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Folks! if you really like photography. What do you need to get started? A good quality camera, of course. But what about showcasing and sharing your photographs in stylish photo gallery with your friends. If you like sharing photos online then you should really try SlideShow Box. Slideshow box is an easy to use application that enables you to create amazing Flash and HTML (JavaScript) photo slideshow galleries.

Once Again, we’ve came up with cool freebies giveaway as promised. This is our way of saying thanks to our readers for being part of the instantShift community and helping us make it to where we are right now. This time I’m pleased to announce our latest giveaway where you all have a chance to win 3 Premium HTML Licenses of Slideshow box from jumpeyecomponents (worth $99 each) to InstantShift readers.

About SlideShow Box

Slideshow box is an easy to use application that enables you to create amazing Flash and HTML (JavaScript) photo slideshow galleries.

SlideshowBox comprises 24 high-quality slideshow templates that allow you to create custom photo slideshows without the pains of coding. Many new templates will be added in the near future, including more pure JavaScript slideshows.

instantShift - Slideshow Box Premium HTML License Giveaway

Other Information

The HTML (JavaScript) version of SlideshowBox makes all the Flash templates available to non-Flash developers without the need for Adobe Flash, through our online configuration panel. Because these slideshows consist in SWF files, Flash Player is needed for them to work.

Additionally, there are some pure JavaScript slideshows that can run without Adobe Flash Player and therefore will work on iPhone and iPad.

Browse through dozens of flash slideshow templates inside SlideshowBox to see what you can do with this amazing slideshow collection. See some of the slideshow examples.

How To Win Your Free License Copy?

instantShift - Slideshow Box Premium HTML License Giveaway

  • Post your comments about “Which one is better – Flash or HTML, and Why?” in this post.
  • One entry per person. Duplicate comments will be voided and deleted.
  • Winners will be contacted by their email (so make sure your email address is correct).
Comment entries will be accepted until Sepetember 15th, 2010. Winners will be selected randomly via mysql query from the comment table. 3 winners will receive a Premium HTML licenses of Slideshow box each via their emails.

Good luck, and be sure to subscribe to our RSS-feed and follow us on Twitter to find out if you’re a winner. And also for recent updates as more giveaways are planned in the near future.

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  1. I vote for HTML (go HTML5! :P) because it frees us developers from relying on a proprietary plug-in that we have no total control of. But even so not everyone has their JavaScript turned on :(

    Flash I still love you – go! :)

    Progressive Enhancement baby!

  2. My iPade decided: HTML-JS is best ;-)

  3. I vote for HTML (go HTML5! ) because it is the future. All the development goes there and of course I am going too!

  4. I’m also in support of HTML. I can see flash in near future.

  5. I will 70% vote for HTML

    Reason: Most of what can be done in Flash can now be done with AJAX/javascript toolkits. This includes animation, dynamic content generation, and user interactivity.

    Still 30% vote for Flash

    Flash needs to get back to its roots, which is in frame-based animation. IT lost its glory in this web ad banner crap.

  6. Of course HTML…Today there are so many options from CSS, Ajex, jQuery etc so why to think for Flash but I feel Flash will remain there.

  7. i’m with flash as HTML and CSS will never be able to do what Flash does. With that statement alone some people have launched their mail client, but before you compose that bitter email

  8. I’m with both the technologies….Every technology suggests that developers need to choose between technologies, when in reality, it’s not a battle.

  9. I have no money for flash! I don’t want to pirate flash generators ;-)

  10. HTML and Flash are two separate things. HTML is the basis of internet. You need to have HTML if you are working on blogs, social n/w websites and all.
    But Flash has its own application domain. You can create high-end applications and tools by leveraging the power of Flash. Though we might see some drop in Flash while working on basic slide-shows, video players etc. But there’s still a lot of content there which can be done much easily and effectively in Flash. Creating advanced video players with streaming support, MP3 players with ID3 tags, sound transform classes etc. and many more.
    One can keep on adding more and more content bu the truth is that both are here to stay and for quite a long time.

  11. I am not against Flash or anything, but IMO HTML5 is the way to go…
    It is not a third party plugin, works in major browsers(IE is said to suport it in IE9)… low on resources… fast… and U control it..

    I would use HTML5 and then flash as a fallback for unsupported browsers

  12. I personally like HTML because they tend to work better with iDevices.

  13. I Always participate in these type of discussions. What I think is the biggest problem is that people aren’t truly understanding the situation from a designers perspective.

    Designers need flash for rich interactive content. Supposedly you can create the same content with a combination of Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3. But here’s the issue–designers can’t!!! A programmer can, but how many programmers can actually design?

  14. i think flash is better beacause is more big in design and accesible

  15. I will go with HTML5. No changes required for support in mobiles And even HTML is only the future

  16. for me, it’s flash. I’m not saying Flash doesn’t have problems, but it’s pretty apparent that their “laziness” just isn’t such a reality based on what they’ve been doing on other platforms.

  17. Cant vote for anyone completely… HTML, SVG, CSS and JavaScript are very far along to replacing a lot of what I see Flash doing today – but it should be noted my browsing style is general usage, rather than gaming or interactive videos – which Flash is good at. Anyway, Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. HTML for me. Yeah..go HTML5. Flash will disappear in few years.

  19. Well, i’m a HTML kind of person. But, I must add that an important factor also is the objective of the project to be able to choose between one or the other technology.

  20. I don’t know why i always taking part on these type of discussions. Anyway Firstly, Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Secondly, I think a lot of your views are sensible when you say Flash and HTML5 instead of “versus”.

    There are many people out there that already have enacted the death of Flash and things like that.


  21. for me its Flash as you can create a solid advertisement banner with it in moments.

  22. I vote for HTML. Just a personal opinion.

  23. i vote for the HTML because is much faster than flash.

  24. I’ll Totally go with HTML. Flash Sucx major times. Heavy in loading. Whats the point in using it while you have better options available.

  25. I vote for Flash… Because I’m html and also flash/Flex developer for years and exactly now about the advantages and disadvantages of each ones… Although the HTML is easier, faster and bla bla… but Flash is Bigger, more efficient and now with “flash platform” much much better and useful for us :)

  26. HTML is best, because it’s cheaper from FLASH

  27. I choose HTML because it is fully customizable.

  28. I Love HTML..and My Vote is for HTML..Only

  29. I go with HTML… I hate Flash. It’s a buggy piece of garbage and I use Flash-blocking tools on all platforms.

  30. Thanks for the giveaway, I second @Sophia as Many people made some excellent points regarding what the role of Flash actually is. I feel Flash has a future but I do think that there are a lot of influential people peddling an ‘Us vs Them’ attitude to Flash and HTML5 to best serve their own interests.

  31. Wow! good arguments going over here…I’m glad someone else agrees that HTML5/SVC/CSS3/Javascript is far from a viable Flash replacement. So my vote is with FLASH.

  32. I dont like flash. No SEO support for swf files.

  33. HTML vs Flash. Nice topic but it’s a endless war. they both can co-exist with each other, because there are cases when this or that technology can be inappropriate.
    No matter what they say, Flash has a long road left to travel. I’m with HTML though.

  34. I’m in… i’m with both of them. If they both can work together then why making both the technologies against each other.

  35. helped with Flash and then agonized

  36. HTML

  37. Ok apart from this giveaway. There is one thing that I always miss in the HTML vs Flash debate that you can sort of ‘secure’ your flash program so that it is only allowed to be run on a specific domain but you can’t do this easily with JavaScript. What you says on this??

  38. I vote for HTML because is simply better.

  39. I can’t speak for anyone else, but my MacBook Pro fully stocked on memory, in Firefox, chokes on every single Flash video. It’s terrible. I run a flash blocker in firefox now. So, I’m not in support of Flash.

  40. it seems like flash would be better for a photography website.

  41. I Love Flash, a Flash developers definitely have an easier time when it comes to deployment environment – in fact I’ve met a number of Flash developers now that said they made the shift from JavaScript and HTML years ago to Flash because of the appeal of a single environment.

  42. I’ also with @Vera and @Sophia as both the technologies works fine in their domain according to their usability.

  43. Hahaha…. i’m not a coder nor a designer so i love them both if i got a prize.

  44. I don’t like flash while browsing. There are a couple of things I hate about Flash inside the browser. One of the things I think a lot of users find annoying about Flash is that it feels so alien in the browser. Taking too much time to load and in some cases it crashes like a ghost.

  45. My view on it quite different. Let talk about using both in mobiles. In the mobile browser space HTML 5 currently has better reach than Flash, so is a more logical choice for certain types on app/content that have traditionally been done in Flash. But for web browsing Flash is still a good choice as long as you are using it for advertising purpose.

  46. If we kill Flash, we kill annoying banner ads which i hated so much.

  47. I’ a HTML person but HTML5 seems to be a spec that will take years to become fully established, and is barely capable of competing with flash right now.

  48. I vote for flash because it seems much cleaner and animated. [lyndagp at gmail dot com]

  49. I vote Flash, because right now it’s a bigger thing than HTML5, which is still in early infancy. Until HTML5 proves itself in time, Flash is still the way to go for me.

  50. HTML might not provide tools for developing a rich and awesome UI like Flash does, but it is not proprietary and smart heads can do real magic with JS.

    My choice: HTML

  51. HTML.
    I alway prefer to use html + Js to make more beautiful and accesible sites than using flash. I also work with a Mac or an open Source SO, so I think that Flash will die soon, and it will be replaced by new technologies.. It’ a interesting and complicated subject, that could take pages and pages of different opinion! ^^

  52. I personally like HTML because I hate flash!!!

  53. HTML all the way! I hate flash-ridden sites that take forever to load. Even small sites with one or two pics run on flash. Very annoying in this age of short-span attention.

  54. Hmmmm….

    You know what the future is Flash.And the reason why people getting crazy about HTML 5 cuz they haven’t seen what it’s on Flash.

  55. I think Flash is better! It’s just more flexible, dynamic and accessible!

  56. SlideshowBox is cool… HTML/JS is better. It will work on iPhone and iPad. I think that is also lighter.

  57. i like html…

    easy to load

  58. future is HTML. Flash is dead… R.I.P

  59. long life HTML

  60. I’m with HTML… flash will dead.

  61. My vote is for HTML
    My first point is it doesnt need any plugins to work and loads faster than flash. And flash can be good only for powerfull animations – That is not what I want from a web site. If I wan’t big efects I will watch Avatar…
    For a simple animations you can always use javascript and HTML a lot better and makes the web site easier to work with.
    Third the content changes in HTML are much easyer. I don’t think flash is a good option for getting a content out of database.

    So HTML – The power of simplicity

  62. Thats a tuff question but I guess I would have to go with html5 for being free.
    But then again it depends what you want it for, overall i think html 5 is better. + If you combine HTML with some Javascript you can make some very nice effects than you can also achive with flash, but html is faster :P.

  63. I would say HTML is better. Why? believe it or not, but many people still have old pc’s, especially underdeveloped schools, old people and so on, and therefore, having flash on a website will either be impossible to play or it will crash the system due to high memory load. Specially the new flash plug-in seems to work nice on new computers, but crashes the old ones. Second disadvantage to flash is that it will not play on all mobile devices. So with the new mobile world catching ground on web surfing, I would say that sticking to HTML at least for a few more years would be right way to go. Yes everyone loves animation and all that, but I think my grandma would like to actually see what I have to offer more than she wants to see boxes moving around.

  64. I’m with HTML and JS… i’m listing some of the good fectors using HTML and JS.

    SEO, Easy to learn and use, Widgets, Easy integration with back end languages, CMS Integration, Good problem solving tools, good Availability, faster Loading Times.

  65. @Jack Each one of them have pros and cons

    Just to mention i’m listing some cons of HTML and JS

    HTML is static, Font replacement, Hard to make look exactly like creative, Lods of Bugs, Problem with Different browsers.

  66. @can- So you saying Flash id better than HTML. Now i’m pointing some of the flaws of Flash to give you good idea.

    Flash Requires plug-in, Bed SEO, Less Accessibility, Print Problems, Can get confusing time to time, Bad testing tools, and mainly the Loading times.

    These are the few of many reasons why i don’t like flash for designing or development.

  67. @jack- now you mentioned the flaws of Flash, Let me point out some of the advantages of using flash.

    Interactivity (from anything simple to complex 3d graphics), display/animate vector artwork, Animation, Packaged Up (like YouTube), No reload need after each request, Lots of Built in components available, Immersing experience, Media (Audio, video) upload, Pixel Perfect (no difference in different browsers), Use any Fonts you like, Games etc etc.

  68. @Jack, @Can- You both are correct on your ground but It’s a never ending war and it really comes down to what you need done finally.

    If you want a Blog like website, you’re going to go with HTML. If you want more of a interactive site, go with Flash. In about 10 years JavaScript and HTML 5 might give Flash a run for its money, until then there is no real winner. Right now it’s best to use the strengths of each and use them together in harmony.

    IMO I’m with HTML and JScript for my work.

  69. I’m not a big fan of flash but don’t hate it either. I’m not a developer. I do create a web site in wordpress, it has Flash elements. I like them. They’re cool looking.

  70. nice giveaway, html5 is making things easy and better, from developer point of view html5 is Awesome.

  71. Even google has announced improved crawling support for Flash sites. Still, Flash is bad for SEO and the Web which implies that nothing has changed – the best websites should still avoid Flash.

  72. wow… lots of openion. However, mine is also more or less similar. Information embedded in Flash is often invisible to search engines. Website reporting on Flash navigation is problematic and cumbersome. Flash breaks web usability standards. Lack of consistent cross platform support. Code embedding Flash objects doesn’t pass w3c validation. Some users disable Flash to avoid flash based advertising. Website updates continually require Flash skills. Flash breaks Search Engine Site Previews

  73. This discussion reminds me of people arguing over which cell phone to buy or what OS is the best. I feel the main question here is very heavily biased in favour of non-flash sites. Generally people support what they know and belittle what they are not familiar with.

    I’m with both of the technologies. Would love to use any of them whichever solves my purpose.

  74. My vote goes for HTML as it avoids the need for another plug-in. Anyway, thanks for this great giveaway.

  75. I prefer flash, outcomes run seamlessly and easy to create

  76. @Jack & @Can- Nice fight going on there. Agreed with both of you on some level

    and also to @Alfons Brian- all of the problems you mention is correct while some them have solution. There are SEO methods to use inside flash, or something like swfObject can help you here.
    Google Analytics can be used with Flash, you can fire the events within the flash itself and relay on deep liking methods to achive ALL report data.

    Again, for usability standards, deep linking libraries exits (for a long while)

    About the cross platform support, in my opinion Flash is more cross platform compatible than HTML and CSS.

    You can use swfObject to bypasses the code embedding problem.

    I saw many disable cookies, or javascript. What do you think, do you avoid those too?

    Website update is not so difficult task as actionscript is a very powerful language. Almost 80% of CMS can work with Flash nowdays.

  77. Flash is bad for SEO, therefore I vote HTML over flash.

  78. I love actionscript… So i love flash.

  79. Flash or HTML?
    My vote goes to HTML. It’s easy and user friendly. Flash is heavy for small sites and taking too much time to load. Thanks for the giveaway though.

  80. I’ve been doing websites for 15 years. Flash, CSS, etc. This giveaway is organized with one purpose, to sell the specific services of the giveaway sponsor. The “Issues” that take a lot of “extra” development in fact shouldn’t take extra development if you hire a competent Flash developer.

  81. I completely agree with @Sophia. the best thing we can do is to ignore those parasites and get on with our creative work.

  82. I like HTML, because simple and professional…

  83. FLASH – I like it

  84. HTML, my view has changed.

    HTML – Native, works efficiently everywhere, easier to combine with CSS/JS
    Flash – Proprietorial software, vast tools and image creation, more efficient?

  85. I’m in support of HTML But Flash ‘can’ be used to great advantage if used correctly. Long load times are NOT synonymous with Flash, as there are techniques to keep load times way down so that the user barely notices.

  86. I agree that Flash can be used to great advantage, but there is such a wide range of audience with such a wide range of technology installed on their computers, that having flash so dominant on such an important landing page might not be a good idea. My vote goes to HTML.

  87. I’m happy with both technologies. The general consensus seem to be that Flash is always loosing the SEO game to HTML in the vast majority of cases. I had this feeling too. Glad to see some experience-based comments on it here.

  88. I don’t know how i leaded up here but i know i’m not dropping my comment here for some free stuff. It just feeling like saying something after reading this debate. I’m not a coder nor a designer. I’m Just a person who surfing net and reading few design blogs but personally, the Flash banners in most of the sites are annoying and giving real pain to my eyes. So i can show one thumb down to flash.

  89. I think that the real point here is that no decision should be based on what others say in the community (tips & tricks). Decision should be based on data. No, I know that there is plenty of data against flash as your home page. but again, that is the difference between web designers and internet marketers. I can’t even tell you how many UGLY looking pages with pretty high bounce rates happen to be really great converters.

    It’s too easy to accept the thinking of others, whether they be Flash lovers or haters. If web leaders develop their own criteria based on their unique situation and test against it, they’ll get better results.

  90. I love coding and I’m with Flash.

  91. All over the internet, including in this giveaway, people refuse to look at flash from the perspective of a developer, which in the end is the only perspective that really matters. You, like many others, are right that everyone hates flash player, but why does that matter? People never used flash player because it was fast, because people liked it, people used it merely because it was the only thing they could use to playback the content they encountered on the web.

    So long as developers continue to make content that requires flash player, flash player isn’t going anywhere.

    Thanks for the giveaway anyway :) Cheers

  92. I am a fan of both, but when it comes to searchability and being able to select text, copy/paste HTML has it hands down. This is the standard and has been for a long time. It’s always being improved and in compliment with Flash as accents to what ever graphic or menu functions you’d like, HTML plays towards most businesses needs.

    If you’re a graphic or photo intensive site and wish to have a very dynamic and visually pleasing site, then Flash would be perfect and very appropriate.

    But in summary, I feel HTML is superior!


  93. AllRight Guys !!!

    No More entry accepted as this Contest is Officially Closed.

    We going to announce the name of the winners in couple of days. Thank to all of you for participating in this giveaway.

    DKumar M.

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