn
    Downloads: 9

  37. Item: #28861

    I will use it in my next project.

  38. #32472 for me, mainly because i like BMX’s ! but the design is nice and different for a normal wordpress site.

  39. Item: #24283

    I like the layout of the columns and the colors are better than i have seen in other blue/black background.

  40. That’s it Guys !!!

    No more entry accepted as this contest is Officially Closed.

    We are going to announce the name of the winners in couple of days. Thank to all of you for participating in this giveaway.

    Daniel Adams

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