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Once Again, we’ve got something special for our community. InstantShift again came up with cool freebies giveaway as promised. This is our way of saying thanks to our readers for being part of the instantShift community and helping us make it to where we are right now. We at InstantShift love to give away things regularly, all year long. This time I’m pleased to announce our latest giveaway where you all have a chance to win some exciting print packages which includes business cards, postcards, cool canvases etc. each from UPrinting which offers a great way to stay on top of your business.

UPrinting is a trusted online printing company committed to providing a high quality printing experience at affordable prices.

So Hurry up, read the rules, drop a comment to enter in this contest.

If you read our post about Mind Blowing Collection of Business Card Designs – I & II then you also want to design and print your own business card now! Here we might able to help you with same.

About UPrinting

U-Printing has been a trusted leader in online printing, featuring its signature easy-to-use website, offers a wide variety of products that range from business cards to envelope printing. This means that whether you are a small business owner looking to expand your market with flyer printing or a proud parent looking to create holiday greeting cards or postcards from a photo of your kids, they can help you by offering quality discount printing and online design help. For photographers and photo enthusiasts, they offer a full line of large format printing products including canvas printing, poster printing and window clings. For marketers, they offer mailing services, letterhead printing, brochures and door hangers.

instantShift - UPrinting Business Card Giveaway

Other Information

U-Printing offers convenient marketing support services such as design, lists, and direct mailing to help grow small and medium-size businesses nationwide. If you want to know more about UPrinting then Click Here.

Else if you want to know about their variety of Business Cards, Postcards, Greeting Cards or Club Flyers/tickets printing, Canvas Prints then visit U-Printing’s Product page.

Print Package To Win!

instantShift - UPrinting Business Card Giveaway

500 Die Cut Business Cards

  • Die cutting options available:: Rounded Corners, Leaf, Rounded One-Corner, Half-Circle Side, Circle
  • Paper Type:: 14pt Cardstock Gloss, Matte, or High Gloss; 13pt Cardstock Uncoated
  • Color:: 4Color Front, Blank Back; 4Color Front, Black Back; 4Color Both Sides

500 4×6 Postcards

  • Paper Stock: 14pt Cardstock Gloss
  • Color: 4Color Front, Blank Back; 4Color Front, Black Back; 4Color Both Sides

1 16×20 Rolled Canvas Print

  • Material: Canvas
  • Coating: Matte

How To Win Your Free Print Package?

  • Post your comments about “what you would use these cards for?” in this post.
  • One entry per person. Duplicate comments will be voided and deleted.
  • Winners will be contacted by their email (so make sure your email address is correct).
Comment entries will be accepted until April 12th, 2010. Winners will be selected randomly via mysql query from the comment table. 3 winners will receive a Print Package comprised of 500 Die Cut Business Cards, 500 4×6 Postcards, 1 16×20 Rolled Canvas Print each via their emails.


This giveaway only opens to US and Canada residents. Winners within the Continental U.S. qualify for free ground shipping. Also, Your age must be 18+ to participate in this contest.

Good luck, and be sure to subscribe to our RSS-feed and follow us on Twitter to find out if you’re a winner. And also for recent updates as more giveaways are planned in the near future.

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  1. Nice giveaway… Just in time too!!

    I want business cards for our NGO’s promotion. Thank you for the opportunity.

  2. Always welcome free stuff. and why not?? after-all the whole package is useful in some way :)

    Been to past few giveaways on other blogs too.. never had a good luck.

  3. I will use this for getting a new job. Now I have no job… :-(

  4. Wow!! Hope to win once again!!

    I can use these print package for my personal use as in postcards for friends and canvas print for my family photo. Don’t know what i’m gonna do with business cards but i’ll think of something.

    thanks ishift and UPrinting for creating this giveaway.

  5. count me too. i always happy to have free business cards to float around.

  6. as Johan said… they might helpful in getting new job… so, i also going to use these to find some work.

  7. I’d use these cards to design some business cards to launch my freelance photography business and maybe get into graphic design grad school!

  8. I would use the cards to promote my business and to cross-promote over to UPrinting for their fine work!

  9. I would use these to create a cohesive marketing package for my next trade show, and replace the hodge podge of looks we have developed/acquired over the years. I could use the poster in my booth and the cards to network, and finally the postcards as afollow up marketing to those we spoke with in the booth.

  10. I would use these cards for personal use. Thanx for this contest

  11. I will use them to promote me and my startup, nice giveaway guys!

  12. I would use them to start the ball rolling on my new freelance venture.

    I have used Uprinting for many projects and they do a GREAT job!

  13. If I won the business cards – I would use them for my new business, However, I would prefer to win the canvas, as I am getting married later this year, and I could use the canvas for a photo to be shown at the reception.

    Thanks for the contest – and I am about to run over and read your business card article!

  14. The Business and/or Post cards would be used to promote our family retreat facility that recently opened in KY. The Canvas would be used to have a nice picture on the wall in one of the rooms. :)


  15. Im going into real estate from web design- i know weird cross over- but i need new marketing materials!

  16. Great giveaway! I just created my portfolio website and want to print up some business cards or postcards. This would be perfect!

  17. A print package would be SUPER useful right now as I am gearing my freelancing business back up after spending some time working for some no-goods who scammed me :(

  18. This package come in handy for new venture that we are developing, which involves designs for T-Shirts, Bags and wall hangings. The canvas print would make a nice sign for our booth at area art shows to promote the business.


  19. I give the business cards to my daughter for her new business-

    I would send the postcards out to my clients with pictures of my paintings.

    I have one of my painting’s reproduced canvas.

  20. I recently started freelancing, so this is awesome timing. I could use some help with getting business cards for myself.

  21. will be using the cards as my personal portfolio!

  22. I would use the cards for promotional purposes. I own a small record label just starting up. This would be great stuff to get things going.

    Business Cards: Give away to people to gain attention for my business
    Postcards: Given to Venues and Special Events we are booked at as Comment Cards/Portfolio builders.
    Canvas Print: Would be used at shows displaying our band’s (band name: One Day) Logo.

  23. I need it to get some more business!

  24. For my Dad!

    He’s re-discovered his passion as a professional cinematographer, but isn’t the best at getting his name out there. He has no material or cards to give out!

    It’s great work, for his birthday I figured I would design and print some cards, posters to help him out. This is perfect timing!

  25. I would use this package of cards and give it to my old boss. Boss’s really influence you tenfold when you are an aspiring web developer in college so I wanted to properly thank the opportunity of working with them and the lessons I have learned.

  26. Great giveaway, thank you! We’d use these to promote the aspect of our business that involves design and sale of trade show displays.

  27. Sweet, enter me please! My dad would love to use the for his baseball organization..

  28. I’m not thrifty… not strapped for cash… but I love free stuff. I have a book coming out soon and would expand on further promotion… FOR FREE!

  29. I am in. I always like uprinting cards.

    Thanks Instantshift.

  30. I would love to use the postcards for kick starting my photo venture! Thank you!!

  31. mindblowing

  32. I would used this card to develop my business.

  33. I am a freelance graphic designer just starting out, I and I would use these business cards to promote my work and increase my chances of obtaining new clients, In addition I would also use these flyers as a promotional tool for street promotion and further creating awareness. Finally, the canvas will be for personal projects.

    Hopefully I will win :-)


  34. I would use them to promote my church.

  35. For promotion purposes. I have a few projects going for a non-profit organization.

  36. Yes! Great contest! I am a dance instructor and I think these would be great for promotion!

  37. I am a photographer. These prints would promote my business of wedding photography and portrait photography.

  38. I love it! Muchas gracias! I am a counselor and I would some of these for promotion.

  39. Prints! Prints! Prints! We are a local, non-profit radio station and would use these prints for various promotions. Thanks!

  40. We are a non-profit organization and we would use these to get the word out for “Esperanza y Vida”!

  41. I’m starting my new freelance business, and I want to use it to promote my business.

    thank you

  42. Friend of mine has a business designing gardens etc and I have a fantastic idea for a business card. This contest would be the ideal opportunity for him to have great business cards and for me to add a nice project to my portfolio.


  43. I always love to try my luck… So why not this one. maybe these card going to useful in my studio business. Anyway… Best of luch to every one and thanks to uprinting.

  44. I’d love to make some die cut cards!! They would look awesome!

  45. I wouldn’t mind having some die cut business cards. These look awesome! I’ve been impressed with uPrinting in the past.

  46. I could use a new set of cards to promote some of the new stuff coming up from my site.

  47. Ok..this time i wannna win…. last time i had my hopes high but this time they are on peak.

    Would love to print those business card for my own use.

  48. I would very much like to win as I am working on a new business card design for myself. Die Cut business cards would rock. Great giveaway!!

  49. yes please! I’m in the process of upgrading my web site and creating a blog. All the print package might be useful for me.


  50. Would love to win the business cards. A month ago, We had changed the location of our studio and all the details like address, phone numbers etc. changed. And we’re in the process of re-printing our whole stationary. These free print stuff is really handy for our process.

    Thank you guys for making available such a useful opportunity just in time.

    best of luck everyone and thanks instantshift.

  51. I would use this print package to eat more chicken.

  52. I would likes to use these cards for personal use. Thanks for this contest..

  53. Business cards would be great and I believe they would help me to attract new web design clients. From what I have been told, business cards are more professional than grabbing the clients hand, whipping out a sharpie, and writing my contact details on their palm. I suppose that writing, “For a good design, call…” on a bathroom wall isn’t all that professional either. Although, I must admit that I have received some interesting phone calls. Most of them must have been jogging at the time because they were breathing pretty heavily.

  54. I would definitely use them for our small business. We have never had anything professionally printed before – so this would be AWESOME

  55. thanks for this gave away…

  56. Definitely count me in! I’d give the business cards to a friend who is working on her business on becoming a graphic/web designer. I’ll use the postcards for myself, and then the canvas, I’ll make a picture of my family! Thank you for the chance!

  57. i would like them because, a teacher with a card looks pretty awesome

  58. I would use these cards to market my site offline. I started a fitness music blog and have done some online marketing but want to expand. This giveaway would be a big help in getting the word out offline. Thanks

  59. Business cards would definitely come in handy and this came at a perfect time since I am just finishing up a new design for some. Hopefully I win!

  60. I will use it for the purpose of promoting my fledgling freelance business and get myself some clients so I can pay my rent! As well, then UPrinting can be one on my printer list so I can use them for my client’s work. Thank you for the opportunity.

  61. I would use these to get started with freelance graphic design work :D

  62. Iwould lik to use these for my User Group activities and for publicizing the future events to ppl :)

  63. This is a very nice giveaway! If I was lucky enough to win I would use the cards to promote my online startup business.

  64. I will use the business cards to promote my new website, I will then buy a new website to replace my current one, the cards will help this. I should then be able to get some work on the go.

  65. I’m a student from Canada studying in the fabulous world of the multimedia and as a finisher in my program I have to get my new business card to be ready. This giveaway could be for me a really good start!

  66. Will use to grow business and get updated business cards for work. You can never have enough.

  67. I would use the postcards, business cards, and canvas print to help promote myself.

  68. Please!

  69. I would use the business cards for when I launch my portfolio website. Thanks for this.

  70. Great!!!

  71. I would use the postcards and business cards to promote my tv show when we go to different venues. I would use the canvas prints for my promotional table.

  72. I would give the business card to my friend for his business. He has had a hard time because of the economy.

  73. I’ll use card for promotion of local group of Red Cross in my city and all that with one purpose, accepting more volontiers in organization and promotion of the web site!

  74. Wow Wow I just love uprinting and the giveaways they come up with. Really looking forward to win die cut business cards. Giveaway is the superb way to let people know that the site is alive. Keep up iS you guys rock!

  75. Well i gonna use the business card for sure to have my contact for client, postcard would be a good way to promote my wedding photography service, rolled canvas would be a sample for my client, so i can create a nice package of photography service for them with giving some printed item for them. ^^

  76. I would use these cards to make a lot of paper airplanes, FUN!

  77. Wow! 500 postcards and business cards is a lot!
    probably I’d use them to promote activities or info in my church. . .

  78. I would use these business cards to promote myself!

  79. I would use the postcards as promo cards for my fledgling freelance Illustrator career. They could really come in useful :)

  80. What will I do with this printing package?

    I’d love to use these items for the local community arts center that I work for. we could get a new banner, make new promotional postcards, and have some new business cards! it would be so great for the studio!

  81. I would use those cards to promote myself! With a great design of course!

  82. I would use this prize to try out a new concept for business cards that I could place on my portfolio!

  83. I am in the process of planning a promotion for my one person graphic design small business.
    The planned promo business cards, post cards (that point to a one page portfolio that I am in the process of building) and posters that echo and reinforce the message in the postcards.

    This package would really be of help and timely as I can use the 16×20 canvas for bigger impact than posters (which I can only afford at this time).

  84. I will use these to promote myself as an adobe Certified Graphic designer.

  85. I would use them to help promote our fundraising organization,

  86. This would be a excellent gift for my finance! He’s been looking at uprinting for some business cards.

  87. I´m a new freelancer and i need promotion!

  88. I’d like to win, I’d use them as Sample products to attract potential clients in need of business printing services.

  89. Its time to take family’s responsibility and start my career. As am a designer these cards would be beneficial for me. Thank for the giveaway though.

  90. I am looking to expand my identity and business cards are an important part of this. A business card is a great way to leave an impression and the better the design, the better the impression. Business card help establish trust, and I would use this trust to widen my client base.

  91. I’ve just re-branded my freelance design company and some business cards would be a great addition to build my brand and get my name out there. Thanks

  92. awesome contest, hope i win!

  93. Just getting started in a new endeavor, and can’t wait to have some beautiful cards printed up so I can get the word out. Thanks for the contest!

  94. I’ll be announcing the redesign of my photography website soon and the timing of new cards would be perfect as I moved last year and my cards need to be updated as well. Spring is a great time to launch a fresh new look!

  95. I will use as first graphic impact on future clients

  96. I could use some cards along with some biz! Thanks for this contest.

  97. I would love to use these for a non-profit choir. They would appreciate the gift.

  98. Currently I send out v-cards while I meet prospective clients at events. Even though this works, I feel that professional business cards leave the best impression with future clients to help promote my photography.

  99. I’m in need of those print packages as i’m about to marry soon and could use up those in our wedding.

  100. Sounds like a plan. I can use these cards in my business and that canvas to print our family snap together. Thanks for the effort and the giveaway too.


  101. I would use those cards to promote myself :)

  102. You guys are awesome for inspiration!! Can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  103. AllRight Guys !!!

    No More entry accepted as this Contest is Officially Closed.

    We going to announce the name of the winners in couple of days. Thank to all of you for participating in this giveaway.

    Daniel Adams

  104. I would put the canvas in our new house, get new business cards for myself and use the postcards as promotional/discount flyers for my clients!

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