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Once Again, we’ve got something special for our community. InstantShift again came up with cool freebies giveaway as promised. This is our way of saying thanks to our readers for being part of the instantShift community and helping us make it to where we are right now. We at InstantShift love to give away things regularly, all year long. This time I’m pleased to announce our latest giveaway where you all have a chance to win 5 free sets of 1,000 Standard Business Cards each from NextDayFlyers which offers a great way to stay on top of your business.

NextDayFlyers is a trusted online printing company committed to providing a high quality printing experience at affordable prices.

So Hurry up, read the rules, drop a comment to enter in this contest.

If you read our post about Mind Blowing Collection of Business Card Designs – I & II then you also want to design and print your own business card now! Here we might able to help you with same.

About NextDayFlyers

Next Day Flyers Offers 24-Hour Turnaround on all Promotional Printing Services. Over the last 8 years their business has grown to serve over 88,000 customers nationwide. They specialize in quick printing, mailing and finishing of full-color postcards, premium club flyers, business cards and other marketing materials.

instantShift - NextDayFlyers Business Card Giveaway

NextDayFlyers beilievs in Printing with a Purpose. In their own words :

Positive change begins with an idea. When one crafts an idea into a form others can understand and relate to, it becomes a message. When a message gets out, gains momentum and reshapes beliefs, the world has an opportunity to step forward. There are many competing messages in the world; in order to have any chance for positive transformation, the process of getting the message out must be flawless. We believe flawless execution is twofold: first, a message must preserve the integrity of the idea; and second, the message must get out at the right moment.

Our purpose is to bring about positive change in the world by flawlessly executing our role of getting the message out exactly as intended and at precisely the right time.

Other Information

If you want to know more about NextDayFlyers then Click Here.

Else if you want to know about their variety of Business Card, Postcards, Greeting Cards or Club Flyers/tickets printing then visit NextDayFlyers Product page.

instantShift - NextDayFlyers Business Card Giveaway

How To Win Your Free Cards Set?

  • Post your comments about “what you would use these cards for?” in this post.
  • One entry per person. Duplicate comments will be voided and deleted.
  • Winners will be contacted by their email (so make sure your email address is correct).
Comment entries will be accepted until March 16th, 2010. Winners will be selected randomly via mysql query from the comment table. 5 winners will receive a set of 1,000 high-quality, professional, standard business cards each via their emails.


Winners within the Continental U.S. qualify for free ground shipping. Shipping fees will apply to winners outside US. Also, Your age must be 18+ to participate in this contest.

Good luck, and be sure to subscribe to our RSS-feed and follow us on Twitter to find out if you’re a winner. And also for recent updates as more giveaways are planned in the near future.

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  1. I don’t have any cards and work with many non-profits i.e. no payments. I would love to hand them a card rather than write my info down for them.

  2. I would use the cards to promote my Webproject I’m going to start this summer.

  3. I would like to use this cards in gobernamental events to gave a great image of the place I work :)

  4. I will use them to promote myself and get some new clients.

  5. I would use these cards to catch any possible connection :)

  6. Starting my new freelance work on the side of my day job as a web developer, business cards would definitely help me spread the word for start up!

  7. I would use these for the mundane task of promoting a myself beyond the office monkey that I am. Unless of course I get the ones that shoot pennies. Then I would defend women and children from ninjas.

  8. I need this cards !! My own cards are almost finished … And if I Win I´ll design a complete new layout !! :-D

  9. I’m currently in the process of opening up my own marketing business and getting some business cards would help tremendously!

  10. Yay, cool giveaway. I’d love to actually have a set of my personal business cards – I run quite a few projects during my free time, and I am feeling an increasing need to give people I meet my personal cards.

  11. I would use these cards to start marketing my site offline. I started a fitness music blog and have done some online marketing but want to expand. 1,000 cards would be a big help in getting the word out offline.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. I would help a friend replace his boring old cards.

  13. This sounds great! I have been wanting/needing new cards for our new startup.

  14. I’d use the cards to make little houses and forts on my desk and marvel at my engineering skill and ability, despite the fact I’m an illustrator and designer. Oooh, and paper air planes, boxes, toys… the works!

    But I would use them mainly to show people how awesome and talented a graphic designer I am.

  15. I would use these cards to promote my new founded company in the right way. Would be awesome to win.

  16. I’m a 21 years old student girl from Switzerland and I’m a freelancer in visual communication (web design, traditional design and audiovideo).
    I don’t have cards yet and I would like to have some… so I’ll try here!
    Thank you!

  17. it will help me to promote my new web agency

  18. I want to use these cards to promote myself as I will be moving to New York and in need of a job as a Junior Graphic Designer! This would be awesome seeing as how I’m a poor student!

  19. The building forts idea was my favorite, lol. Making mobiles to hang from the ceiling strikes me as another fun project the cards would be good for.

    In all seriousness though, I’d likely use the cards to give this vendor a test run for being used by my company for our business card needs.

  20. OOOOooooooooohhhhh… instantShift: instantGratification! 5 SETS of 1000 cards? Wow. Now THAT’s a prize to be won.

    I remember those two articles: Mind Blowing Business Cards…

    They cards that were showcased were truly inspiring. I love seeing great designs and the creativity thought of and applied to the cards.

    Although I may not be able to get the same exposure as those cards, I would still love to put my ideas on cards to help me promote the launch of my blog’s redesign. Matching sets of cards would be perfect. I could have sets of cards with all different designs on them, but have them be able to line up with each other. People would collect all versions and display “the big picture” on their desks, or share them with friends and acquaintences.

    Crossing my fingers for this BIG win.

  21. I would use the cards to promote my non-commercial web-project about arch heritage of my region.

  22. Awesome! It would be a great opportunity to take some great photos for the promotional purposes of my current project on graphic design specification guidelines…

  23. We own a FRESH Produce Market and we are always utilizing new ways to promote our fresh and healthy ways! The Business Cards from Next Day Flyers are a great way to promote staying healthy and eating right! Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. I answered in the form of a haiku:

    Oh, what would I do,
    With some brand new business cards?
    Hand them out, of course!

  25. id use them to kickstart my freelance career

  26. I would use the 1,000 Biz card to promote my freelance service. Hope to WIN!!!!!

  27. I would use the cards to promote and present my musical services and would love cards that generate a rave like “where did you get these awesome business cards dude”? Cards that sell themselves and your services that cause a double take! yeah…

  28. It is time to update my business card design with a new cool look. To wow potential clients and also show friends the new look

  29. Hello and thank you for this giveaway! I’ve recently changed addresses and added a few more new clients. I would love to have new cards to hand out to continue growing my freelance design business.

  30. i don’t have any cards, i try ;)

  31. I wanna win… please pick me.

  32. Awesome giveaway. count me in. I want to spread the awareness of our new start-up in the market and business cards are proven to be a good medium to do that. finger crossed ;)

  33. i would love to have some business card for promoting my business :)

  34. Thanks for the opportunity. I would use them for what they are meant to be, promoting my design business.

  35. Now i started freelance in web designing with my friend if i get your cards means that is very useful for meet my new client’s with business card compliment (only 500) . Other cards for my friends and who like to having creative card . I will done for them freely . Make others happy big valuable gift in my life.

  36. These cards would be for my dad. He’s a business administrator and he’ll be launching his new website soon so this would be a great way to promote it.

  37. trying to start a new website business, would be very helpful.

  38. I am a freelance web designer living in the land of 10,000 lakes. (Minnesota) I would use these cards to promote my business. I live near the Mall of America. One of the largest malls in the United States. The Mall of America on average has nearly 40 million visitors each year. I would go to the mall once a week for an entire year and give away approximately 20 cards to 20 strangers I’ve never met before in my life.

  39. I would use these cards to obtain world peace. true story.

  40. Great giveaway idea. I’d take those 1000 business cards and have my name printed on them with either the title of “Ninja” or “Jedi”. I would then try to hand them out to people in hopes they would google my name to see what it is I really do.

  41. I’ll promote my self as a photographer !!!

  42. I would use these cards to promote the only line of business that I’m in (apparently)… which is being fu¢ked over by my girlfriend. I would put my number on the card and ask you never to call me (because my gf doesn’t call when she says she will). I would put my address on the card and ask you to never come over (because my gf says she’s coming over then finds an excuse to not). I would draw a picture of my emotions and ask you to throw the card to the ground and stomp on it (well… that’s pretty self explanatory). The name of my business… “See How Long I Will Let This Go On Before I Realize I’m An Idiot… Inc.”

  43. Will use them to promote my start-up software development company. Good luck to all :)

  44. Hey

    Just started my freelancing life for extra bread and Butter beside my Day JOB. always wanted to have my Own business Card to promote myself.I am sure this time i will get those wonderful cards from [ Next Day Flyers ].

  45. I have few Website (Blogs) but I don’t yet have business card for my Web biz. I will use this cards for my Web business.

  46. I really need business cards…..

  47. quite simply i would use these to help promote my Graphic Design business i am setting up at the end of this month. Good luck to all and to all good night

  48. I’m freelancer. I would use these cards to promote my Business.

  49. I would use my 5000 cards to give to 5000 people who i would hope become long term friends and associates. :-D

  50. O o o o… Once more!! I like to win these cards… i’m in ;)

  51. Q: what you would use these cards for?
    A(Politely): I’m a n00b in web design business… lets get started professional things by official business cards.

  52. to distribute in Friend circle…

  53. I just left my full time job to be a full time blogger, so having a new set of business cards has become extremely necessary. In case I get to win here, I could save a lot on that! Thanks!

  54. I would use these for my business card I designed in portfolio. This would help me use more money towards my thesis project overall. This would be a great help!!

  55. I don’t have any business card ever.
    So I want it.. Thanks

  56. WOW!! once again cool freebies. As always i like to win. We have shifted our studio to new location and all the details like address, phone numbers etc. changed. So, our old business cards are just like a piece of trash and we obviously going to need new card for our new location. This might be our chance!!

    best of luck everyone and thanks instantshift.

  57. What would I do with the cards…try and take over the world!

  58. I want some business cards to start freelancing graphic design.

  59. I haven’t had the chance to get any cards made yet, as I’m studying full time at university and can’t afford it yet. This is a good chance to finally get some!

  60. I’m and architect and I really need new cards to promote my new personal image that I’m about to launch.

  61. I would probably make cool business cards for my little 7 year old nephew that think is an entrepreneur and he’s gonna make a lot of money like Bill Gates… I think he deserve a cool business card:)

  62. I would use them as a gift for my husband’s birthday this Saturday and his company’s first birthday (same day).

  63. ya free, gotta like that!

  64. I’d love some cards!

  65. I need this because I’d like to start my freelance career.

  66. 1000 free business cards? hmm… :D i’m use it to build the biggest business card castle lol ;)

  67. I would use the cards to help promote my band

  68. I will complete my diploma this spring and I need to re-brand myself to be rdy for freelance + find a job… These card could giveme some help and alot of faith regarding my new branding. Thx for the giveaway!

  69. I’d love to win 5000 business cards. I don’t need that many, but the one’s I don’t use will be recycled into pulp, formed into an effigy of Claudia Christian and placed on a plinth in my garden.

    The ones I do use will be handed out to all the lovely people that have done business with me and they’ll be so impressed at their splendor that they’ll buy me wine, and grapes and fan me with ostrich feathers.

  70. Why I’d like to win? It would be a good way to promote my freelance buisness, a good way to start :)

  71. I would use the cards to promotes my upstart freelance Illustration career. Getting the word out with the amazing quality of these cards would truly be a gift.

  72. I need this cards coz I’d like to print them for my girlfriend. isn’t it cool.

  73. Nice giveaway…thanks you instantshift for organize this. Been planning for my own business cards since very long. I’d like to use them for my career as a gaming professional.

  74. I heard somewhere that NextDayFlayers offer recycled paper content, which is a plus when you are working with clients who are concerned for the environment and minimizing waste. If this is true then i’m all in. I’m a nature friendly person and i like to support in anyway to save the environment.

    Thank You Guys.

  75. These cards are a good way to promote the values of sustainability which is important. In my case i’m going to use it for my own.

  76. With the precision and appreciation of technology that was shown in the successful Obama campaign, I too would like to show potential clients that by looking at my original business cards these individuals/groups will know I can, I will & I did!

  77. I’m a very very poor college student about to be tossed into the real world in a few months! And as you already know that It’s very kind to server poor people.

  78. I would love to win seeing as I’ve never printed my own set of cards before.

  79. Wow! What a great giveaway! Having just renamed my studio, this would be a nice opportunity to redo my cards.

  80. I want to get them as a gift for my boyfriend who is a stand-up comic. I’ve been making his cards myself and I’d love to surprise him with high-end professional-quality cards!

  81. I’m at the stage now where I’ve been thinking about getting some business cards, it’s just been a matter of getting the money to order them. I suppose this would be a great opportunity, and I could get them sooner as well! I’d love to win them, thanks for holding the giveaway!

  82. I’m a graphic 3D student & I hope this Card can boost me !
    Find a cool intership or job

  83. I’ll be graduating in June from The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago and could come up with a phenomenal idea for a business card given the opportunity to have them print by my choice. Thanks

  84. I will use it for me

  85. I would use these business cards for my new website.

  86. I always wanted to have my own set of business cards. Will use it to promote my blog… !!!

  87. I’d use cards as my own cards as Finance advisor

  88. I will use this business cards to promote my upcoming blog in latvia

  89. senior industrial design student, business cards would be awesome!

  90. I know for a fact these business cards are high quality and best finished,

    well I’m going to use it for my company which is still a Start-up. so if i get some cards will be really helpful to get going.. and to approach clients with more confidence

  91. I would use the cards to promote myself as a freelancer

  92. Till now i have no idea what i’m going to do with that….maybe a card tower or something else…. But i like to win.

  93. In my case, It’s a great opportunity to promote my business. Thanks instantshift and nextdayflayers for creating this giveaway.

  94. I still remember those days when i have no money to print my own business cards and that was the time when no one offering such freebies in their giveaways. It’s good to see how different businesses come forward to help design community in various ways. Nice work guys!

    I really have no interest in winning. Just want to drop some words of appreciation.

    Thank you,
    Victor D.

  95. Hooooraaa…. Who like to win — i like to win. Who’s going to win — i’m going to win. Just ask, ask again, one more time……Who’s going to win — i’m going to win. I always want to have my own set of cards.

  96. Gracias!

    Me gustaría participar en el sorteo, que buena iniciativa.

    Un saludo y Gracias!

  97. Businesscards from nextdayflyers would help me as a webdesigner!

  98. “what you would use these cards for?”

    i would use these awesome cards to promote myself (having my final industrial design diploma presentation on next friday) after studying. i would love to have some.

  99. This is a great opportunity to promote myself as freelance Designer.

  100. Sweet! I would use the cards to promote my new business PressMojo (Out-Of-The-Box WordPress packages).

  101. I want to promote my business as freelance Designer and developer

  102. As other has been said, I think this is a great opportunity to promote me as freelancer.

  103. I would use the cards to promote my new startup business – KayLo Marketing.



  104. I would use these business cards for my new startup KayLo Marketing. We are a new business in Ottawa, Ontario that helps local business advertise online. We implement online marketing strategies for local professionals. I go to a lot of networking events and I need some professional looking business cards. Thanks!

  105. I hope to win! :)

  106. i will use them to get inspiration and create new artwork out of them

  107. Just started my web design portfolio site and need cards to go with it! Thank you for the opportunity!

  108. My designer friend told me about this site, I have gone into real estate business and need business cards to start, was planning on purchasing them this week but this would be a great chance to spend that money elsewhere now.

  109. count me in. I want to win because i never won anything online so far. Let me first have these cards then i’ll tell you my plans.

  110. cool giveaway mates! I’m a IInd year student in Arizona state university. Soon i’m going to get my degree and these card would be valuable for me then.

  111. What Baba…let me win this one raja. i’m more then happy to be a part of this contest. I’m from INDIA and having my own import export business. I can use my set of cards for my business. Let me win baba.

  112. I could use these cards for my gaming profession. I’m with the people who organizes big gaming contest just like what we had in cebit Germany few weeks ago. Nice giveaway. best of luck every one.

  113. Very simple…. Because I need them!

  114. I just want to create my online portfolio and need some new cards! Thanks NDF!!


  115. Thanks for the opportunity! If I win I would use all those cards to promote a business I am about to launch.

  116. I promise to share each new shiny business card with new exciting clients and (not) drop them into those dusty glass fishbowls at the restaurant for a potential free meal.

  117. Being the poor, umemployed college grad that I am, I decided to save money and do it myself via my home printer. Needless to say that was an epic FAIL. Real business cards would help get me out in the real world =)

  118. Wow, 1000 business cards! What would I do with them? Well… What everyone does with business cards, give ’em away!

    Good luck everyone :)

  119. AllRight Cowboys !!!

    No More entry accepted as this Contest is Officially Closed.

    We going to announce the name of the winners in couple of days. Thank to all of you for participating in this giveaway.

    Daniel Adams

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