Effective Ways to Promote Your Business Offline

Promotion of a business is as important as the business itself, there is a huge marketing industry whose business is to advertise and promote different businesses, commodities and services. Pepsi spends 80% of its revenues on promotion of its products. There are many examples where the cost of manufacturing a product is nothing as compared to the money spent on promotion.

Any idea or product can be successful when it has maximum clients in the particular domain, reaching out to the maximum audience is pretty difficult task, many things must be taken care of to attract clients and hold them, we have cited ways to promote your business offline.

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What is Promotion?

Promotion is that element of marketing that is involved with reaching the idea to the intended audience, it can be used in any organization whether a profit making one or a non-profit organization. Promotion is important for any enterprise for making maximum people aware of it. Here we would be talking about promoting a business and to be more specific promoting online business by offline means. There can be many ways of doing so, for some it is giving out there business card even while playing golf.

instantShift - Effective Ways to Promote Your Business Offline

What is Online Promotion?

Online promotion has seen an upsurge recently with everyone going online from the local doctor to store keeper, people have found a whole new way to reach out to their market or to expand their network. Everybody is on social networking websites these days where they share pictures, images or practically anything with their network of friends, this way everybody is doing their promotion.

Social networks are not the only ways to do online promotion; SEOs are used to get the web content in top searches. There are many modes of advertising online like pay-per-click, banners, consumer generated media etc.

What is Offline Promotion?

These days’ people are concentrated so much on the online marketing schemes that very few seem to notice the fat fish- that is offline marketing. There is a lot of potential in offline marketing strategies for all business.

Tips for Promoting Business Offline

We have done a fairly decent research on the ways of promoting your business by offline means, summing all the tips in few key points we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible while delivering you the best resources. Go through them are implement on your business.

instantShift - Effective Ways to Promote Your Business Offline

1. Get Company URL on Emails, Letter Heads, Business Cards

Company URL should be put on emails: a small company URL should be added to all mails so that any client can view the company detail if he wants to.
All letter heads should have names printed on them all registers used in office should have all information about the company and also webpage address.
Business cards have always been very useful and more these days as along with company name, email the company URL should also be put.

2. Be Available even at Odd Hours

Make yourself available on the internet or be accessible 24/7 on the internet, if someone posts a query revert back at the earliest. This way you can be coordinating with your clients even on holidays. For those cases when you may not be there to respond an acknowledgement must be send and reminder for you to answer.

3. Well Inform all Employees of Company Detail

Firstly you should make sure that all employees should know well about the business and business webpage, even the new trainees must be well informed of company information.

4. Get in Lives of your Employee and Client

Send people gifts in holidays; get the gift items printed with company URL and gift items should be such that they are useful and handy. Send people maps, pens, and other handy items all printed with colorful URL.

5. Give out Complementary Items as Promotional

Give out free t-shirts to all employees and to general public in some games/contest printed with company webpage along with some catchy punch line. Get company vehicles colored with the theme of your webpage and highlighting the URL.

6. Advertize Clearly and in a Vast Media

Whenever you advertise make the URL visible, many make the mistake of putting the URL somewhere at the side and logo at another side and the advertisement’s main goal is lost. Advertise in newspapers and magazines and show your URLs big enough for grabbing attention.

Get your URL on billboards and make them bigger.

7. Get Your Real World Social Network Involved

Always reach out to your real world social network, starting preferably with a smaller audience and as things are positive looking then spreading the word with more professional groups and family as well. After you get some appreciation then promote your business in public gatherings like a restaurant or shopping malls wherever you can.

8. Join Similar Groups

Join business groups, chamber of commerce and get in the circle of core businessmen who would appreciate your concerns more and there people can benefit both ways.

9. Sponsor Events

Sponsor fund raising events for philanthropic causes and give out mementos in that with company details, this way your brand name is popularized. Use stickers with all relevant info for promotion.

10. Send Direct Mail

Direct mail to a selected lot with information about the company can surely get a part of recipient become potential clients. Direct mails promote all kinds of businesses today and it sometime irritates the recipients as well merely because of the sheer number of them.

11. Write Press Release and for Magazines

Quite effectively writing Press Release for newspapers or an article for some magazine can work a lot. People connect more with businesses whose names they come across in popular stories; they seem to “trust” them.

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Find Something Missing?

While writing this article, it’s always a possibility that we missed some other great tips or resources to promote business offline. Feel free to share it with us.

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