135+ Ultimate Round-Up of WordPress Tutorials

It’s certainly no secret that I think the WordPress platform is the way to go in developing a web presence for any design professional who wants to do it on their own and control the result. What sets WordPress apart from other blogging software are the many free templates, tutorials and extensions available through plug-ins to help you to achieve your goals.

With so many blogging software programs available, its often difficult to choose which is the right one for you. It’s important to take into consideration not just the up-front cost but also your future needs for advertising, categorizing, updates etc.

For those who choose to design their blog via WordPress route, Here we present a Ultimate Round-up of Quality WordPress Tutorials which helps you to enhance your blog design and features.

The basic purpose behind this post is to show you Various Sources of Popular, creative and most importantly Free Tutorials, Tips and Hacks to save your time searching them online.

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Tutorials About WordPress


Theme Related Tutorials


Navigation and Menu Related Tutorials


Post related Tutorials


Comments Page Related Tutorials


XHTML/CSS & JavaScript Related Tutorials


Statistics Related Tutorials


Design and Layout Related Tutorials


Plugins Related Tutorials


Tips, Tricks and Hacks Related Tutorials


RSS and Feed Related Tutorials


Backend Related Tutorials


Other Tutorials


Resources and Guides

Find Something Missing?

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that we missed some cool resource links. Feel free to share it with us.

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  1. hot dog. that’s a lot of links.

  2. Great list!

  3. I wanted to thank-you for making the list (and including one or our tutorials in it). I passed a message on to our visitors to check out this very comprehensive resource. Just wanted to say thanks.

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    Soon I’m going to study! ;)

  5. WOW great stuff man. Lot’s of great links for WP knowledge.

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  9. What a huge list. Thanks for compiling them :)

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  14. Great list. I really didnt know this much info was available. Thanks for putting this together. Real time saver.

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  16. That is one amazing list, will take 10+ hours just reading it and a few days implementing it :)

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    My blog built in WordPress, see more: http://tr.im/hUiB

  18. wow! jackpot!! Now I have everything about wordpress here :)

  19. Amazing list, thanks.

  20. Thanks for putting together this list – nicely organized too. I’ll be adding it to my WP resources list.

    For your next update, I’ve created a WP video tutorials site at http://seehowtwo.com/category/wordpress/

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  28. Outstanding collection of WordPress info. Many thanks. Lots to read and digest.

  29. Under, “Theme Related”, I humbly suggest a tutorial of my own:

    How To Create A WordPress Theme

  30. Oh humans, I love you to death. Now die.

    Every technology that comes out to simplify something eventually gets complicated. How do I install Magneto, WordPress and Joomla together in the same directory? Don’t ask why. How do you do it?

    I’m just being s-assy. Great list of links, bookmarked for future complaining.

  31. Nice list! There’s a lot I haven’ seen here – definitely bookmarked (and stumbled) this!

    (and thanks for including one of my tutes in there too – I’m all excited :) )

  32. hasnt anyone else noticed instant shift just round up eveyrone elses work .
    none of this content is thiers , you shuold at least have an equal number of tuts that are yours

    Also the intros grammer is always wrong and taken from wikpedia

    and they get loads of cash for this wtf

  33. I did some wordpress tutorials too. Hopefully they’re helpful to some people.

  34. WOW. This is the ultimate list of WP tuts. Bookmarked and Stumbled.
    Perfect for all my new clients.

  35. Superb collection of tuts, just goes to show how there’s always new tricks you can pick up to separate a WordPress blog from the crowd. Thanks very much

  36. WordPress Otaku!

  37. 135 Ultimate Round-Up of WordPress Tutorials | Tutorials | instantShift

  38. Wow, looks like you put a lot of time into creating this list. I actually wrote an in depth tutorial on creating a WordPress portfolio that might be a nice addition. You can find it here http://www.ashbluewebdesign.com/2010/03/create-a-wordpress-portfolio-tutorial/

  39. Even after being categorized 135+ tutorials a daunting collection to look at. Thanks for sharing all of these resources with your readers.

  40. Thanks for the list. They are so useful for me!

  41. I just wrote a wordpress tutorial- using wordpress and plugins to target key terms of established websites.

    http://blog.justni.com/seo-tips-using-wordpress-to-target-keywords/ maybe you might like to include it?

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  52. Excellent Collection of WordPress Tuts – Thanks

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  58. Thanks for the awesome list of Tutorials. I have already bookmarked this page. I will be back to complete quite a few of them.

  59. I changed my theme and figured out how to add the menu, but i can’t get it to be a dropdown menu. A link from this post helped me to overcome the problem.

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  61. Wow, Wordstars themes!! Very cool list.
    I’d also recommend lesterchan for his awesome wordpress themes collections/
    Cheers :)

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