Comment and Win a Premium News Theme from WordPress-Designers

Today, we’ve got something special for our readers. We again came up with cool freebies giveaway as we promised. Here at instantShift we are giving out 2 copies of WordPress Designers New Premium WordPress Theme No Good News! to our followers.

The No Good News theme is the perfect blend of a magazine style layout and minimal design. With this premium WordPress theme, content shines. Not only does the layout promote content, but it also encourages readers clicks by easily sharing related posts and recent entries.

So Hurry up, Read the rules and comment below to enter in this contest.

About WordPress Designers!

WordPress Designers is a small team of talented developers and creative designers. They pride themselves on their intimate knowledge or WordPress and their ability to push it to its limits. Since discovering the WordPress platform several years ago, they have strived to learn as much as they could about it so that they could bring us some of the most creative and well coded themes on the market.

instantShift- Comments and Win a News Theme from WordPress Designers

They pride themselves on being creative. If you are looking for a boring, cookie cutter portal site or a dull business website, you should probably keep looking. They let their creative juices flow 1005 of the time. As such, they can create WordPress themes that are sure to attract attention to your website.

And did we mention that their themes are really beautiful?

Some of the masterminds behind WordPress Designers are well known in the industry. Lead designer, Daved Brosche (aka: Danny Outlaw) is responsible for the popular graphic design blog, Outlaw Design Blog.

About “No Good News” Theme

The No Good News theme is the perfect blend of a magazine style layout and minimal design. With this premium WordPress theme, content shines. Not only does the layout promote content, but it also encourages readers clicks by easily sharing related posts and recent entries.

The updated version of this theme also features an options page that makes setting up the homepage a snap. You can have this theme up and running in as little as five minutes.

Main features of the theme

  • Options page makes theme setup painless
  • Magazine style layout
  • Related posts built into the theme
  • Cool social bookmarking feature built in
  • Updated for most recent version of WordPress
  • Cool category footer on post pages

The post pages also offer a layout unlike any other WordPress theme on the market. The header area of the content shows a picture related to the post and a quick quote from the content. The social bookmarking tools are also built into the top of the post area to help encourage bookmarking.

No Good News! Live Demo

instantShift- Comments and Win a News Theme from WordPress Designers

Full Preview Live Demo

How To Win Your Free Copy?

  • Post a comment in this post stating why you want to win this theme.
  • One entry per person. Duplicate comments will be voided and deleted.
  • Winners will be contacted by their email (so make sure your email address is correct).
Comment entries will be accepted until March 20, 2009. We will randomly generate 2 winning members from the comment list. 2 winners will receive a free copy of the No Good News! Theme via their emails.

Good luck, and be sure to subscribe to our RSS-feed and follow us on Twitter to find out if you’re a winner. And also for recent updates as more giveaways are planned in the near future.

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  1. I would like to win this theme because I like its style: simple, but still good looking and attractive.

  2. I probably won’t receive “good news” after this comment.. but hey, at least I tried. Besides it just states that I have to comment on why I want to win the theme.. well why do you think I want to win it? I have never won anything in my whole life! and it’s a pretty cool theme I guess.. I do hope I win though.

  3. I’ve always loved news style themes, and this one looks real clean. Just a shame I can afford the price tag :P

  4. I’m in :)

  5. I want to win this theme too :) Count me in!

  6. woops… meant to say “Shame I can’t afford the price tag :P” :P

  7. lol Sam :)

  8. As a freelance graphic designer with a new knack for wordpress. I’m working on my 3rd wordpress theme for my college’s radio station (WVYC), and implementing and learning all sorts of wordpress code. Having a “professional” theme in the arsenal would be excellent, not only to use for a client (if needed), but as a means of learning as well. It’s always great to see other’s coding work and learn from their style. Free is always great as well. =]

  9. I wanna win this theme for the new look of my blog for the 1st year online! Good luck to all!

  10. Nice theme. May the luck be with me :)

  11. I want it :D

  12. I want to win this theme because I want gorgeous magazine style layout theme :)

  13. w00t!

  14. No Good News! have a lot of features. This theme is very clean and beatiful. Who don’t want it?

    I’m in :)

  15. Awesome theme,i like this themefor my new personal blog:

  16. Wow! Such an elegant theme! I’d love to have it. I am in :)

  17. i love wordpress,want have a new theme!thanks

  18. i don’t like this theme! :) :(

    anyway i commented this, so maybe i had a chance to win this! :D

  19. Nice theme. Count me in.

  20. It would be very ncie if I’d win the theme because I already have a project for which it would be excellent :)

  21. I have a new wordpress blog and I would love to have this elegant and clean theme for it!

  22. i would like to win this theme cuz is nice and clean.
    i want to use it on a project, and this is what i need, a theme with a Magazine style layout

  23. The theme looks interesting and would probably be a great theme for the next class I am doing with a group of international journalists who are eager to get to know anything about starting their own blog/magazine.

  24. Well, I will use it for! This theme has a very clean content distribution, I like also the ads sidebar on the right!

    Thanks for the opportunity! ;D

  25. I’m new here. So, please, give me this theme! LOL

  26. I like the animated sub-menus. Might be useful for some of my projects. Good luck everyone :)

  27. I don’t have a wordpress theme for my blog =))

  28. Yeah its mine….

  29. Great Theme. Hoping to win it.

  30. Ok, I want to win again….. that’s it!!

  31. I saw the demo and really like the simplicity of the theme… i always been a great admirer of NEWS themes.

  32. Ok… Honestly…. this theme is full of features. I mean Who don’t want it? Thanks instantShift and WPD for the giveaway.

  33. i have no good news other then this that I love to have this theme. ;)

  34. Lets count…

    1. first of all it’s a news theme.
    2. It’s a PREMIUM News theme… means lots and lots of features.
    3. It’s very easy to get it by just commenting.
    4. Simple and clean look of No Good News.
    5. You guys are awesome… ;)
    6. Guys at wordpress-designers are Awesome… ;)
    7. I’m too awesome….. ;) ;)
    100. I’m desperate for this theme.

  35. Give me one copy !!

  36. Please God, let me win this time. Fingers crossed. :D

    Thanks instantshift for this great theme.

  37. I’m just looking for nice magazine style theme with many features and many possibilities to present the content. I like this one…

  38. I’m right here… :D

  39. I like this theme quite a bit, I think it would help me better organize my site and make it much more attractive – the clean airy feeling of no good news is a lot more uplifting than the somewhat drab theme I have now! Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. pick me :)

  41. I really like this theme and I linked to this article @ WP Break

  42. I realy like the white themes. Please pick me :)

  43. I want this theme because i´m Portuguese

  44. Like it so much!

  45. That’s cool Lisa! Premium WordPress Themes are so popular today, I’m sure a lot of bloggers will join this. I’m definitely in! Good luck!

  46. I thought of giving it a shot.

  47. Seems like something I would use for my concert-photography portfolio.

  48. I like the theme, very clear for a good legibility. Thanks for sharing… Hope, I’m one of the winners ;)

  49. I guess I would use it for a blogging-news blog that I plan to make as soon as possible. Thanks guys.

  50. I plan to use this theme for a site I am building for my church’s high school group! I would like that theme. And there is one more reason which i cant share with you ppls.

  51. Nice theme. I would use it for my personal blog in chines (I would translate it) and News blog about mostly programming updates.

  52. Quite a nice theme for a personal News blog. Though it looks a little fuzzy on top, probably due to the simple header. A more sophisticated header would be nice.

  53. I would probably be using it for my next project with some design modifications though… sorry, can’t say more at this time :) but i guess you all can understand ;)

  54. I like this theme, very clear. I’ll use it for my new blog.

  55. I have bought a new domain to promote wordpress for my resources, this would fit in exactly to my requirements. WordPress rocks!!

  56. That theme is sick. I love the simple color scheme and how there is a lot going on without it looking too cluttered. I’d use it on my next project as News blog. Would look amazing.

  57. I have been locking for a while on wordpress themes sites but didn`t find anything interesting… this one looks really nice.

    So Count me in…. i like to have this theme.

  58. I would use it for a free publication about business strategy and marketing.

  59. Very nice theme… It would be perfect for my Breaking news blog… :)

  60. It’s kinda predictable but i also like this theme because of it’s minimal and clean look. it’s really a perfect theme for my sister’s college bulletin board blog.

    Thank you iShift and WordPress-Designers for the opportunity.

  61. WOW…. I’m embarrassed that no one can see dimples on my cheeks after reading the title of the post. It’s about time when i’m looking for some good Premium News themes for one of my client. He want to create series of News sites in wordpress. Now i guess.. i can save some bucks by trying my luck here.

    Thank you guys.

  62. I want this theme! Not for me… but for my poor pregnant Cat who doesn’t know how to code…

  63. @Janos – No emotional blackmailing.

    I want to win this theme so i can use it on my personal project.

  64. Count me in……

  65. I always a great lover of Premium theme and this one is Premium News one… i love to win this one… thanks boys….

  66. Count me in. It’ll be good to learn how a premium themes such as this is coded.

    Moreover, it can serve as my template as well.

  67. well this theme is awesome but I never got the other theme I won “Spotlight”

  68. @Carlos – Plz check your mails.

  69. i’m in and why not want win this theme? :-)

  70. AllRight Cowboys !!!

    No More entry accepted as this Contest is Officially Closed!

    We going to announce the name of the winners in couple of days.

    Thank to all of you for participating in this giveaway.

    DKumar M.

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