Giveaway: Flash Banners, Comic Strips and an Awesome Giveaway

Folks! Are you interested in creating animated banners or comic strips (flash banners in particular) for yourself or your clients? We have something to give you that can perhaps fulfill your advertisements related needs (or maybe not). Once Again, we’ve came up with cool freebies giveaway as promised. This is our way of saying thanks to our readers for being part of the instantShift community. This time I’m pleased to announce our latest giveaway where you all have a chance to win some exciting flash components from BannerSnack which offers a great way to stay on top of your business.

BannerSnack is an online tool that allows you to create flash banner ads and cool flash animations… in a snack break time!

So Hurry up, read the rules, drop a comment to enter in this contest.

instantShift - BannerSnack Giveaway Contest

Why Flash?

Some people hate it, some people love it, but undoubtedly it is preferred in a wide variety of situations, from banners and online videos to rich internet applications. I’m talking about Flash of course.

Take the comic strip below as an example. It was animated with BannerSnack and output as a SWF file.

Click “Play Story” to play it.

Pretty interactive, for a comic strip, huh?

But seriously, the recent conflict between Apple and Adobe brought into discussion the role (and ultimately the necessity) of Flash. What do you think about Flash content? Will Flash disappear or it will continue to strive along with other technologies such as JavaScript or HTML5? Comment and you may win a 1-year subscription to BannerSnack.

The Giveaway

Prizes to Win: Three 1-year BannerSnack licenses

  • Post your comments about “what you think about Flash?” in this post.
  • One entry per person. Duplicate comments will be voided and deleted.
  • Winners will be contacted by their email (so make sure your email address is correct).
Comment entries will be accepted until July 21th, 2010. Winners will be selected randomly via mysql query from the comment table. 3 winners will win 1-year BannerSnack licenses each via their emails.

Good luck, and be sure to subscribe to our RSS-feed and follow us on Twitter to find out if you’re a winner. And also for recent updates as more giveaways are planned in the near future.

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  1. I’m really not into flash but i do like to win the one year license. Thanks instantshift for the giveaway.


  2. Count me in… i love flash…

  3. Flash is a tool just like AJAX, HTML5 or CSS3. The trick is to know when to use it and not overuse it. This rule applies to all methods of building websites or applications. If Flash is right for the job, use it. Your client doesn’t care about the tool you use. He/she cares about the quality of the end product and how it will be received by his/her target audience.

    However, I will say that Flash banner ads (or dynamic ads) are annoying and often interfere too much with the content of the site they’re on (i.e. when you mouseover a leaderboard by accident causing it to expand, hence blocking the content). Most online newspapers overuse Flash and dynamic banner ads. Though it is their only way to generate revenues nowadays…

  4. I used to love flash, now I love JQuery (and only very very good flash movies)!

  5. Agree with Julesfrog as now-days all big sites using flash as they can have all the advertising in single day.

  6. I think that flash will not disappear as people are saying, maybe for web development yes, but for animations it have a great potential and it have a lots to improve…

  7. Flash will be around for a good while yet for one main reason… Internet Explorer!

  8. Flash its good for website . I love flash

  9. I think Flash has played a huge part in allowing artists to port their creativity to the web. As with anything, progression abounds and HTML5 will no doubt offer up a serious contender. For my money it is like the invention of acrylic paint, it’s easy to work with, cheap and doesn’t require the investment in materials. But Flash will always be like oil paint, richer, deeper, more elegant. It definitely takes more investment from the artist to perfect but then you rarely see acrylic paintings at the Louvre.

  10. Since we have to live with it, Flash has to become more “our” tool than “their” tool. Advertisement has to deal with new ways of improve their messages givin’up Flash as “the only” tool, and we have to find new ways to expand design through a tool that has become like not-well-seen by those who make things to be seen.

  11. The truth is Flash is present everywhere these days. I don’t know how HTML 5 will change this, but I certainly believe Flash will be with us for the next decade. GG Adobe!

  12. What do I think about Flash ? …and What do I think about Flash vs Html5 now? Personally speaking I think both has merits and will continue to be used for many years to come.
    However I do think Html5 is gaining lots more ground then anticipated. Already major News websites are adjusting to work just as good for the iPad and iPhones for example and want it or not lots are fallowing closely.

  13. Flash always good for me.

    Hope me luck.

  14. Flash websites just make the whole browsing experience BAD. Yes, they take (sometimes) ages to load, the visibility is horrible, they are super limited, and make you even click on areas where you dont have a link AT ALL.

    Apart from that…. i really like get my hands on those licenses for those Flash components.

  15. flash is really useful, but only for games, and maybe a comic-strip like this, but i really hate people using it instead of javaScript, like in banners… For banner i think the static images are the best.

  16. A very current and hot topic of debate indeed. I really dont think that flash is going anywhere in near future as it can provide you quich solution for lods of things like banners and games. i really those flash games in my facebook page.

  17. I can always find good product made by flash…. But i’m confident while i’m saying that HTML5 is the future…. so beat it!

    Thanks for the giveaway though. All the best to all.

  18. I still remember when i first created my flash game…but i’m more of a HTML and JS type of guy now. i never said i hate flash but i agree with @Arman.

  19. Flash should be rapidly developed to meet Apple’s standards. I think most of the people on the web grew with Flash as their means of providing rich interactive experience, and not only that, Flash has opened the web as another medium of entertainment. I also like to add that the future of the web is HTML5 ‘AND’ Flash together.

  20. HTML5 is faaaaar batter then flash.

  21. Flash really sucks when it comes to SEO and light weight and fast loding sites. This is the only reason I try not to use Flash as much as possible when it comes to web design.

    Technologies are changing and web is also moving forward. New era of web designing will much more then what it is.

  22. Don’t try to change the history…let’s try and change the future and i cant see flash nowhere in future. Very blurry image but still can’t see.

  23. I use Flash for specific media advertising and also for banners but not for websites because of no SEO, no support by all browsers, etc, we need to develop websites for the users and not to make a nice website. It’ld be pretty to win this one year free to make easier the creation of Flash banners.

  24. Thanks for sharing , I want to see all entries :) I love flash

  25. Flash is so… yesterday…

  26. I never worked with flash, but I’m interested to learn it, I’m mediamatiker at the SBW Neue Medien AG, I do there an apprenticeship with 50 other people. If you want to look at our website, were a young team.

  27. I think it will take quite a while for HTML5 or standard conform markup and scripting languages in general to get to a state where Flash is now. For that reason in my oppinion Flash and HTML5 will coexist. Both have their advantages and limitations.

  28. Too mucch long code to do something really like Flash with CSS3 and HTML5, i think they will co-exhist.

  29. Pick me! Pick me!

  30. flash? isn’t that what makes world today?

  31. Hi. Yes, Snappy Clam is interested in creating animated banners or comic strips (cool flash animated banners in particular) for Snappy Clam or Snappy Clam clients. Thanks for your great offer instantShift and BannerSnack.

    “What does Snappy Clam think about flash?” Having flash as an available option is fantastic.

    My 3 euros (inflation). Again thanks instantShift and BannerSnack!

  32. I used to love flash before until I realised Google could not recognised in their search engine. But still love few flash intro which have fast loading.

  33. flash is pretty amazing, and if it’s used the right way, it can add great impact to one’s website

  34. Flash is great. I like it.

  35. I like to navigate trought flash-based websites. The key point about use – or not – about create web sites with is how good developed this is it. Many people think that they know how to program a flash web site, without consider technical aspects. Flash is an amazing tool. But as a programming language (nowadays) needs to be create following some best practices. Even xhtml+css or html5 web sites can be a disaster wittout follow some paths. The problem its not about tecnology, but how to apply the right resource to get the right goal as well. And i believe that both html5 and flash will coexist.

  36. Count me plz …………

  37. Flash is the next generation to flat files because you can add motion and not only that but you can use it for making games, animations and so much more so flash is grate and clients love the extra effects you can get from flash.

  38. awesome post! :)
    thanks a lot for sharing..

  39. Hi! Count me in! I generally love flash and I think that it’s never going to die, even if many developers are saying that flash is gonig to be completely replaced by html 5.

  40. Flash is only good when used correctly. As long as people don’t build their entire website on flash, then I have nothing against it. To me, flash Advertisement is good because people can choose to turn it off. Never force your advertisement…

  41. I think Flash will disappear when it comes to the web. But, when it comes to DVD menu screens, computer learning programs for kids, corporate presentations, etc., Flash will be the tool for the job. Unfortunately, Flash hinders the indexing of a website in search engines. Also, the navigation of a Flash website, typically, tends to be annoying to use, and most people leave a site after they feel uncomfortable or confused.

    In my experience, the web is better off without Flash. Offline is where Flash is strongest.

  42. Flash is amazing. I never used but I think its not good for web.

  43. Depending on how it is used Flash can be effective. Site shouldn’t rely on Flash alone and be overloaded with multiple Flash objects. I wouldn’t buy Flash, but this is really very cool, and a nice way to add interactivity to a site without a lot of coding. I’d love a subscription for a year.

  44. hi. flash is awesome for big business application ( saw a few airlines using it, great interface ) and for games :) and BANNERS ( i love flash banners ) but i have flash websites ( load time )

  45. I like flash but I don’t like flash website because it takes lot of time to load. Flash is too good for animated banners, videos, Image gallery etc. It can be used on lot of places.
    If you want to make animated banners then it must be on flash it attracts a lot and with Action script it can do lot of great things.

  46. I’ve recently been trying to learn how to make flash advertising banners in Flash CS5 for my online portfolio site. I can’t say I’m an expert just yet and I do plan to keep on practising but BannerSnack looks like it’ll make the whole process easier.

    It would be great to win this competition.

  47. i think its a nice blog for sure

  48. i think flash is good for website..

  49. I am one of those busy people that do not have a lot of time to waste when I’m browsing the Internet, so when I come across a web site with a Flash Intro I look for the skip Flash Intro button right away. There are probably lots of web design companies that talk their customers into a fancy, and very expensive Flash Intro. Its too bad they pay a lot of money for something that most customers will just skip over and never see?
    Hate Flash be glad to see it gone.

  50. AllRight Guys !!!

    No More entry accepted as this Contest is Officially Closed.

    We going to announce the name of the winners in couple of days. Thank to all of you for participating in this giveaway.

    Daniel Adams

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