Win 5 Free License of Billings 3

Once Again, we’ve got something special for our community. InstantShift again came up with cool freebies giveaway as promised. This is our way of saying thanks to our readers for being part of the instantShift community and helping us make it to where we are right now. We never wait for special occasions to announce good freebies. We at InstantShift love to give away things regularly, all year long. This time I’m pleased to announce our latest giveaway where you all have a chance to win 5 free Billings licenses! The application is worth $39.99, and offers a great way to stay on top of your business.

Billings is an excellent billing and invoicing tool, which is solely for Mac OS X 10.4 and higher.

So Hurry up, read the rules, spread the word to enter in this contest.

About Billings

Billings is an billing and invoicing tool. Billings logical workflow and intuitive interface make quoting, invoicing, and time tracking simple. Elegantly designed invoices ensure you reflect your image when it counts the most – asking for payment. Packed with 30 professionally designed templates for invoices, statements, labels, and reports, you’ll be ready to go, right away. Client accounts are managed effortlessly in Billings. Easily identify overdue clients – then send them an up to date statement with the click of a button. Also track partial payments, taxes, and retainers collected. Built-in business reports let you track taxes, mileage, and other crucial financial information.

instantShift - Win 5 Free 'Billings 3' License

Why Billings??

  • One click to send invoices/statements
  • Professionally designed invoices
  • Menu bar timer lets you track time from any application
  • Easy to use built-in reports
  • They also just won an Apple Design Award at WWDC 2009
  • iPhone companion coming soon
  • Integration with Daylite to handle other aspects of business
  • Sending statements to your overdue clients is incredibly easy.
  • Immediate alerts for a events like when a client has an overdue balance.

instantShift - Win 5 Free 'Billings 3' License

How To Win Your Free licence?

  • Post your comments about “Why you’d love a copy of Billings?” in this post.
  • One entry per person. Duplicate comments will be voided and deleted.
  • Winners will be contacted by their email (so make sure your email address is correct).


  • Tweet the following message:

    RT @instantshift Billings Giveaway: If you want to win, retweet

  • You can retweet as many times as you like: The more you retweet the more chances you have to win!
  • Please make sure you’re following @instantshift, so I can Direct Message the winners to get mailing addresses.

You’re welcome to enter through both methods (following us on Twitter and leaving a comment), but you can only win one copy. Do both to double your chances of winning!

Comment entries will be accepted until August 2, 2009. Winners will be selected randomly via mysql query from the comment table and from the tweet list. 5 winners will receive a free Billings license each.

Good luck, and be sure to subscribe to our RSS-feed and follow us on Twitter to find out if you’re a winner. And also for recent updates as more giveaways are planned in the near future.

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  1. I like to have a free copy.

  2. Just bought a Mac and ready to play with new apps. thanks instantshift.

  3. I’m a freelance designer with not so much accounting experience. And looks like billings could help me out. fingers crossed ;)

  4. I love Billings! I would like to have a copy of my own.

  5. Billings is an incredible program that I’ve wanted for a while now. Besides, InstantShift is an insanely incredible blog and if I got the program I’d probably go psycho billy ninja! :D

  6. If there is anything that saves me working for an extra hour to buy software is always sounds good. so count me in.

  7. I would love to receive a license of Billings so that clients don’t look at me funny when I hand them an invoice written on a post-it note with an amount of money on it. They look at me really weird when I try that at banks… especially while wearing a ski mask.

  8. I would love billings cause the app looks sweet. As a web designer you need to write invoices…isn’t it.

  9. With Billings invoicing gets extremely easy and also very nice, so a free copy would be kinda awesome :)

  10. Billings is the best billing management software I have come across. One of my friends is using it for his freelancing needs and he seems to be very happy with it. I would love to use it for the same reason. Thanks for this offer.

  11. I’m just starting out my freelance carieer and is in desperately need nan invoicing tool for the Mac!

  12. I’m preparing to became a freelancer, so I need Billings to count my first billion… :o) Thanks and fingers crossed!

  13. Great! Thanks for this excellent giveaway :)

  14. Would be fantastic to win free copy of this software,I’m really tired of running for my payments when I can enjoy doing it from my office.

  15. A freelancer wouldn’t need another reason to use this award winning app. Would love to get a copy!

  16. Would love to use Billings!

  17. Why you’d love a copy of Billings? Because I need some order in my life (and some bucks too)

  18. Man this would be great, my current billing system is atrocious. For two years I’ve been doing my invoicing in Illustrator. It takes me forever just to do a simple change. Billings looks awesome, would love a copy. Thanks instantShift.

  19. I would love to win since I hate making invoices and so I have some ugly default templates I am currently using. This would help and encourage me to do better both in timeliness and aesthetics.

  20. Starting up a home-business, this actually sounds like the perfect tool I would need!

  21. Have tried trial Billings for a few days now, and the more I use, the more I like the Billings. Couldn’t afford one as I just start out recently. Thought that winning Billing license would be nice. keep my fingers crossed for this win.

  22. This would simplify billing and keeping track of my customers. It’s perfect.

  23. this is helping us for avoid account works :)

  24. I loved the testversion from billings and I would really like to have a licence!

  25. Because I’m doing my accounting with Word(tm).

  26. I would love a copy because my boss doesn’t believe in this software so he decided tot spend lots en lots of money on a custom billing program… super lame… so when i win a copy i can rub it in his face and we on the graphic department can use billing 3 and so convince my boss and so become a more streamlined organization… yaay ^^

  27. I’m a graphic designer/mac trainer. I’ve played with this app and would love a copy.

  28. I would love a copy so I can avoid having to open up anything Microsoft when doing invoices!

  29. Would love to try this out.. but i do not use a mac.

  30. I am a freelance designer and developer that need to be able to work out how much time I have worked on a customers job, I have tried billings and have absolutely loved it, but unfortunately the pocket can’t reach that far.

  31. I am trying to get into freelance design and development. Billings would really help jump start that and make my life a bit easier!

  32. I’d love a copy because it does exactly what it says on the tin.

  33. Wow, this would be just perfect for me right now, going it alone and better start organising the finances !

  34. A better way to process billing. Definately something to keep you organized and help automate your billing practices to a degree.

    aka “the program we all need” :P

    So far it’s the best looking client billing application I’ve seen.

  35. Wow. Count me in! This looks like a very friendly and customizable tool. It would come very very handy. I’ve tried 1 or 2 that were hard to set up and didn’t really adjusted to what I needed. Thanks a million!

  36. Billings seems like a fantastic application, useful for all kinds of businesses (mine will most likely be law in one year ;-) ). Thanks for organising a giveaway!

  37. Billings 3 would be a nice alternative to Harvest, so count me in.

  38. I use Billings for my freelance design business and it has made my life, as well as my tax professional’s life SO much easier. My clients have noticed the increased professionalism and we are keeping better books.
    I <3 Billings…

  39. I’ve been struggling to stay on top of things with iWork and iCal, this would be ideal for getting the paperwork in order.

  40. Hey, I will probably need something like this very soon :) that would be cool !

  41. This looks very good. I’m in the process of professionalising my business and indeed, I run into the exact things you mention.

  42. Billings 3 would be a cool helper for invoicing.

  43. This is exactly what I need!

  44. I’m looking to start my own business within the next year or so, This app looks excellent!

  45. Now days, I’m selling fruits for my pocket money… Unexpectedly, One day i got a idea to promote my fruit business. why not giving invoice or bill to my customers for their purchase. Few days ago i setup a laptop and a printing machine in my shop. Imagine what…. I’m printing their bills in MS WORD 2007. What the hell… i clearly can use billings for fast process. You can see i’m in a real need here.

  46. this app would change my work flow und maybe i can generate some more time for personal things instead of looking at all the billing stuff.

  47. The entire Universe with its infinite number of stars has brought me here to INSTANTSHIFT on 28 July 2009 so I can win the awesome application.

  48. I must admit that I love the interface and I do need a invoicing software that is catered to a designer. thanks

  49. I have tried many different apps for tracking my freelance work and BiBillings has come out on top. I would love to win a copy of Billings so I can start using it.

  50. Count me in! This would be very nice. i have tried some others but they don’t work.

  51. I would like to give a try for the billings-3 so that get the know how about how useful it could be.

  52. I’d greatly appreciate an easy to use tool for managing my invoices on OS X as a freelance web designer. The upcoming iPhone app adds incentive for invoicing on the go!

  53. I want a license! I’m a starving freelancer! :(

  54. AllRight Cowboys !!!

    No More entry accepted as this Contest is Officially Closed.

    We going to announce the name of the winners in couple of days. Thank to all of you for participating in this giveaway.

    Daniel Adams

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