PhotoSnack Premium Licenses Giveaway – Winners!

A weeks ago, we created a contest at instantShift called PhotoSnack Premium Licenses Giveaway had announced the giveaway of 3 Premium License for 1 year of PhotoSnack (worth $100/year) to InstantShift readers. We want to thank you all for such a good response. You can find the winners information below.

In case, If you missed the giveaway, make sure you ready for next one as we going to create more such giveaways in future.

Congratulations to all the winners!

About PhotoSnack

PhotoSnack is an online photo album maker that lets you create photo slideshow presentations and online photo galleries for free. But that’s only half of the story. PhotoSnack also offers you multiple ways of sharing and publishing your photo albums.

instantShift - PhotoSnack Premium Licenses Giveaway

Look at some of the PhotoSnack photo album maker highlights:

  • It contains lots of stylish customizable templates
  • It’s intuitive and easy to use
  • You can upload multiple photos at once
  • It offers multiple publishing and sharing options
  • It’s an 100% online application

Also Creating and sharing your photo slideshows is very easy.

  1. Upload your photos
  2. Customize template
  3. Share your slideshow with your friends on,, hi5, wordpress, bloggers etc.

What can be done using PhotoSnack?

instantShift - PhotoSnack Premium Licenses Giveaway

You can see some examples of this amazing service here: PhotoSnack Examples


Following 3 Winners are selected randomly from the comments & tweets of PhotoSnack Premium Licenses Giveaway Post.

  1. Pipo Zoft
  2. R Zaman
  3. @slayershanks — From twitter

Congratulations to all the winners! Soon you all going to receive your Premium Licenses details in your mailbox.

Good luck, and be sure to subscribe to our RSS-feed and follow us on Twitter to find out if you’re a winner. And also for recent updates as more giveaways are planned in the near future.

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  1. Congrats guys. :) Play with your photos and this awesome tool.

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