Secrets to a Faster and Attractive Web Site Design Revealed

web designer has many challenges to tackle. The creation of an attractive web site is as important as sending the message across effectively. After all, a web site is a representation of what a company or service is about. Therefore it is necessary that a web site attracts users and engages them to make them stay longer on the site and that would also serve the function of getting the message across to the target group.

The web industry nowadays is very productive. During these years there have been many trends followed and every day the designers experiment new techniques creating new tendencies in the art of making website. Recently is evident the necessity of a direct communication with customers and a website is the first place where a company can make know their cool stuff and services.

The Web is a young medium: it’s really only about 15 years old. Consider radio at age 12, or cinema. Back then, these media were primitive, still finding their way. They were exploring the limits of new technology, but huge developments were yet to be made. These days, most site design is focused on the improvement and upgrade of existing websites. As the economy continues to sag, more emphasis has been placed on maintaining what already exists, rather than breaking new ground. As a result, productivity, ROI, and other measures of efficiency have found their way into the lexicon of web design.

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Which are The Essential Elements to be Considered for an Effective Web Site Design?

01. The Content

instantShift - Why is Social Interaction Important For a Website

The content holds a lot of significance for websites as it has a direct relation on how it attracts the users. The content should be attention-grabbing and should also create an interest in the minds of the reader. The first thing it needs to do is catch the attention of the user considering the very limited attention-span users have when they are online. The content should also induce some action from the user. For example, a shopping website needs to have content that motivates people to check out the range. It should highlight only those points related to the product such as the brand, price, etc which is of utmost importance for a user. It is very necessary to think from the users’ point of view.

02. The Design

instantShift - Why is Social Interaction Important For a Website

The design should be attractive and engaging for users so that users stay on the page. The next important step would be the division of elements on the website. The areas need to be defined in an attractive and user-friendly way! For example, a designer clothing website should be presented in a creative manner rather than a typical shopping website. It should impress upon the viewers that the website is about creative stuff (creative garments in this case).

03. The Main Message that Needs to be Conveyed

instantShift - Why is Social Interaction Important For a Website

A website always needs to highlight the main message to reach users effectively. There are many things a website owner may wish to highlight on a site; in that case, it is very important for a website owner to decide upon the most important one. These points help to plan the design accordingly. The content then should follow depending upon the sequence of important things to be highlighted. Take a travel website for example. There can be a need to highlight important travel discount details for users. In this case, the design should be planned to highlight the offer.

04. The Overall Appeal of the Website

instantShift - Why is Social Interaction Important For a Website

Apart from all these points, a website needs to represent the subject. This simply means its overall look should suit the subject. The web designer always needs to design according to the subject. This includes the color schemes and the layout options. For example, a website related to photography can be experimental with an emphasis on color and creativity. It can have a sleek yet colorful look. On the other hand, a professional website for a software firm needs to look sleek without being loud in design or colors. The language and layout needs to create a professional and regal feel for the website.

05. The Navigation and Download Time

instantShift - Why is Social Interaction Important For a Website

One of the most important elements of website design is the navigation and the time taken for the website to download. This is one of the main reasons to consider if you wish to avoid users bounce away from the website. A website can be creatively designed. It might have the most attractive layout. The most debatable issue is the duration taken for the website to download. For example, a product-based website will always have the sale of the product as the main aim. It is therefore required the potential customers view the details of the product with ease. In this case, if the website is very creative with a heavy use of images or videos, it will take time to load. There is a chance that users may not even have the time to wait for the page to download and view details. This might even mean a website may not be able to convert their leads into sales. Fast downloading websites also have benefit from SEO perspective. Various search engines like Google rank faster downloading sites higher as compared to others.

Is It Possible to Achieve All These Elements When Time is The Issue?

instantShift - Why is Social Interaction Important For a Website

A common problem with all web designers or developers is that time is the main issue which puts a hold on the creativity. With a limit on the time to be used for the design process, presentation of the matter in a creative manner is often put on hold!

Is There Any Other Option to Deliver Your Best in Minimum Time Frame?

instantShift - Why is Social Interaction Important For a Website

Usually, interesting buttons or graphics are designed to attract attention of the users. This was probably the only way of creating some kind of interaction on the web site. Some of the commonly known ways of achieving interaction (such as engaging users, creating a dialogue between users) on a web site include the use of programming that can be pretty time consuming and tedious for many. However, with the evolution of new trends and technologies, interactivity is becoming essential for web sites to attract users. Newcomers to web designing thus face the tremendous task of designing web pages in a short span with the need to pick up programming skills.

Would The Addition of Interactivity Help a Web Site…?

instantShift - Why is Social Interaction Important For a Website

To understand this, you need to firstly know what is interactivity. Interactivity helps to keep the user on the page. Engaging interactivities on a web site is needed to attract users and keep them engaged on a web site. Interactivities increase the interaction between a user and the web site.
Think about the use of Panning cards to present products of the company or a 3D Flip Book to create your product catalogue that increases the interest for the users to scan the information by engaging them by giving the pleasure of virtually flipping the book. The addition of such engaging and unique interactions can make web pages interesting and entertaining! This also helps in conveying your message effectively to the user.

Would The Creation of Interactions Require a Lot of Time…?

instantShift - Why is Social Interaction Important For a Website

Today, the concept of interactivity is such that web designers and developers can add these quickly and easily to web pages! This cuts down the number of hours spent on programming. A look at latest technologies reveal that “Rapid Interactivity” is the new paradigm which is now supported by products which allow adding interaction to websites easily through customization. Thus such engaging and attractive interactivities can be added to websites in minutes!
It’s time you changed your style of working by infusing creative elements into your designs with ease! Do a quick search online to pick up some of the best interactivities for the web! Mark my words, these interactivities are here to stay!

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  1. One of the first things that I think has to be done, is realize the limitations of the time crunch, it’s a fact that something are going to be shorted if the time is limited to such a point. It’s also important to make sure you still have a fully functioning site before a half working nice looking site.

  2. Content comes first, always. Without content none of this other stuff matters.

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  6. Good solid article…the one thing I might caution regarding is the interactivity piece. Without a doubt it has its place, however I see sites time and time again over do this. Remember that at the end of the day your content IS king so make sure your interactivity is tasteful and that it’s appropriate for your audience.

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  8. I always try to keep SEO in mind with everything I add to my sites.

  9. Hi All,

    Thanks for all your comments. I cannot agree more that content is the kind. However, with the changing trends, it would be difficult to convey your message only through text. That’s the place where interactivity adds value. One can convey the same message in a much better and faster way using interactivities.

    Hence, I feel strongly that interactivity adds lot of value to websites apart from making them look attractive and engaging.

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